Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Review {3/14}


Phil had 11 teefies removed on Friday.  Teh Sister and I drove to Richmond, VA to bring Judge and Phil to get their teefies did.  Meri tagged along for the ride as well, but I'm not too sure she enjoyed it at all.  We did have an accident in the car, but Meri really did try to hold it and she doesn't whine to go out, so I was misreading her panting signals.  But she really did an excellent job of holding it for as long as possible.  She's the bestest puppy.

The pink/purple poodle is Chewy, Helping Hand's dog.  Helping Hands got a location upgrade to the max!  Before drop off was kinda crowded and there wasn't really a waiting area so much as the reception area.  Now there is an actual reception area, an entire waiting room with wifi and refreshments and books and tv and game consoles and all the things.  I was super impressed and glad I'm a regular customer.  Seeing a business do well is always awesome, especially when they can give back to clients in such a huge way.  Teh Sister and I got to put pins in the map to show where we came from. 

We dropped off the boys at 8 (after taking final "grr" photos) and then headed to Perly's for breakfast.  We shared the french toast and the Benny Friedman (potato latkes with salmon and poached eggs and hollandaise sauce and OMFG NOMMM).  I called in to my conference call at 9 and was pleased to find out the restaurant had wifi.  I was able to post my Friday post (9 days straight, boom!).  After my call and email and post, I finished breakfast and we headed out.  Meri was fabulous the entire day.  She stayed in the car while we were inside shops and didn't go crazy.  It wasn't hot, which was perfect for her staying in the car. 

After breakfast, I wanted to check out the thrift store/Goodwill situation so I could pick up some shoes for my mud run on Saturday.  We ended up finding a Goodwill outlet/auction, which is totally different than the Goodwill's I'm used to.  I did end up finding a pair of shoes for $3 and a new comforter for the beasts though.  We had passed another thrift store that Teh Sister wanted to check out, so we backtracked and checked it out as well.  I was able to find more sheets/comforter's for the dogs, yay!  I've known for a bit that I needed more comforters after Meri decided her last one was for eating. 

After thrifting, I showed my starbucks coupon to Teh Sister and we headed there.  Teh Sister ran in and got our drinks while I waited in the car with Meri-Meri, who gave zero fucks that I was even there.  Thanks, Dawg.  With Starbucks in hand, we headed back to Helping Hands so I could get some work accomplished.  Lest you think I'm a slacker who don't actually work, I worked for 9 hours the previous 8 days of the pay period, so I could work short days on Thurs/Fri since I knew I'd be distracted.  Fortunately, I didn't have much to do.  I was also able to accomplish some of the contractor calls I needed to make for the house regarding the patio and fence AND I even called some insurance companies about Homeowners insurance, which I'll be getting as soon as I get an actual closing date from the builder.

Judge was ready first around 1:30, but since we were waiting on Phil, Teh Sister waited in the waiting room with me instead of picking Judge up.  Around 2, I got the call that Phil would be ready at 2:30.  Meri had been an angel dog the entire time we were in the waiting room.  I had brought in a quilt for her to lay on by the window and she rested for a while, but she didn't sleep.  Eventually she started pacing and I let her get up on the couch beside me and she rested her head on me and relaxed some.  My girl makes me swoon.  I always figured she'd be my crazy dog in public, but that is far from the case.

A little before 2:30, we packed all our stuff up in the car and picked up the boys.  They were both stoned out of their minds.  It was hilarious.

As soon as the dogs were in tow, we stopped for business outside, then loaded them in the car to head to NC, then SC.  We had a traffic snaggle after getting in NC that involved me telling Teh Sister to drive over the median to get to the exit ramp... which I realized was actually an ON-ramp to the traffic congested mess we had been sitting in... We did ALMOST get stuck (as in Yurtle's tires spun a few times) but we made it (praise Allah, that would have been embarrassing).  We had watched someone else back up the on-ramp, so I decided that's what we should do to.. FYI, the traffic backup wasn't just 15 minutes.. no no no.. This was an hour of stopped traffic... and we found this out about 3 seconds after passing the exit that would have helped us avoid the mess. 

Teh Sister said she wasn't comfortable backing up the on-ramp, so we did a Chinese fire drill and I backed up the on-ramp most of the way... That is, until Teh Sister suggested we just turn around and drive UP the on-ramp the wrong direction.  Which I did.  The other car had done it, so why not?  We turned around pretty quickly, because the last place I wanted to surprise on-coming traffic was in the middle of their on-ramp, then headed (the wrong way) towards whatever the nearest interstate was...  We had stopped to turn right onto the interstate (I even signaled!) and we saw what appeared to be a cop car.  There was about 2 seconds of debate until we realized that YES, YES it was a cop car that had just watched my pull up, the wrong direction, to turn onto another interstate.  He definitely gaves us a dafuq? look but took the exit to the interstate we had just escaped from.  We tried to warn him he was going to be sitting in traffic, but he couldn't hear us.  #adventureswithMegan #praiseGodnotickets

The adrenaline rush made us both have to go pee, so we stopped to get gas and pee as GPS directed us to a new route.  We didn't have to go that far out of the way and we made it to Fayettenam about 30 minutes later than we'd originally targeted for.  Which was just fine because we didn't get a ticket for my crazy shenanigans.
That would be Phil using Judge (under the grey jacket, on top of the grey pillow) as a headrest.

I decided on Mission BBQ for dinner and I was pretty hangry since I hadn't eaten lunch.  After Teh Sister got unloaded and Phil and Meri had been fed dinner, I loaded them back up and we stopped at Mission so I could pick up my to-go order and I parked in a nearby (less busy) parking lot to scarf down my food. 

Have you ever been so hungry you give zero fucks about what you looked like while eating?  Yeah, that was me eating my bbq sandwich with sauce all over my face when a security guard for the medical facility where I was parked approached my car and asked how long I'd be parked there since I wasn't technically a customer.  With my mouth full, I informed him that I'd be leaving as soon as I was finished eating.  He said ok and didn't bother me anymore.  I got to watch him upset other Mission BBQ customers by telling them they weren't allowed to park in the lot.  I had gotten lucky at Mission and just parked in the Veteran's parking spot right up front.  I had a to-go order, so I didn't feel bad about it at all.

After food was consumed, I headed towards Charleston.  I set the cruise control and made it home around 10:30.  Teh German was excited to have been reunited with Teh Ville.  I love that he misses us when we're gone.  Not just me, but US.  Me and the dogs.  #bestboyfriendever 

That said, #bestboyfriendever was making me a little crazy and was kinda grouchy and I was kinda exhausted after shitty sleeps on Thursday night, so it was bedtime as soon as everything was unloaded.


The real reason I had driven to SC instead of just staying the night in NC was that we had our first ever mud run on Saturday morning at 10.  Sadly, we didn't have any friends watching, so I'm still waiting on the official photos to get posted sometime this week for photos of us.  We didn't get a before photo, but I made sure to get an after photo!

We did the Rugged Maniac 5k, which was perfect, IMO.  Long enough of a run for me, enough (25) obstacles for Teh German.  Once you got past the "but I'm not supposed to get dirty" mentality, it was a blast.  I was kicking up mud at the volunteers and Teh German.  There was a lady who (also) wasn't able to reach the rings, so we decided to just grab a ring and jump in the water to cross.  She didn't want to be the only one not doing the rings, we we forded the water together.  Towards the end I got frustrated at another runner because he was a douche who pretty much stole my spot and got in my way rather than just waiting a few more seconds for me to complete the obstacle... twice. 

At the end, Teh German said, I want to do it again!  I told him to have at it.  Truthfully, I was paranoid the entire time we were running that I was going to twist an ankle or hurt myself on something, somehow.  I don't overly enjoy trail runs for that reason.  I'm sensitive and these pieces are doing another Disney run in a few (5ish) months and recovery time takes up training time.

After the race we met up with a Coworker who was running it, then we headed to Melvin's BBQ in Mount Pleasant for lunch.  Our bill was $40 and we were NOT $40 impressed.  I had seen that the 10 Commandments were on the cups, but I was NOT aware of the Jesus music blaring through the speakers.  I'm not one to usually care, but 1- this music was loud, 2- it was a little overwhelming.  Finally, they have mustard based bbq sauce and that's not my jam.  Teh German admitted that Willie Jewell's was probably his favorite bbq in the area because of the sauce options.. meeeeybe even higher than Home Team BBQ (our first date).. I consider that a win since Willie Jewell's is my favorite.

Teh German was being kind of a jerk and I was kind of headachy so we weren't a good team.  As we were on the way home, German Girl 1 messaged me and asked if I wanted to go to the beach.  Of course, I said yes.  Teh German had plans to go to the Park Circle St. Patrick's Day thing and he knew some people that were going, so I didn't feel bad deserting him for sun and sand (bleh) over drinking and crowds.

I picked up German Girls and we made our way to Folly Beach and we were lucky enough to get a pretty decent parking spot!  We stayed for several hours, just relaxing on the beach.  The water was pretty chilly, so we didn't get in the ocean more than just our feet.  It was perfect.  Despite my headache, it was nice to just relax and have ZERO things to do and the ability to do zero things.  My to-do list is an ever-scrolling list in my head and I like to ignore it as often as possible (rarely).

We finally left the beach around 5 and messaged Teh German to see what he wanted to do for dinner.  I suggested Mex 1 and he said something about being at Sesame, which I thought meant he was suggesting Sesame.  It was really a drunken communication problem.  The girls headed back to my house to shower and freshen up (since I hadn't showered other than the drizzle hoses at the mud run, eww, yes I know, but I put on deodorant and had face wash cloths with me, and German Girl confirmed that I wasn't stinky), then we headed to Sesame to meet Teh German who was drunk.  Le sigh.

Turns out he was just drinking at Sesame, we weren't eating there and after some debacle, I ended up driving us to Mex 1 and we had dinner there.  Teh German's friend who had brought him to Park Circle ended up meeting us at Mex 1 to hang out for a little while.  I knew Teh German was done when he didn't finish the 2nd beer he ordered and we headed home soon after. 

It was definitely bedtime when we got home.


I had been telling everyone since Friday that Sunday was going to be my sleep in day.  Especially with the time change and shitty sleeps I'd been having.  My sleeps were still shitty, but it was nice not having to get out of the bed right away.  Teh German and I woke up slowly and he started off the morning with an apology for his drunkenness.  I didn't deflect it, but actually just said, "Thank you."  Seriously, it made all the difference.  It's also crazy to me that sometimes he knows exactly what I need to hear.  I had been in a rage most of the morning at him because he'd been such a jerk the past couple of days, then to add the drunkenness on top of that, I was really ready to tear into him and set him straight. 

We ended up chatting about what was bothering him and I gently suggested that maybe instead of drinking through the stress, we discuss it and try to mitigate it in a different way.  Finally, MY Teh German was back and we were able to have a good day.

We eventually rolled out of bed and got ready to leave.  We'd agreed to go to Holy City Brewery for breakfast because I wanted their chicken and waffles.  Teh German was game and we headed there first.  We ate then took some photos in front of the logo-ed conex box for his insta (go give him a follow and he'd love it).

My breakfast.. noommm.

Teh German had sent me the photo of the house, but he really wanted me to see it, so we rode up to the house to look around at the progress.  We have insulation and some dry wall now!  The builder called earlier and said he expects the dry wall to be completed this week, at which point we'll FINALLY get a closing date!!!

My jacuzzi tub.

After House, we decided to grab a coffee from Metto in Mount Pleasant.  It was an awesome suggestion by Teh German because they have delightful coffee and I'm super glad I don't live closer or I'd be (more) poor.  I asked for a frozen hot chocolate, but I think that kind of overwhelmed their brains, so instead I got a frozen peppermint mocha instead, which was probably more delicious than the hot chocolate.

After coffees were finished and bike pics were posted on instagram, we headed back home to feed the beasts dinner and leave again to hit up Target and the grocery store for some things.  I realized when we were at Bi-Lo just how spoiled I have become by Publix.  Which sucks since Publix is generally more expensive than Bi-Lo.  Ughhhh.  Either way, I managed.  I was excited to get to look at patio furniture with Teh German while we were at Target (his idea, NOT MINE!) because it's like House is finally a reality...

Ya know, if anyone wants to get us a housewarming present.. I like these chairs with slide out footrests!

We got home and I started making dinner and at the same time doing laundry.  Teh German ended up finishing dinner while I folded laundry after I burnt the buns in the oven.. oops.  Fortunately, we had extra. 

After dinner, it was time for even more laundry (all those comforters and mud run clothes created extra laundry, ugh) and dishes and settling down for the night.

Overall, another excellent weekend in the books.  I got some girl time, I got some time with Teh German, I got some Sister time, and some doggy time.  Next weekend, Teh Advising Sister is coming to visit and I'm super excited because it's been a hot minute since I've seen her!

PS.  If I celebrated "National" days of stupidness, I'd celebrate today because it's National Nap Day or some shit and I'd really like a damn nap right now.  FUCK DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME.

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  1. The house looks amazing! I am super jealous of the Jacuzzi tub. Also I'm all about national nap day I'm exhausted and haven't been sleeping well either. Daylight savings time sucks.


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