Friday, March 18, 2016

Five on Friday #83


You remember that one time when I told you I lived in a shitty house with a mold problem?  Well, we're finally on track to get a dehumidifier on Monday.  We'll see if it actually comes.  The icing on the proverbial cake was when Teh German sent an email and got an almost immediate response from Landlord.  Said response contained the question: "Owner asked me about the progress on your house. Is that still basically going to be ready around the time your lease ends?"

I almost lost my mind.

It's none of Owner's damn business when House will be completed.  It especially shouldn't make a difference when it comes to making repairs on the house, which is exactly what I can see it effecting.  He would rather "wait and do the repairs after we leave" than do them now... Or at least that's my assumption.  Based on the experience I've had so far, why should I assume anything different?  He's been an absolute terror to work with from day 1 (remember when I was ok with not having access to the shed because I just wanted to not live with Mr. Scrooge anymore?).  Not just for me either.  Despite switching property management companies, nothing has changed AND the current property manager/landlord has told me that he won't be the property manager of the house if Owner doesn't make the repairs.

So that's a thing.

Oh yeah, and because it's warm again, the hoodlums are playing in the street again and my neighbors keep refusing to run over them with their cars... 

And my car is a nice not-super hydrated pee color.
#getoffmyyard #keepthecomplaintsrolling


There are a mabillionty awesome things going on in the US while we're in Germany and I keep telling myself Germany>everything else.. but when everything else includes a Death Cab for Cutie and CHVRCHES concert 2 days before we come back IN Charleston.. I waver.  I LURVE Death Cab.  Teh German really likes CHVRCHES and so do I.  ANDDD IT'S IN CHARLESTON!!!  Le sigh.

There's also a livermush festival near Home, Home that Teh Sister showed me.  That'd be pretty cool too, even though I shouldn't eat livermush because it doesn't like me. 

There's probably also some Memorial Day happenings that we're missing out on, but whatevs.

But please keep reminding me that Germany > Death Cab, because my heart is broken and this is me:


This is how we celebrated St. Patrick's Day at work:

Guinness waffles (and some regular ones for Megan the Purist), day drinking, and games (darts, Katamari, and Bananagrams).  Someone handed me an adult beverage at 9:30 and at 10 we started waffles and after that it was eating and drinking and games and a minimal amount of work for the rest of the day.

Let me remind you again: I love Company.


Official mud run photos:

Sneak peak of some of the official Princess Weekend photos:


10 things that made me happy this week:
  1. Finishing a book for the book challenge.
  2. Teh German hugging away my bad mood.
  3.  TMI warning: Teh German being better at taking off my bra with one hand than with two.  #mineminemine
  4. Celebrating St. Patrick's day all day at work on Thursday.  Usually I don't care about these things, but coworkers were playing so I was playing along.
  5. Leftover pancakes for breakfast at work this morning.
  6. Good sleeps through 1 benedryl + 1 800mg Motrin.
  7. dick in German = fat in English
  8. Drywall and insulation!
  9. Getting to crossfit at least once this week.
  10. Cleaning my disgusting ass bathroom and using a toilet scrubber to clean my shower... #noshame

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
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  1. Your St. Patrick's day celebration sounds too fun. Guiness waffles?! I'm intrigued!!

  2. Germany > everything else! sorry you have to miss out on awesome things though :( i love when KC hugs away my bad moods.. i always feel a bit silly afterwards haha. have a good weekend!

  3. Germany is way better than anything else!!!!! And yay for hugging away bad moods. Boooooo for shitty owner!!! Sounds like a slumlord!

  4. #3 lolol. J always gets infuriated when I wear my front closure bra and he goes for the back and he's stone walled. Hahaha

  5. Your St Patrick's was much more exciting than mine! Love the kilt!

    Landlords just suck massive balls.

    I love the race pictures! So awesome!

  6. So jealous of Company & St Patrick's Day! I had a dr's appointment so I got felt up by a midwife. Not quite as fun, AND I couldn't have whiskey to recover :(


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