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Weekend(s) Review {3/7}

It's been like a mabillionty years since we really talked, Gentle Reader.. so let me catch you up on some interesting, non-Disney, related things then we'll get to this weekend.. mmmkay?  I'll take your silence as agreement.

So the biggest thing was that it was Teh German's birthday at the end of Feb.  I think we did a pretty solid job celebrating.  We had a Yelp on Tap (aka a beer) event on the night of his birthday (the 26th) which we enjoyed getting a tour of Tradesman Brewery and getting dinner from a food truck I'd heard mixed reviews about.

Saturday, Teh German set off to get his "not birthday" massage and I went to the grocery store so he didn't have to endure that errand for the weekend.  We ended up going to Sesame for dinner that evening since some friends were going.

Sunday, I organized a surprise brunch.. except that it got out of control and I had to tell Teh German about it to explain why I was distressed when he told me that he invited 4 extra people.  What I figured was going to be around 6-8 people became 16.  2 of those were in baby carriers and 2 were 5 and under, but still 16 people was way more than I had intended.  Either way, Teh German actually looked at me at one point and said how awesome it was that we/I was able to get everyone together for him and that our friends are awesome.  We also went by the house to get some estimates for the screened in patio/fence.

You guys remember that one time #bestgirlfriendever bought Fall Out Boy tickets for her boyfran for his birthday?  Yeah well, that was me and it was awesome and worth breaking the "No let's not get each other anything.." and the "Well, I got you a house!" deflections of gift giving.  He was surprised when he opened the tickets because he probably thought they were Stingrays tickets since they were in an envelope from the coliseum like you get when you buy Stingrays tickets.

The concert was on March 1st (so last Tuesday).  We had a blast.

So hard core!


We're wearing earplugs because #old

Who even carries a lighter anymore?  What is this 1992?  Maybe 6 of those lights are actually lighters.
PS.  These are all cell phone lights, by request of Awolnation.


Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy - Light 'Em Up

I did get elbowed in the face by the teenager beside me who had no regard for my personal space.  It jarred my teeth but I managed my rage while sitting down to recover then asked her and her friend to move down since there was an empty seat and the aisle right beside them.

The night after the concert was another Yelp on Tap event where went to Holy City Brewery.  It was trivia night and one of my coworkers was there so we grouped up with some new friends and did trivia.  Teh German got my beer tickets AND he was able to help us with some of the trivia questions despite his general lack of interest.

Thursday, Teh German flew to NY for the day for business and he came home late, so I sat at home and caught up on ALL THE BLOGS! and hung out with the dogs and was generally a lazy ass.  #notsorry

So now you're caught up.  Let's get to this past weekend, shall we?


All day I had nothing planned for the evening, then after lunch (in true Megan's life fashion), several options presented themselves.  In the end, I went with girl's night at SC Teacher's house, then after we went to Montreax for drinks.

But first, I had to play with my Meri-Meri.  I found FIVE mice in the yard.  When I threw all 5 at once for her, she had to seek out her favorite to bring back to me.  I found that amusing.  Video on insta.

She has a guilty for bringing all her mice outside, so she refused to look at me.
Dick dog.

After a pasta dinner and selfies, we headed to the bar.

Silly was way easier for us than serious.

I'm no good at serious.

We had asked for a table, but after waiting for an hour outside where it was kinda chilly, I got impatient and went in to find there was no longer a hostess stand and that we'd not be getting our table.  I ended up claiming a small table for 8 people to share, so it was tight, but it was inside, so that was a positive.

A bottle was $14 or a glass was $5.  We think she made the right choice.

We had arrived around 9 and half the group left around 11.  We stayed for another 1.5 hours screaming at each other over the too loud music.  Eventually I suggested we go back to the house to drop SC Teacher off and we'd head home.  We ended up staying and chatting until 2am.  When I finally got home at 2:30 I was exhausted.

As expected, Teh German was fast asleep.  He'd stayed home with the dogs since he was wanting a lazy evening after his day trip to NY the day before.  Since I'm awesome, he didn't even register that I was home, despite Meri barking when I came in the door or when I crawled in bed beside him.  PS.  I can't wait for the day when our bed isn't against the wall and I can get in the bed on my own side and not have to crawl over Teh German.

Diesel was jealous that I was on his spot on the couch so he came to snuggle with me.
He put his head there.  He was being insistent on snuggles.


Teh German had to work on Saturday morning, so I was laying in bed trying to fall back asleep since I'd been awake with Teh German at 0700 when his alarm went off.  We'd laid in bed chatting for about an hour and he finally got up and went to work.  I had asked SC Greyhound Neighbor if she wanted to come over for a dog date last Sunday, so I messaged her to ask what time I should put on pants for her visit.  She said they'd be over soon, so there was no nap for Megan.

I got up and made coffee for her and semi-picked up the house.  SC Greyhound Neighbor and her greyhound Edie (short for Edith) were over for a while.  They ended up leaving around noon.  Mostly it was SC Greyhound Neighbor and I sitting on the couches watching the dogs sleep and chatting/getting to know each other.  We were both pleased as punch to find another greyhound person so close.  She seems super nice and despite the fact that we're both moving out of our current neighborhood in the near future, I'm hopeful we can remain friends.

Edie likes to make herself at home and it makes me giggle.  She pulled a shirt from the closet and some shirts from Teh German's hamper.

Soon after they left, Teh German came home with pizza for me for lunch.  After eating lunch, we decided to go on a ride on the motorcycles.  We ended up deciding to go to the cafe we went to on our first date.  I think we were both underwhelmed/disappointed with the cafe choice (they didn't have coffee and they only had 1 dessert which was actually frozen key lime pie, except that it was the size of a cupcake and they charged $6 for it.  AND it wasn't that good, IMO.  After that, I suggested we go check out the shops that we hadn't looked at during first date since it was raining. 

It was like discovering a little town!  We walked through an overpriced furniture shop and the book store, then hit up the coffee shop, Java Java.  We drank our beverages and surfed the internets and chatted and eventually decided to head back towards home since we needed to feed the beasts.  I also mentioned that I wanted to stop at Habitat for Humanity Resale that we had passed to see what they had.  Since we were on the bikes, I knew we wouldn't buy anything, which was perfect. 

This was the only photo I took at the coffee place, which is disappointing since I didn't even have my coffee in my selfie.

Found this gem at habitat.  Full on denim. 
Teh MD-AR said we needed a camo couch.

When we pulled out of Habitat, Teh German noticed a cop car behind us and mentioned to me that we should watch our speed.  2 minutes later, there were blue lights behind me and my first thought was, "Shit.  How long has that been going on?" I pulled over to the side of the road to let the cop pass me, since I knew we weren't doing anything wrong and they got in front of me and I realized there were TWO cops, not just one.  The one that passed me pulled off behind Teh German and the one behind me pull up beside the other cop.  I decided that I wasn't going to be the one getting hit by a car, so I pulled between the cop cars to in front of where Teh German had pulled over.  At which point, the 2nd cop pulled up to me and asked me to pull over in the development ahead. 

We got escorted across the street for the safest left turn ever.

They said the issue was that they thought Teh German's bike was stolen since they couldn't see his tag.  We were annoyed with that since Teh German has actually gotten a ticket on his bike and that officer said NOTHING about the placement of his tag.  The guy ran Teh German's registration and insurance and gave him a warning.  In the meantime, we got attacked by no-see-ems and tried to laugh with the other officer who explained that they have a lot of stolen bikes in the area, blah blah blah.  Whatever, they were bored and wanted some action and we gave it to them.

Pulled over by the cops selfie.

We finally made it home to feed the beasts.  On the way home, Teh German had suggested Home Team BBQ since that was where we'd had lunch on our first date and I agreed to that.  We had planned to possibly to go with the German Girls, but it didn't end up working out so we went on our own, which was ok.

We hadn't intended to replay our first date, but we definitely had a good time and I'd do it again.


Charleston Yelp has been doing a 2 week event called Yelp on Tap that essentially features breweries and bars around town.  We've been to several events, but on Sunday they offered a discounted rate to do a Brew Cruise, which is essentially where a bus drives you around town to the different local breweries and you get beer samples at each one.  I figured this was good for Teh German because he likes beer and good for me since that meant I could try different beers and have Teh German drink them if I didn't like them (which is what happened with 80% of the beers I was served).

Meri had a third of the bed.. that's as much as each human had.

First off though, we finally rolled out of bed and made breakfast.  We're a good kitchen team because Teh German cooks the bacon and flips it and takes mine out early and ensures his is aptly crunchy and I cook the eggs.  I also made some crescent rolls since we were out of tater tots.  After breakfast, we showered and got ready and headed to House for a pre-drywall inspection.


Teh Megan, Teh German, Teh Realtor

Before we had gotten out of bed, we looked at the blueprints for where the outlets were since Sunday was the day to decide where they were.  I had some questions about a few and some suggestions about new outlets I wanted so I texted the list to myself so I could go through it with the builder.  The builder was awesome with my questions and requests and said that he would do what he could to get outlets where I had asked for them (the garage, the toilet closet (ridiculous, I'm aware, but do you know how often I want to read my Kindle when I'm on the toilet and it's dead?)).  He also suggested that instead of putting ply board in the attic for storage, we use the under the stairs space, which is DEFINITELY going to be happening since it's completely unused space and so much better than hoisting crap into an attic and there is so much room!  Everything I currently have in storage would fit in the space with room for more!  Peerrrrrrrfecto!

Everyone is happy with how the house is coming along, from the Builder to us, so we are pleased.  We also discussed a more concrete closing date and explained that since we are going to Germany, if we're not closed before then, it will have to be postponed until we return.  The builder didn't really like the sound of that, so he was a bit more positive about House being completely by mid-May-ish.  He also discussed the property line with us and the possibility of a fence and suggested some ways to clear out the tree line for more yard space.  He's a winner in my book.

By 1, we were headed towards downtown for our cruise.  It started at the Charleston Visitor's Center, which I had never been to, so we went inside and checked it out.  I ended up buying my very cliche palmetto and crescent moon sticker for Yurtle and a Charleston magnet.  They also had Charleston tshirt that weren't overly priced, so I will definitely be bringing my touristy friends there.

We speak Charleston actually means we speak with an accent you probably won't understand about stuff you probably won't get.  AKA, Charleston-ese.

He told me to make the same face as the shark.

We started our cruise at Frothy Beard Brewery.  My favorite thing about Frothy Beard?  The artist that does their logo/art is the same lady that does the sketches I got from Early Bird.  The animals with the monocles and mustaches?  Yesss, those.  I was super pumped.  I follow her on instagram and even posted tagging her that I was sad none of her stuff was for sale.  She responded back to me and said new stuff would be coming soon.  YAY.  I had actually been to Frothy Beard before for a greyhound event last year.  It was cramped and uncomfortable and I wasn't a huge fan.  It was also raining, we had 3 dogs, and there was no x-pen so the dogs were all on leashes and getting tangled and please no.

Next was Holy City Brewery, which we had been to on Tuesday for another beer event.

Finally was Revelry, which no one had even heard of.

After all the beer samples, we made our way back to the visitor's center and got off the bus.  Several people in our group were going to a bar called Cuddy's and Teh German roped me into going as well.  It was VERY divey.  I'd never been to a bar like that.  The decorations could be called overboard eclectic.  Random shit everywhere, literal mess of graffiti.  The drinks were ok and someone eventually brought over pizza from across the street.  I ended up eating half of someone's very delicious calzone because I was driving home and I needed some serious alcohol absorption.

We got home around 8 and Teh German was highly intoxicated, but still managed to do the dishes and I finished up the laundry and prepped dog breakfast/things and got ready for bed.  By 9, we were in bed and Teh German was turning off the light because he was drunk and tired and I just let it happen because I need extra sleeps.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend.  We got to replay first date day with a bit of extra excitement and adventures and we have windows and I tolerated beer for Teh German (that's real love people!). 

And now we're all caught up.  See you tomorrow for the Princess run summary post!

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  1. A brewery tour sounds like a fun birthday activity!

  2. Why didn't you video a highly intoxicated German dishwasher? That just sounds like an instant youtube sensation!

    I like the picture of you with Smoothie spelled backwards.

    I had a guy that I dated for 2 seconds in college. I don't remember much, but I remember his denim couch. For all the good reasons.

    I'm listening to Sugar, We're Goin' Down Swingin' right now as I type this! FOB for the win!

  3. How have I not followed you on Insta yet? So weird. Anyhow following now.

    I love that Meri had to decide her favorite. Luna has to do that with her toys and she is always as indecisive as me!


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