Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Confessions {3/16}

-The idea of Disneyland brings me great joy.  The logistics, maybe not so much.  #allthedollas #planestrainsandautomobiles

-I'm having the itch to get pierced.  I also want a new tattoo(s), but House.  That said, is it weird to get piercings on just one side of your body?  I feel weird about it.  Both sides or nothing.  #OCDproblems #bodyart

-I have this bad habit of buying sweets then not eating them.  I'll bring them to work for coworkers if/when Teh German won't eat them.  #wastenotwantnot

-We haven't been to crossfit in a while and I really wanted to go yesterday but Teh German didn't get home until late and I laid on the couch finishing This is Where I Leave You until 6:45.  #fatass #bookchallenge

-Speaking of book challenge, I switched up a few of my books because I'd like to finish this challenge and Children of Hurin was making me want to not read.  #dontreadshittybooks

-Yesterday when Teh German got an email from Landlord asking about our progress on House, I almost exploded with rage.  It's none of their damn business how our build is going.  How our build is going shouldn't have any effect on if they fix the problems in Shitty House or not.  I'll be giving Landlord a call about it later today.  I'm obviously thrilled.  #renterwoes  #soon

-I was complaining to Teh Sister about how Dorothy always dies super fast and she told me to turn down my location accuracy setting.  She's a genius!  It worked!  Yesterday night when I went to bed, I had 35% left!  Before, I'd be at 10% or under...  #stupidtechnology

-It has taken me 4 days to finish all the laundry from the new blankets/sheets I bought on Friday.  The worst part is that if I don't put the extra comforters in my car, I have no where to put them.  #firstworldproblem #dogproblems

-I'm still actually not done with laundry because I'd like to wash the sheets on the guest bed for Teh Advising Sister, who arrives on Friday!!!  #yayvisitors #FML #laundrymakesmestabby #cleaningtoiletsistheworst

-I'm still a little bit amazing/impressed/embarrassed that I backed up the on-ramp on the interstate.

-I keep finding events to spend money on and I'm really trying my best not to!  There's a concert Twin Dad asked if we wanted to go, run after run after run, tattoos, trips to NC, etc.  #temptation #thestruggleisreal

-I'm back to my Linux training.  I think I'm just going to get the cert to satisfy the requirement then do some studies.  #thenavyway

-We should have an official closing date by the end of next week on House.  There are not words to describe my excitement.  #nowthehardpartstarts #banksstressmeout #legalcrapisevenworse

-The building manager and I dressed almost exactly the same today: black shirt, khaki pants, black shoes.  We could be besties, I swear.  #twins

-I didn't go to the chiro yesterday because I was wearing a dress.  #Iwasstilltempted

-This entire week's dinner plan: WING IT!  #usewhatyougot

-There are no gifs because I'm lazy AF.  #AFdoesntmeanAirForce

-Instead I'll give you a throw back to when Teh WJL came to visit me last July.  Yesterday she couldn't remember why in 2007 we were going out on Friday, then I reminded her it was probably for her birthday celebration.  #anelephantneverforgets #besties #visitmesoonplease #Iknowyourereadingthis  

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  1. Next time I visit we are buying the hat!
    I vote yes to nc trip.
    Im glad someone remembers my life!

  2. When you talk about all the things to spend money on, I was over here nodding and saying "yep!" I am trying to create a "50 Before 50" list, and all the things I seem to type are money-sucking activities. My list should start with #1. Create this list with some cost effective ideas.

  3. You buy sweets and dont eat them? I have the exact opposite problem and that is why sweets are banned from the house now! haha! Your landlord pisses me off, so I cant imagine how you feel!!!! Karma is going to suck for them!!! Hope you get the closing date soon!!

  4. i've been mulling over another tattoo but i haven't decided the design just yet. it normally takes me on average 3 years to get a tattoo because i take so long trying to figure out what to get!

  5. Piercings on one side isn't weird depending on what you get pierced. Tragus?? That's my most exotic piercing because I'm super boring like that.

  6. I've always wanted a tattoo but I can never decide on something permanent! Only my ears are pierced as well...not even double pierced. #boring

    I am impressed with your ramp work as well.

    Landlords just suck. Mine LOST two rent checks and then comes over all "can't you make out another one??" UM NOOOOOOOOOOOO.
    I did end up writing them but only after taking out fees and such for cancelled checks. #whothefucklosestwochecks?


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