Monday, April 11, 2016

Weekend Review {4/11}

Another one for the book, ya'll.  Let's get to it.


This is how Friday started so I knew it was going to be an interesting day:


I was not disappointed.  Right around this time, Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor asked if Edie could hang out at our house for the day and, of course, I said yes.  Puppy house guests are one of my fave types of house guest!

If you've noticed the lack of blogs, it's because work.  Usually when everyone else is super busy, I'm not..  Currently, not everyone is super busy, which means I am.  One project is coming to a close, which has the highest priority.  Then meetings for another project just starting because I'm pretty much a stenographer due to my WPS.  Finally, another project decided to take a look at their documentation recently, so now there's interest after months of no interest because someone pointed out they'd have a lot less trouble if they could reference documentation from when they'd solved these same problems before.  Ya think?  Whatever.

My favorite part of the day was when I remembered we had a meeting at 1:30, after I had determined that I was going to leave at 1.  JK.  That didn't happen.  I was at work until 3.  It was fine because I was also able to make some headway on some the other projects.

Also, if you work with a tech writer or editor of any sort, do us a favor and never suggest working on a document at the same time.  Technology is glorious, but people who don't know how to use it, not so much.  The worst part of my job is that I work with a whole bunch of nerds who can write code and build an entire website from scratch... but when it comes to Microsoft Word, typing words on the blank screen is too much and all those choices are overwhelming.  That doesn't necessarily apply to all of my coworkers, but a solid amount of them.  AND I was one of them until this became my job.  The basic functionality of Word is enough for a basic user and that is completely acceptable.

The internet has given us the ability to work on documents at the exact same time and no one loses their changes and everyone can see what has been changed.  It's great, but not really.  It means that specific formatting changes I make get unknowingly changed, which means that I spend a lot of time reworking issues that I know I've fixed.  It's really the best, or not.  /end side rant

Also, I arranged for Teh German and I to go watch games 4-7 of the ECHL playoffs, if the Stingrays win past the 4th game.  If they win each game, they win the league.  If they lose, that will be the last game of the season.

When I got home from work, I put the dogs outside.  Then I walked into my living room and it smelled like dog and it had to go so I immediately started vacuuming the couches and floors.  I ended up vacuuming the entire house (because it needed it) and breaking a sweat, which resulted in me laying on the couch with no pants on reading Teh Flamin' Kindle with Teh German got home from work.

Teh German asked if we had any evening plans and I told him that unless he was making the plans, I'd be staying pantsless on the couch for the remainder of the evening.  He decided we should go to Folly Beach to a place with a rooftop bar.  We gathered a few friends (Teh German Photobomber, Teh German Girls, Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor) and headed down.  While a good idea in theory, execution was lacking because it was "cold" (ya know, 60°s) and breezy and we were sitting on the rooftop...  We ordered drinks and some food and eventually ended up moving downstairs to the actual dining room area because it was too cold.

When we moved downstairs, our night became quite interesting.  Our server was a complete cunt.  Not a bitch, a cunt.  When I called her out on the fact that we thought she was never going to come to our table, she made it seem like it was our vault because we'd moved from upstairs.  Uhh, no, we were put on the waiting list just like anyone else who wanted to eat here.  It took almost 20 minutes for her to deliver drinks.  I was thinking maybe it was just busy, but there was a huge party taking up most of the tables and she wasn't working that area, so I have no idea what her problem was.  Drinks eventually came and instead of a glass of beverage, I was given a "punchbowl".  Not so much of a problem until the check came and it was $20.  Issue: when you have items on the menu with the same name but different sizes, offer them in small and large, not in different sections.  Or better yet, maybe your server should ask if you want the shareable size or the individual size.  She didn't.  Even worse, the drink just tasted like sour mix.  No alcohol was discernible.  Teh SC Greyhound Neighbor actually took my drink back to the bar to complain for me (I thought maybe hangar was getting the best of me) and the bartender explained that it was a mix they make before hand.  Well, the mix has too much sour mix.  Whatever, I tried to drink it, but it was unenjoyable.

The food wasn't anything overly special.  The fish and chips was better than the shrimp tacos, but you can get better shrimp tacos and better fish and chips at other places in Charleston.  Other than the rooftop bar, this place wasn't overly special in my mind, but Teh German picked it and I didn't have to.

We were all pretty tired, what with our bar excursion taking WAY longer than it should have, mostly the part were we waited forever on drinks, forever on food (I'd blame the crowd for this, nbd), and how it took 10 minutes to get the checks, 5 minutes for me to separate everyone's orders for the server (I was making it idiot proof), then I delivered the checks to her and instead of processing them right away to get rid of us, she decided to greet a table that had just been sat which took an additional 5 minutes, THEN she decided to run the checks, 5 more minutes.  When it was time to fill in a tip, it was difficult for me to even leave a tip for her.  When Teh Germans started also to say things about our server's behavior, I knew it wasn't just me.  I kind of wanted to ask for a manager, but I didn't want to be a bitch.  I just wanted it to be over.

After we finally paid, we headed home and soon after getting home, it was time for bed.


Teh German had committed to going furniture/appliance shopping with me on Saturday so we could accomplish the task.  I knew we were getting close to the furniture deadline for having it shipped right around the closing date, which was part of my desire to get it done sooner rather than later.  Teh German was a good sport throughout the day, even during my crazy times... like when I flipped out on him inside Lowes because he actually said to me, "Why can't you handle all of these things at once?"  By all of these things, he was referring to furniture shopping, picking out a washer and dryer, and the slew of text messages that were going back and forth between Teh Dad and I regarding buying a trailer.

Hindsight, maybe he was being sarcastic when he said that, but it didn't sound sarcastic to me in the moment and I may have raised my voice and explained that if he wanted to take on one of the many things I was handling, he could be my guest as I was trying to make a washer/dryer selection, talk to Teh Dad about trailers, remember to look at fans/lights/patio furniture, and was getting random texts asking how shopping was going, all while he was perusing social media.  He decided, smartly, to take on the trailer situation and relieved me, mostly, of talking with Teh Dad (who continued to heckle me by telling me "the men would decide" at which point I told him that I could have someone else besides him put holes in the new house walls if he kept up his sexist behavior (he is really excited about knocking down walls in our brand new house)) while I tried to narrow down a washer/dryer from 4 choices.

Selfie with the selections.
He was just making faces, he wasn't really this disgruntled.
AND he got to talk to Teh Dad and they are practically bros.

After selecting a washer/dryer (a new Samsung model that was just released), we headed over to fans to pick out a few for the living room/bedroom/patio.  Once those selections were made, we looked for patio furniture and headed towards the furniture places we had wanted to check out.

I told Teh German when we walked in the first store that from here on out, we would high five/fist bump after we sat on anything, due to static.  I had learned this trick with Teh Bear and it has served me well.

We ended up going to 2 stores near the outlets, then we saw signs for a furniture store closing in Summerville, so we drove up there and it was disappointing.  We stopped by a place near House and a lady killed our progress by trying to show us how we should set up the living room, which wasn't possible since we already have the speakers installed in the ceiling.  By killed our progress, I mean she spent about 30 minutes on her computer doing interior design layout/measurement things that didn't work for us because we had already decided how the living room was going to be setup.  I was getting impatient because we still wanted to go by House and another store.

How fitting, in so many ways.

I've always wondered what an empty grocery store looks like.. Now I know.
The store that was closing used this old Bi-Lo as a warehouse to store furniture.

We saw some seriously nice furniture on our hunt, some of which was very expensive.  I had already told Teh German that the couch was mostly his decision.  He got to pick out style, color, etc.  I just wanted to give an overall approval to whatever he picked.  He was torn between recliner style couches or a sectional or a loveseat/couch like we have now.  He really likes the chaise, which might be apparent via his favorites.

We finally ended up at house a bit later than we expected.  We now have a leveled-ish yard!  Fortunately, the house is at the top of the incline, so we shouldn't have to worry about any flooding like when I lived with Mr. Scrooge.

Yurtle's first photo in the driveway with the completed outside.


While trying to do measurements and discuss couch placement, I flipped out on Teh German again because he kept interrupting me and saying no while I was trying to talk through the speaker/couch situation.  I ended up throwing a measuring tape on the floor and storming upstairs.  #notsorry #dontinterruptme  In almost all things regarding the living room, Teh German is going to get his way, even with the couch/speaker thing. but I just wanted to talk through it.  Also, if you don't like to be interrupted, don't interrupt others.  #RAGESPLOSION

Eventually we left the house and he apologized when we got to the last furniture store.  We were successful in picking out a couch (sectional), ottoman, and entertainment console.  With the package we picked, we also were able to get a gift certificate for Best Buy.  We can technically buy anything we want, but they advertised it for a "free" 55 inch Toshiba LCD TV.  We'll prob end up buying something bigger since the living room is so long, but that $500 will go towards something very well.  Kthx.

By the time we were done shopping and sitting on things, we were starving.  We hit up Wild Wing Cafe for dinner since we were right next door.  The dogs just had to wait on their dinner.  #notsorry

We were exhausted when we got home and turned down suggestions to go out.  Despite our exhaustion, we still stayed up till midnight.  Teh German was working on motovlogging thing (he finally posted actual video content on his Insta this week!  I'm even a guest star!) while I was finishing The Bonesetter's Daughter while Meri tried to smother me with love. 


We were still pretty wiped out on Sunday, but we had been planning to go to the Sesame Block Party for several weeks.  Saturday, we had planned to go by Tractor Supply to pick up the trailer we had found on sale (the situation that Teh German took over for me at Lowes), but after it being right after 8 when we got home, we had decided to get the trailer before going to Sesame.  Then we would run up to the furniture store to fix some issues, then to Sesame with the beasts.

When we got to Tractor Supply, we were informed the trailer was a one day sale only and despite me having the sales price pulled up on my phone from that morning, they refused to meet that price since the website on their systems was showing the original price.  Also, all the trailers they had were rusty, so I guess it worked out for the best.  I called Lowes to see if they would price match and they said no, so we went home trailer-less, which sucks because until we get a trailer, that means no NC trips with Mike and Suzi.  On an entertaining note, I got to listen to the people in front of me discuss how many rifles was a good amount to have...  #welcometotheSouth

New porch swing?
Maybe yes please?

One must always "ride" the motorcycles.

The Sesame Block Party was in support of the Charleston Animal Society, which meant dog friendly!!!  Obviously, those are my favorite kinds of events.  Teh German hadn't been out with Teh (complete) Ville before, and he was pleasantly surprised at just how much attention Meri and Phil got.  Meri gets attention because she's adorable, yet looks weird.  Yes, conversations tend to get very repetitive.  Meri is a Podenco, related to an Ibizan House, which is a type of sighthound used for hunting in Spain, Yes she is a rescue, No it wasn't difficult to bring her over from Spain through Sighthound Underground.  Phil gets attention because he's a greyhound.  Yes he raced, No he doesn't require much work actually just a walk a day or a yard to burn off what little energy he has, Nope, he really doesn't bark very often..

Teh German Girls met us there and we decided to head to the Sesame by the Citadel Mall for dessert/lunch and beer for Teh German.  We dropped off Meri and Phil on the way home since we passed by.  After Sesame, we went by a few stores in the mall for some shopping.  Teh German bought a pair of flippy floppies, so now he can stop wearing mine.  I've seriously shared more wearable items with Teh German than I have with anyone else ever.  The problem was, he liked my flippy floppies too much and kept talking about wearing them regularly.. and well.. I may or may not have a problem with that because shoes form to feet and my shoes are formed to my feet and that's how I like it.  We don't need to share shoes.

TELETUBBY vacuum. 
So much joy when Teh German Girls and I hummed out the theme song.

We also went by Target and I bought a new bikini with magical underwire!!!!  We also picked up some other items so we wouldn't have to go by the grocery store.  I've become very lazy about the grocery store.  It doesn't really effect Teh German, so he doesn't care too much.

I tried it on with undies because #trustnoone
Underwire is a magical, torturous, boobtastic device.
#prisongarb is my style

After we got home, we spent the evening being lazy after various chores were taken care of and the dogs were fed.  Around 6, I had to prod Teh German to stay awake instead of napping so he would sleep better when we went to sleeps.  We ended up listening to the All the Bright Places, while entertaining ourselves on our various electronic devices (aka I did puzzles and he looked at motorcycles).  Finally, around 8, I felt like we were at a good stopping place in the book and said it was bedtime.  I've never seen Teh German so motivated to get to bed. 

I forgot to show you our final choices on the sectional we picked! 

Top: couches will be in grey, ottoman in the blue, pillows as shown.
Bottom: Full couch and ottoman in other colors.

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  1. Your house is looking good!!! I love your final choice in the sectional you chose! Sucks that lady wasted your time with the whole layout thing!!!

  2. The time has come for me to say "I love you." First, I love a woman who can say "cunt". I can't bring myself to do it often, but when the time calls for it, let it blow. Second, you posted a pic of yourself in a bikini with the most wonderful captions. I do not have this courage to post such pic. Nor do I run as often as you do. Probably why I don't have that courage. Third, you are always good for a laugh. I like to laugh. Therefore, I love you.

  3. I love the couch.

    That sucks about the waitress. I would not have tipped. I don't tolerate that shit well.

    I loathe shopping for home things with my husband. We have very different styles and it always leads to tension. Also I just want to get it and get out. Patience is not my virtue!

  4. Love the new couches you bought!
    And not to sound like el-creepo - the girls are looking good in the underwire. Thankfully (sadly?), I don't have the boobage problem like you do, but I'm told I'm better off. What's that saying, you always want what you can't have? Yeah!!

    Your house is looking amaze-balls dude, I can't wait to see it once you've moved in and settled some. And the dogs are going to go bananas with a nice, NEW, non-moldy-death-trap of a house you're in now.
    :) :)


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