Monday, March 21, 2016

Weekend Review {3/21}

 Yooouuu guuuuyyysssssssss....  Short story: This weekend was fabulous!  Now let me tell you the long version.. mkkay?


I left work a little after 2 on Friday and went straight to the piercing parlor to get my ear did.  Actually, I detoured and went to visit House since I wasn't sure if I'd make it up over the weekend, then went to the piercing place.  We have WALLS!  I need to start repeating to myself that we might be living in House in TWO MONTHS.  That's 8 weeks.  That's like 60 days.  CRAAAZZZYYYY.

That's a panorama of downstairs.  I didn't get one of upstairs because it's pretty difficult.

I waited for a bit at the piercer because he was very thorough, which was good and bad.  Bad because I had to wait, good because he's good at his job.  My original desire was to get the daith and rook piercing together, but he said that he'd done that before and the movement of the ear and subsequent swelling prevented him from doing it as one again.  He suggested doing both piercings separate and then coming back in when they were healed up and he'd put a single bar bell in them.  He's the professional, so that's what we went with.

Honestly, I had amped myself up for way more pain than I actually experienced.  I had started to get a headache before I left work, but I think it was just the stress of the unknown.  I do not think a daith piercing solved the headache problem that quickly, or at all, but I'm going to research this and let you know.  I walked out of the shop super pleased with my life choice.  Even if it doesn't solve my headaches, it still looks cool.

After, I headed home, forgetting that I was supposed to go by the ticket office to pick up tickets for the hockey game on Saturday.  I had put off the vacuuming and it HAD to be done before Teh Advising Sister arrived and before we left for the evening, so I accomplished that task asap.  Teh German came home a little after 5 and we headed to the gym to show our support for those who were doing 16.4 (the 4th week of a crazy workout series some crossfitters are doing, I'm assuming 16 is for 2016?  Idk).  Also, we might have been motivated because they were going to Home Team BBQ after the workout AND there was the possibility of seeing someone doing 55 deadlifts at 226lbs unbroken.  If that was gibberish to you, it's ok, just keep reading, it's over now and you're safe.  Since the dogs had been in their crates all day, I opted to bring them with us since our gym is dog-friendly.

Others had brought their dogs as well!

My furbabies.

Meri and Ziggy the puppy playing.

Sadly, Meri kinda killed the dog vibe when she shit on the floor inside the gym.  Oops.  I cleaned it up as quickly as possible, completely mortified.  We changed to a fish food recently and I'm relearning why we don't eat fish based foods... again.  Otherwise, the dogs were perfect.  No barking (of course), loving on everyone.  Per the normal, Meri was more willing than Phil to lay down on the comforters we'd brought in.  Neither of them were obnoxious, have I mentioned they are my favorites?

It took a while to get everyone relocated to Home Team, but we finally made it.  Teh German and I ordered drinks and shared a side of potato salad since we were headed to Sesame when Teh Advising Sister made it to town.  Since we had arrived so late, we weren't able to stay and socialize for long.  In horrible friend fashion, Teh Advising Sister made it to shitty house before we did.  #Meganfail  It was actually a Teh German fail since we were trying to say goodbye to someone moving away from Charleston, but it worked out.  We got home and put the dogs in their crates and headed to Sesame for a super late dinner.

After dinner, we came back to shitty house and crashed into bed.


Teh German had to work on Saturday morning, which meant a slow start for Teh Advising Sister and I.  I woke up with Teh German, but stayed in bed doing puzzles.  I also downloaded Outlander since it's on my TBR list and the audiobook is a mabillionty hours long, which is perfect for puzzles!  I got some Meri snuggles in and when Teh Advising Sister woke up, we got ready and headed out to Mount Pleasant to grab coffee at Metto.  We had originally intended on touring USS YORKTOWN, but after seeing the price, we nixed that idea.  Instead, Teh German met us at Graze and we had a delicious lunch, then we checked out Fleet Feet and Dolittles (a pet store), and finally we headed to the pier under the bridge (aka the first place where Teh German and I held hands) to chill for a bit. 

Chicken and waffles, lobstah roll w/ fries, and the daily special

Dog store silliness.
Teh German was "gnawing" on my ear.

I was disappointed to learn that they had tethered the swings to a spring and now it's loud and noisy to swing.  Booooooo.  After a bit of swinging, Teh Advising Sister and I decided to go by Tanger so she could find new sunglasses and Teh German went home to hang out with the puppies.

Of course, I had a blast sunglasses shopping!  Teh Advising Sister did end up finding something she liked and despite the $120 price tag, she only paid $85.  BOOM, coupons, bitches.  I was pleased with her savings.

For both photos, Teh Advising Sister said, "No.  Please make it stop."  All the lolz.

Oh yeah, and I also went by H&M to try on this magical unicorn of a greyhound dress that the greyhound community has been amped up about.  It was a no go since it wasn't very flattering at all and the back was weird and my bra would show and that's a no for this girl.  Le siiigh.

After Tanger, we headed home and almost immediately headed back out to the coliseum since we were going to the Stingrays game.  I had asked our group to be there by 6-605 so we could get tickets, get inside, find our seats, acquire refreshments, and Teh German would get to see the puck drop, for once.  We were successful.

I may or may not have chased down the Papa John's pizza to take a photo.  I didn't expect to be greeted with a hug.  I couldn't tell if the person inside the pizza was another excited lady like me, or a creepy dude who just wanted to touch my boobs.. Either way, I'm glad someone else was excited as me.

Teh German Girls and I
We're really getting better at these silly selfies!

Our German friends also brought one of their neighbors, Father Robert.. oh yes, I hung out with a priest on Saturday night, while enjoying alcoholic beverages and talking shit to Teh German and being animated about a hockey game.  #welcometomylife  We were also joined by SC Greyhound Neighbor, which was awesome.

Even more awesome: WE ACTUALLY WON THE GAME!

After the game, SC Greyhound Neighbor, Teh Advising Sister, Teh German, and I headed to Thai Basil for dinner.  Instead of fighting for parking downtown, we just spent 6 extra minutes driving all the way to Mount Pleasant for the 2nd time that day.  It was totally worth it.  I was the only one who had been there before and everyone was super happy with their food.  Teh German and I shared the coconut soup and pad thai while Teh Advising Sister and SC Greyhound Neighbor shared coconut soup and an entree.  We were the last ones in the restaurant, so we tried to expedite our leaving after we finished our food. 

After we dropped off SC Greyhound Neighbor at her car, we headed home and crashed in bed.


We had agreed on doing brunch Sunday morning and we were in no hurry to get up after getting in bed so late Saturday night (we got home at midnight:30 and that's way past my old lady bedtime).  Teh Advising Sister decided on 5 Loaves for brunch (from the places I gave her to choose from). 

Truthfully, 5 Loaves is not my favorite brunch place, I've finally come to this conclusion.  There is always a wait, the service is almost painfully slow, and the food doesn't always wow me.. oh yeah and they don't have a traditional breakfast option, you have to order a smattering of sides to get eggs, bacon, home fries, etc.  Seriously, why?  Except this time, it was worse than normal because I ordered the pumpkin pancakes and they came pretty much uncooked.  Yeah... and the kitchen manager said that they'd been having lots of issues with the pancakes that day.  Uh yeah.. because you probably should have just put them in a waffle maker so they would properly cook, but that's just my opinion.  They ended up bringing me something else (enchiladas) and comping both meals, which was good since Teh German had said if either was on the bill he was going to speak to someone.  We did see Teh SC Teacher and Teh SC German and his family there, so that was a highlight.

After brunch, we headed to House to show Teh Advising Sister. 

It was kinda like a mud run....

After we left House, we headed to Metto for coffee.. again.  #yesitsthatgood

With coffee acquired, we made one last trip over the bridge (probably my last trip before the actual run on the 2nd) towards home.  Teh Advising Sister left soon after and I ended up taking a nap and accidentally standing up Twin Mom for getting our nails did.  #shittyfriend

I woke up when Teh German fed the beasts and stayed awake reading The Bonesetter's Daughter.  Teh German finally came in the bedroom around 7 to ask what was for dinner.  We had leftovers from all the restaurants we had been to all weekend for dinner.  Yay for leftover buffet, lol.  After eating, I finally started the laundry and got the dog's breakfast ready while Teh German took care of the dishes.  When the chores were finished, we laid in bed chilling, me doing a puzzle and Teh German perusing an endless social media stream.

Finally, it was bedtime, sadly ending an awesome weekend.

I was king of the CAH castle on Saturday evening.  Since Saturday was also Teh Dad's birthday, I gave him 1 of my 3 minutes to be king of the castle.

The rainbow should have been castle feed, but it wouldn't show up for me since I was on my phone.
Hopefully, Teh Dad actually got to see his castle.

But now it's Monday and this is what I've been dealing with all morning:

Thanks technology.
That screen shouldn't be static-y grey... but it is.

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  1. yay for walls!!!!! My dogs always find an excuse to shit on floors anytime they are in a new place. Gotta love it.

  2. The house looks amazing!! You are getting so close to move in day!!

  3. Yay house!!!!! Walls!!! You have walls!

    Your pups are so good and mine are basically hounds from hell.

    I am yet again jealous of all the food!

  4. Not sure I've ever asked but do you crate the kids because they get into trouble and destroy things when they're bored?
    What's up with Phil and not wanting to sit when asked? Is that a greyhound thing? Jagger only sits when it's on his terms. And every time, I'm amazed by his massive hips/pelvis. Such beautiful creatures they are. :)

  5. your house looks so amazing, oh and maybe it's just the pic but i love that H&M dress on you. #justsayin

  6. I actually think that dress looks good on you. You'll have to let us know how the daith piercing does with headaches.

    1. That's because you can't see the back.. and I've figured out "the angles" lol

      So far, I think the piercing has reduced the intensity of my headaches. Where they used to render me close to unable to function, now they are more moderate and tolerable and I can still do things, like go to the gym and not die.


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