Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Confessions {3/23}

-You don't realize how much your ears move until you pierce your inner ear cartridge.  #wigglemyears

-You don't realize how much moving your mouth effects your ears moving until you're chewing gum and your freshly pierced ear starts aching.  #piercedwoes

-I may or may not have purchased 3 different multi-packs of toothbrushes for Teh German because he goes through them so fast and he's so picky about which toothbrushes he does and doesn't like.  I told him I better not have to purchase more toothbrushes for him until we've been in House for at least a few months.  He has 10ish toothbrushes now.  #IwishIwaskidding

Not gonna lie, I just wanted to use this gif.

-I have realized the downside to shoe towers: If you have sand on any of the shoes, it gets in the shoes below them.  That said, I have sand in shoes that I know I didn't wear anywhere near the beach and it's getting on my nerves.  #sandisstupid #thebeachsucks #mountaingirl

-We are around the 60 days mark of House being ours. I love that my Gentle Readers are just as excited as we are about House.  #bestreadersever #WTF #itwasjustNovemberyesterday

-Mumford and Sons will be in Germany in May.. and then in Canada in June.. then in Germany AGAIN at the end of June... WTF?!?!  WHY DOES THE MUSIC WORLD NOT LOVE ME?!?!?!?! #noonelovesme #Ijustwanttojam

-The fact that FB puts how many times stuff in the trending section has been shared brings me great joy.. Mostly when the numbers are stupid low and obviously not "trending" at all.  #Facebooklies

-I seriously hate typing anything on my phone.  It's kind of a problem because it means that I often fail at responding to text messages....  T9 > Autocorrect.  #oldschool

-The bathroom at work has automatic lights that turn off if no one is in the room after a period of time.  I LOVE going to the bathroom and the lights turn on when I walk in.  1- I feel like a superstar.  2- No one is in my stall.  3- No poop smell.  #bathroomrules

-Took Meri to the vet on Monday evening because she had blood dripping from her butthole (which is normal given that she's had butt pee for the last week and a half.  Turns out, she has diarrhea, probably from switching foods, which is what I said when we walked in.  Teh German went with us to the vet because #bestboyfriendever and I admitted when we got home that sometimes, I didn't give the vet all the information to see if they came up with a different conclusion/solution than I did.  $128 dollars for them to tell me what I already knew and that "blood from the anus is normal in dogs that have diarrhea."  Noted.. because I'm sure Meri the Sensitive will have butt pee again at some point.  They were also kind enough to give me a $500 quote for blood testing and an x-ray if I wanted to investigate further.  #kthxnope  #furbabiesareexpensive

-Yesterday afternoon I told my computer to go ahead and install the OS update.. Yeah, poor life choice since it was going to take my computer 30+ minute to install and reboot and 5 minutes would pass before a minute would tick down.  This was an hour before I was supposed to leave work, so I just left work early.  #aintnobodygottimefordat #technologywoes

-The only differences I've noticed from my OS update are the fonts on the menus are different and the loading rainbow spinner changed.  #detailoriented

-Sometimes when I come into work in the morning, there is an obnoxious amount of space between the cars parked closest to the building.  There's almost enough room for another vehicle, but not quite and it's WAY more space than you'd need to swing your door all the way open.  I want to suggest lines in the parking lot, but the building manager is one of the worst violators!  #wtf #l2park

-For the last few weeks, we've been stalking travel sites looking for flights for Disneyland.  I'm realizing that "2 more seats left at this price!" and "Special Fare!" are really just place holders as there has been 2 more seats left at this price for the last 2 weeks and my special fare is always special, no matter the price.  #advertisingsecrets #becriticalofeverything

-Still no closing date on House.  The stress is high and I'm ready to get the $$ stuff going already!  I had to tell Teh German that if it's the bank's fault we don't close before Germany because I didn't get them paperwork fast enough, it will be a VERY long flight.  He didn't disagree.  #letsgetthisshowontheroadbitches #wheredidthetimego

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  1. Ughh that always happens to me when I come in the mornings, the cars are all jacked up and not in real spots and I am like wtf?!?! The toothbrush thing is weird lol. And just thinking about getting that part of my ear pierced makes me shiver with pain. Eek.

  2. It really feels like you just announced the big news about getting a house. Now, you have walls and a roof...pretty soon, you're even going to have toilets!

    My guy uses a ridiculous amount of toothbrushes as well.

    I like dat piercing.

  3. Furbabies are expensive. VERY. EXPENSIVE.

    I am the toothbrush freak in my house. I can't help it.

    Yes to the not realizing that your ears and jaw are so connected. I never noticed until I had a really bad ear infection. So. Much. Pain.

  4. ugh seriously yes to the flights.
    hahahaha the lights in the toilet - ours do the same and i feel the same. high five!


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