Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Confessions {3/9}

-I didn't draft this post over the last week, so I'm winging it.  #likeaboss #bloggerproblems

-TEH GERMAN SAID WE COULD GO TO DISNEYLAND FOR THE DUMBO DARE WITH TEH MD-AR!!!!!! #allthedisney #allthemedals #MegontheRun #trainingplan #whatsatrainingplan

-Apparently our Princess run photos are "expiring" (whatever that actually means) on March 10th and we haven't purchased our photos yet because I can't find all of them (specifically, the color toss ones) and they haven't responded to my email or FB message... Asshats.  So now I have to call them and I don't want to.  #youhadonejob

-I also need to call insurance companies to get price quotes on homeowner's insurance.  I hate calling people.  #peoplesuck

-ALSO, I'm still having to call companies to get estimates for a privacy fence and screened-in patio.  Have I mentioned that I hate having to call companies?  #Ihateandloveitwhentheydontanswer

-I ordered my Megara shirt from Human Tees or whatever.  The first tank top was too small, the 2nd tank top was too big, the t-shirt they gave me as a replacement was too small.  Now I just want a shirt that fits and for this fiasco to be over with.  Too bad there is no phone number to call them too...  #whyisthissohard

-Stress from all these calls I need to make, Disneyland, House progress, and life gave me a mouth sore and it fucking sucks because Teh German and I kiss a lot... and I can't kiss him with a herpaderp on my damn lip.  Granted, some of this is good stress, but still.  #herpaderpshouldbetheofficialname #Imisskisses

-We had our meeting with the builder on Sunday to ensure that everything was good before the drywall goes up and I asked for a power outlet in the toilet closet.  This was definitely a weird request for him, but then I explained that when I go business it's reading/puzzle time but I can't do that if my Kindle is dead.. unless I can charge it, which means I need an outlet... in the toilet closet.  When the inspector asked the builder why there was an outlet in the toilet closet he just said, "So they can do puzzles."  #hedeservesabeer

-I have posted every day for the last week!  I have the Disney summary/price post scheduled for tomorrow and Five on Friday for Friday.  That will be NINE straight days of posts.  Please don't expect this in the future.  #givethemcontentandtheywillcome

-Maybe I'll have to do a post with the official Princess photo when that mess gets sorted out?  #mustshareallthePrincessthings

-I broke my 70 day streak on DuoLingo on Sunday because House and beer and I almost cried at my desk on Monday morning.  I've actually missed 3-4 days since I started my German lessons on 08OCT2015.  Who needs streaks when I know I'm a badass?  Me.  I need streaks.  #Ineedeveryonetoknow

-Spring is here and with spring comes headaches.  I'm already over them.  #barometerhead

-I'm feeling guilt over the fact that I've been to crossfit ONCE since my Princess runs.  Well, actually twice, if you count that one time I bashed my face on the floor sprinting across the gym and spent the entire workout laying on the couch icing away a potential black eye...  #laziusmaximus

-I have ran a few times WITH Phil and Meri since Disney.  #tireddogsaregooddogs

-I've been jonesing to go to the Chiro, but I'm trying to save dollas and $33 a week is way more than it used to be.  #helpmeImpoor #lovethepops

-I wrote a barely passive aggressive email to the landlord this week and #notsorry.  I'm wondering if he took it the way I wanted it to come across?  Either way, he says someone will be out on Thurs at 9am.  #weshallsee #thisiswhyIboughtahouse
"So I appreciate that Owner was being proactive about the pest control, but is there any way we could be active in SOME WAY about this mold thing? 
We've talked a lot about getting things done, but not so much has actually BEEN done.  Frustration is no longer an apt description about my feelings regarding this property or experience."

-I shared the story about hitting ZERO balloons and almost hitting the lady at one of those pop the balloons with a dart and get a prize stands at the NC State Fair with Teh German and then this conversation happened after I discovered these darts at work:

#hegetsme #bestboyfranever

-Philalicious is getting a dental on Friday and I'm super excited.  So is my nephdawg, Judge.  I'm excited to see stoned Phil again and semi-dreading how many teeth my Philbo might loose this round.  I've not been brushing their teeth as often as I should have.  #baddogmom

-While I was typing this MarathonFoto responded to my FB message.. YAY one less company to call!  #smallsteps

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  1. Oooh I want to go to the chiropractor too. Sounds perfect. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  2. ugh calling companies is the worst. i laughed so hard at herpaderp. definitely should be the real name. i don't think your email is that passive aggressive email is that bad at all, it sounds like you had every right and they need to get their shit together! and duh, yes to all the princess stuff please.

  3. we've been having spring weather here lately and i think this year is going to be tough for allergies :(

  4. The thought of having to call all those companies is making me anxious. I HATE making phone calls. When I can schedule things/contact customer service/etc via email or a web form (and they actually respond in a timely manner) I am so happy.

  5. I think the trade off of Phil&Meri runs over Crossfit is totally worth it.

    Speaking of hating to call people...I sat on hold yesterday for 22 minutes only to be told that they couldn't help me over the phone; I need to print an email (that told me to phone them) and take it into a physical location and "maybe" they can help me there. This all has to do with immigration and socialized medicine. fucking fun times.

  6. I hate making calls too. I don't even like to call people I like, let alone companies. Oh, the angst of landlords. I've asked for very little throughout the years. And of the things I've requested, my landlord has done none of them. It's irritating.

    1. I consider myself a good tenant, I report things when they come up and I don't ask for anything other than a suitable place to live. This place has not lived up to any of that.

  7. I had literally a dozen posts drafted but I published nothing last week but the book linkup because I was just...a mess. Some weeks are like that.

    I totally messed up my meditation streak too...for no reason other than my brain just kind of quit on me. It happens but, like you, I need the streaks!

    I also hate talking on the phone. Nearly all of my jobs have dealt with talking on the phone too...I have good voice for it but I dread it each and every time!


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