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runDisney Princess Weekend 2016: 10k Saturday

We woke up even earlier on Saturday morning since each race started 30 minutes early than the race the day before.  The 5k started at 6, the 10k started at 0530, the 1/2 started at 0530.

This was my favorite costume day.  Originally Megara was going to be my favorite costume, but due to some sizing mishaps, I was not pleased with the outcome.

Superhero Stitch and Lilo!

I had to get a photo of this lady with the Stitch Hangry shirt.

Since we had gotten to experience the 5k pre-race activities, we kind of knew what to expect for the 10k.  The first thing we did was scope out the characters who were there.  We saw Tiana, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White.  We jumped in line for Tiana and when we made it up to her, she had switched out with Belle.

After the photo with Belle, we headed to our corral which were in the same place as the 5k.

I found some cousins!

Ellie and Carl from Up!
He even had balloons.  Awww.

I actually made it into corral A with my time so I had to get a photo of it.
I fell back to Teh MD-AR's starting corral since she couldn't jump forward.

We finally made it to the start line!

6.2 miles of 22.4 was a bit more trying than 3.1, but still enjoyable.

The first characters we saw were Anna and Elsa ANNNNDDDD it was "snowing" so of course I was out of my mind with excitement!

We did a drive-by of the Evil Witch from Snow White

When I saw Meeko I freaked out and Teh MD-AR pulled me into line... THEN Pocahontas showed up and my brain almost exploded.  Pocahontas was my favorite for a VERY long time.

We had to stop in Germany for ein Bier for Teh German.

Drive by of Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio

Drive by of Lumiere and Cogsworth

Since the line was short, we stopped for photos with the coral at the Nemo section.

And 6.2 miles later, we got new bling!

Instead of stopping to eat, we grabbed our boxes and got in line to get princess photos.  Neither of us had met Tiana, so we jumped in her line.  About half way through the line, she swapped with Belle, as we had expected.  Since we wanted Tiana, we let people go in front us until Tiana came back out.  It caused some drama with a cast member, but Princesses don't let magic killers get us down.  We did what we wanted since it wasn't causing any drama with anyone else but the cast member who insisted it was a SINGLE line, not 2.  /rolleyes.


Now, you're probably thinking, wtf she wore a bra on her head?
Yes, yes I did and I do NOT regret it.
1- It was my own bra.  TMI?  #donotcurr
2- It served a dual purpose at 0400 when it was kinda chilly out.  No one else had the same.. earmuffs as me.
3- Stitch had a bra on his head in the movie.

It was strange to me that so many people didn't realize I was wearing a costume, not just a bra on my head.  There were people who legit thought I was just being weird and wearing a bra on my head for no reason.

Cast Members definitely knew that I was Stitch and a handful of other runners, but most people thought I was just a weirdo and only a handful of those people that thought I was weird actually inquired about what my costume was.  When I would tell them Superhero Stitch, the light bulb would go on and they'd get it and tell me how awesome it was.

Let's just say I didn't see any other Superhero Stitch the entire weekend.  #Imanindividual

After the 10k, I was starting to hurt.  We did loads of stretching and some yoga and Teh MD-AR got photographic evidence of me trying to smother myself with my own boobs.. Yes, it IS possible.  Teh German got a kick out of this photo when she texted it to him.

We didn't get to nap because we had agreed to meet another Princess runner at Disney Springs since we knew her!  If you've been around a while you may remember a greyhound named Kody or Moe that I watched when I lived in MD.  Well, their Mom was doing the half marathon with a friend and it was understood that we'd need to meet up at some point, even if we were dog-less.

While Teh MD-AR showered, I removed 84 stickers from my bra.  EIGHTY-FOUR.  The stickers were half the thickness of a 6s.  So many stickers.  That's what happens when the bra is so big I guess.

After I showered, we caught a bus to Disney Springs to meet up with our GEGR friend!

Even without the dogs, GEGR brings people together!

After catching up with her for a bit, we wandered out to do some shopping damage.

Can these be my adult plates plskthx?
Also, please notice they are in a Mickey head...
I love Disney

This Stitch actually spits at you if you walk in a certain area (the wet spot on the ground)

We had walked into a store to look for the Ariel shoe ornament (and that is not at all weird if you've ever been to Disney) since the Christmas store didn't have any (yeah, I know, wtf?).  The store we were in had them, but the one that was on display was super scuffed up, so I asked if they had more in the back.  While I was waiting on the Cast Member to come back with other ornaments, one of the ladies at the register asked the other lady if they had had a code something recently and looked at me.  The lady said no and I figured it was something related to the register.  I watched the lady pick up the phone and dial something and assumed she was calling somewhere to ask for something.  As I turned away, the lady said, "This call is for you."

I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was awesome to hear Goofy on the other end of the line singing happy birthday to me.  I felt super special and super celebrated and I'm so glad that I asked for the pin for my birthday (which the lady even wrote "Dirty 30" on it for me under my name).

Getting a call from Goofy!

After my call from Goofy, we sorted out the ornament situation, Teh MD-AR picked up her new phone case, and we headed to lunch.  We had reservations at noon at The Boathouse.  It was definitely 4 dollar signs expensive... but also 4 dollar signs tasty.

I had the filet oscar style

Teh MD-AR had the lobster mac and cheese

After we finished lunch, we meandered through Disney Springs and took care of some more shopping.

I seriously want these shirts in my life.

A little after 2, we were done with the day, done with shopping, done with awakeness.  My head was starting to hurt and all the people were overwhelming me and because we were leaving on Sunday morning, we had to carry our bags since guest services wouldn't deliver them in time.  Ughhh #firstworldDisneyproblems

We went back to the hotel and crashed for several hours.  It was a much needed nap.  When we woke up, we decided to head to the resort cafeteria for dinner.  It wasn't anything impressive, we both had overcooked hamburgers and we shared an ice cream brownie for dessert.  After dinner, we walked around the hotel to check out the other sections.

Toy Story was first:

Remember the car they chase down the moving truck with?
Yeah well, Buzz and Woody aren't the only ones who got to ride it! 

She was going super fast!

Andy's Room
keep out!

I loved that it looked like you were actually in Andy's room!


To infinity and beyond!

Just ya know, to show you the scale...
I'm peeping past the door.

I tried to hang on the handle, but I couldn't get a good grip.


These were the stairwells for the Toy Story section.
There were also Green Army Men on the tops of the Toy Story buildings too!

Mickey was peeing into the pool.

Then we headed into the Fantasia 2000 section:

Creepiest jack in the box ever


The brooms!!!

The Sorcerer's Hat!!!
That's actually me inside the hat.

The 101 Dalmatians sections had fire hydrants for the stairwells, which I thought was adorable and fitting.

We debated it and from some rough calculations we figured that there were possibly 101 dalmatian puppies running "around" the 101 Dalmatian section along the banisters.  There's a photo of the banisters in one of the posts behind Pongo or Perdita, but I can't remember where.

I wasn't really interested in going to the Love Bug or Mighty Ducks sections, so we skipped those and headed back to the room for another nap before we had to be up at 0315 for the big day!

The 101 Dalmatians art

I assume this border was in all the rooms in the Movie Resort

Disney Princess Weekend 2016!!!

Thursday - Arrival, Expo, City Walk
Friday - 5k, shopping, Pasta in the Park @ Epcot
Saturday - 10k, Disney Springs, Disney All-Star Movie Resort
Sunday - Half Marathon, 52 Seasons
RunDisney Princess Weekend Summary - opinions, cost

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