Monday, March 28, 2016

Weekend Review {3/28}

It was overall a very good weekend.  We had some bumps in the road on Sunday, but we survived.


Since Teh German was off on Friday, I flexed my hours to be off at noon.  Teh German was super awesome and got up and cleaned off Mike and Suzi and rode to Metto and grabbed a peppermint mocha freeze for me from Metto and he delivered it to me at work.  #bestboyfriendever  While we was waiting on me to get off work, he went around the area where I work and took some photos with his bike.  We ended up meeting at EVO for lunch, then heading home so I could drop off Yurtle and get on Mike.

There was a 50% chance of rain, so rather than ride somewhere far out, I wanted to stay semi-local in case it did start raining.  Obviously, I'm still not over the fact that someone wanted to lane split with me.  We picked House as our destination since we hadn't seen some pretty big changes that went down this week.

L to R: Master bathroom, stairs with walls AND banisters.
They poured the driveway and sidewalk, View from the guest room.

HOUSE!  We have a garage door!
Selfies on the stairs, Teh German being weird and licking me.

Since it wasn't raining when we were done inspecting all the changes at House, I wanted to do something else but wasn't sure what.  I figured it out quickly when we passed Velocity Air Sports on the way home.  Teh German and I had discussed going to the trampoline place several times, but I told him it would have to be after my Princess run because I didn't want to hurt myself.  Well, no time like the present.  I was leading and I randomly pulled over to turn to do a u-turn and Teh German followed.  We were listening to music instead of chatting over bluetooth and he didn't switch over, so I didn't explain what we were doing.  I knew he'd figure it out when we got to Velocity.  He did.

When we went inside, I went straight to the waiver/registration computers and Teh German started hemming and hawing about how he wasn't dressed correctly and he wasn't sure if he wanted to jump right now, blah blah blah.. To the point that I canceled my registration and gathered up my helmet and went back outside and started getting ready to get back on Mike, obviously disappointed.

Secret about Teh Megan: I don't often do spontaneity.  Yes, I surprise people, but rarely do I do spontaneous activities.  Everything is usually planned.
Another secret about Teh Megan: If you shut me down on something once, I won't do it again.  As in, if Teh German had said no to jumping, I wouldn't have ever suggested it again.

Teh German could tell I was pissed/disappointed that he was refusing to jump because he wasn't wearing the right clothes (we were in jeans since we were riding and he "needed" to be in gym clothes) and he ended up saying ok fine, let's do it.

Honestly, I didn't want to anymore.  It was kinda ruined for me because I was trying to do something spontaneous and fun and he had said no for a stupid reason like clothes.  But I did it anyways, because Teh German had had a shit week and really I was just trying to cheer him up by going to the trampoline place and also, I wanted to jump since I'd never done it before.  I sucked it up and put on a happy face and we jumped and broke a sweat and it was fun and I'd do it again.

Wanna know what sucks?  My shitty ass bladder that thinks because it's bouncing up and down that it needs to expel itself all over me.  No, Bladder, calm yo tits.  That makes jumping on trampolines a little less fun, honestly, but I survived and I didn't pee on myself.

After our hour of jumping, we headed home and relaxed.  I asked Teh German if he wanted to clean the cars and he said he was tired.  I ended up napping on the couch because I was also tired.  Oops.  I woke up when Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor stopped by to say hi with Edie (her GH) and Molly (her neighbor's dog who the entire neighborhood feels sorry for because the owner doesn't really interact with the dog than feeding her and she's all alone in the yard 24/7).  After all the dogs had played and worn themselves out, they went home and I made dinner for Teh German and I. 

chicken thighs in some random marinade I had in the fridge, ramen with an egg, and steamed peppers
(lesson: saute peppers, don't steam them)

After dinner, we laid in bed and watched Trainwreck (finally.  If you don't remember, I bought this movie in January for Teh Sister's "bachelorette thing" that never went down).  I did actually think to myself that I'd miss laying in bed, but I won't miss it more than I love House (which will not have a TV in the bedroom).


Originally, we had planned to head down to Folly Beach for a food truck rodeo, but the weather cock-blocked us.  Boo, hiss.  Instead, we gathered the German gang and headed to Boxcar Betty's for lunch and then to the aquarium downtown.

We we were able to get parked with ease since the aquarium has a parking garage nearby.  Except that right as we parked, the rain really started coming down in buckets.  There were 5 people and 1 tiny umbrella.  We waited out the worst of it and powered through the drops when it died down.

Top to bottom:
Waiting out the rain
The Girls!
Silly selfies with Teh German and a photobombing friend.

Our first stop was at the stingray/shark tank where we were able to pet the critters.  Teh German was super pumped about touching/petting a shark.

Sharkie doing his laps, stingrays, and Germans waiting to touch sea critters.

Every opportunity to be silly was had.  German Photobomber even did the hurricane tunnel with me for $2.  Apparently, I would survive a 30 second hurricane.

Of course we had to reenact Jack and Rose.  I had to be reminded of the actual Titanic pose... and then well, things got adulty when I was bent over laughing.

Teh German Girl got stuck..

Getting to touch smaller stingrays

Lizard toes


Germans on Safari

On a Safari

Made me think of bad joke eel.
AND it looks like it's eating that fish in the background.  #WIN


This was the closest I'd been to sea creatures since GTMO when I'd dive.  I was super excited to see if the starfish would attach to my hand like they did when we would dive in GTMO, but it was mostly disappointing.  The Germans got to feel the starfish try to attach to them, so that was cool.

I lurve jelly fishies.. when they are contained and can't sting me.
There was a colored light in this tank so you could change the color of the jellies.

The giggles could not be repressed after I saw this gem.

Lion fish ain't lyin'.. also they kill coral reefs.  Boo hiss!

I was super pumped to crawl into the cage with the lemur.

But when it actually jumped on top of the people bubble?
I almost lost my mind with excitement!

Never going to pass up an opportunity to get another angle of my favorite Bridge. 

Albino croc/alligator, I can't remember which.
Yes, there is a difference.

Dere's a critter in dere.

This otter was doing laps in his tanks and I wanted to get a photo of him pushing off the wall, but he was too fast for Dorothy.  Lesson: Always bring the DSLR when going downtown.

Probably one of my new favorite views of my favorite bridge.

Squid heads!

I'ma give another shout out to #bestboyfriendever.  He put up with my selfies and shennanigans with almost zero complaint.  I think at one point he might have said, "Another selfie?" but that was it.  If you know me in real life, you might agree that sometimes I can be a bit overwhelming.  This was one of those times.  Really though, I was super excited to go to the aquarium and I enjoyed being silly.  I enjoyed seeing how excited Teh German was to get to touch a shark or a stingray.  We also became members of the aquarium and now we can go see 4D movies for free and go see the fishies anytime we want.

We dropped off the Germans at their apartments and then headed home for the evening.  This was where things started to get bumpy.  Teh German Girls decided they would come over for dinner and games.  We all pitched in with the cooking and I made kielbasa (I've learned you can never go wrong serving Germans any type of sausage) and sauteed peppers (because I seriously needed to use those peppers) and spatzle, a type of German noodle.  Around 8:30, Teh German said that he was going out to get A beer with German Photobomber at 9.  I immediately was not a fan, because truthfully, I know that a beer leads to another beer and another and another and a gin and tonic then another gin and tonic and however many gin and tonics later, I've got a drunk Teh German on my hands.

Let me say for the record, I don't care if he goes out and drinks, but I do care if he goes out for a beer and it becomes a night of drinking.  I was ok with the entire situation until I received a text that said, "I'm not drunk but have had too much to drive home, so we're going to get a cab," and then there was a status update on FB about gin and tonics, at which point I knew it wasn't just a beer (or two).

When Teh German Girls decided to leave at midnight after we finished a full game of Phase 10, in addition to the Mexican Dominoes we'd started playing after Teh German left, we texted the guys and asked them if they wanted us to come pick them and their cars up.  One said no and Teh German didn't answer my text so I called him and he refused the offer and said they'd get a cab.  Again, he insisted that he wasn't drunk.  Based on his speech and things he said, he was drunk... and an asshole.

I was pretty irritated at the situation because that meant we'd have to go fetch a car on Sunday and I had wanted to vacuum/clean the cars on Sunday morning since we hadn't done it Saturday morning and his car wouldn't be at home.  I stayed up finishing a book challenge book and then finally fell asleep around 0130.

At 0230, the dogs woke me up because Teh German was home.  At 0300, Teh German woke me up when he got in bed.  At 0330, Teh German started twitching (which happens when he's drunk) and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I moved to the guest room.  At 0400 when I couldn't go back to sleep, I got up and finally responded to all Teh Blog comments that I'd been unable to respond to and tried to figure out some House stuffs and did my German lessons and caught up on blog and was generally angry and restless.  Around 0700, I finally fell asleep.


Around 10/11 I woke up from my nap.  I was still irritated and didn't even want to go into the bedroom so much that I looked in my donate clothes basket for shorts/pants to put on so I could clean Yurtle.  Nothing, of course.  Instead, I had breakfast.  When I was done, I finally powered through the rage and went into the bedroom and grabbed shorts and flip flops and brushed my teeth in my bathroom before gathering up the vacuum and cleaning stuffs and headed outside.  I noticed that Teh German was awake and on his phone, but I didn't bother to say anything to him.  "If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all," is a big thing in my life.

I went out and started cleaning Yurtle.  I put on an Easter concert for my neighbors with my blaring Jesus-y musics for 2 hours.  #notsorry  At one point, Teh German came out and apologized for fucking up, again (he'd been a dick during the week).  I shrugged at his apology and assumed that he might have still been drunk based on the smell of him and told him that I just didn't want him to have to have anything to apologize for.  He went back inside and I finished cleaning Yurtle.

When I was done with my concert cleaning, I went inside to shower and noticed Teh German had went back to bed.  I was super annoyed.  There were dishes in the sink, we still had to pick up his car, and someone/we/I needed to go to the grocery store/Walmart.  Ugh.  I called Teh German Girl and asked if she'd go with me to pick up Teh German's car so 1) I didn't have to deal with him, 2) I wouldn't have to go back out later in the evening when he did decide to rouse himself.  Thankfully, she agreed and we forded the streets of Charleston since it was raining and got his car back home.  I brought her back to her apartment and went by the grocery store.

While we'd been driving to find Teh German's car, Teh Granny had called me, but I was driving so I ignored the call.  When I was at the grocery store, I called her back and we chatted for about an hour while I was doing my shopping.  I hadn't spoken to her since November-ish and I highly suspect Teh Mom told Teh Granny to call me so I'd stop bitching about the fact that Teh Granny had dropped off the planet when she got a boyfriend last fall.  #goGranny

I got off the phone to check out and then made my way to Walmart to pick up dog peanut butter (sadly, Walmart is the only place that sells my bulk peanut butter that I get for the dogs in it's 6 lb container) and tea tree oil for my ear.  On my way to Walmart, Teh WJL called me.  She was on her way to Raleigh so she had ample time to listen to me bitch about #bestboyfriendever.  She talked to me all the way through Walmart and all the way home.  I got off the phone to take all the bags inside.

When I walked in, the dogs had been fed and the dishes were done.  Teh German was alive and smelling a little less like alcohol.  He helped me put away the groceries and I encouraged him to eat something, since he still hadn't eaten at 5:45.  I lured him into food by offering him my EVO leftovers.  #bestGIRLfriendever

His food made me hungry so I heated up leftovers for my dinner.  We didn't really talk much, but we sat together on the couch doing puzzles and listening to an audiobook until it was bedtime.


Other than the Sunday bump, the weekend was great.  Teh German got a long weekend and we got to see that House is really starting to look like something we might be living in soon.  I didn't really want to talk about Sunday, but #realtalk is where it's at and sometimes, #bestboyfriendever isn't perfect, despite me wanting him to be, and his being almost perfect.  I think maybe some of my reaction was fulled by tiredness and maybe some PMS and a lot of valid anger.  I know we will work through it, despite all the dark places in my brain.

Also, I discovered the wisteria vine in the woods/mosquito breed pit beside shitty house is blooming!  Hopefully that will help mask the smell of poop in the backyard...  #wishfulthinking


  1. oh my goodness.. i had to watch the hurricane video without sound but holy moly that was hilarious. the house is looking fabulous!

  2. Ohhhh look at the house!! You have a garage door!!! And a bathtub!!! And stairs with rails! :) That Velocity place looks fun! Where a kid can be a kid! Oh wait. I love phase 10 I do not love playing a game of dude wheres your car.

  3. Yay house!

    Yay jumping place- I want to go once the kid pops out...and totally understand being upset if someone denies your spontaneity (same here).

    Yay aquarium!

    Drunk nights that aren't openly designated drunk nights are the worst. Just say it, don't pretend it will be A beer or two when it's going to be like 10.


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