Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why I forgot to wear green:

It's Teh Worldwide Jesus Lover's BIRFDAY!!!  No seriously.  Teh German actually said to me before we left for work, "Aren't you going to wear any green?"  Oops.  I was so busy planning on calling Teh WJL to sing happy birthday in German that I had completely forgotten about St. Patrick's day. 

The other day we were chatting on FB and I had to remind her what event we were going out for on a Friday the week of her birthday... (which she couldn't remember from her "on this day" on FB).  This led us to the discussion that we've been friends for over TEN YEARS!  We're like old and shit... and today, my bestie turns 30!!  She's finally joining the cool kids club (aka the club that I'm the only member of because I've yet to get my invitation to a real cool kids club and she's always grandfathered into my clubs).

Since August 2004 (that'd be almost 12 years for those of you who math) Teh WJL has brought joy into my life.  Even when she was countries away, a call or email or message from her would brighten my day.  Now that she's only a few hours away, a call or email or message from her still brightens my day.

So that is why this morning I called her at 0715 and insisted she answer the phone.  As in, I called the first time and she didn't answer so I called right back and when answered with, "I'm too old to be up this early," Teh German and I started singing happy birthday to her in German.  I know the key to her heart is other languages... ok and other countries, but my options were limited.

Dis my bestie:

Dis is our song:

Dare You to Move - Switchfoot

Dis my favorite photo of her:

At her bachelorette gathering, I gave her bunny ears and chocolate syrup. 
Who needs lingerie?

My favorite thing about her is that she always makes me laugh and I can always make her laugh.  If our relationship was a person, it'd be a preteen, which is about right for how we are in real life... except we have huge boobs.

Happy Birfday Bestie!!! 


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