Friday, January 10, 2020

Five on Friday #221

EINS - Random Shit

I have a confession... and I haven't told anyone this.
Teh Ginger posted something recently about rejoining the military based on current events and I actually looked up the age limits of the different branches.

I don't know what this actually means, but the fact that I even researched this is moderately significant.  I'm not sure if I would ever give up the DD-214 life, or if the military would even accept me again (with all my broke ass pieces), but I wonder how much I would actually consider it.

I did actualize that if I ever joined the military again, I'd only go in as an officer.  So there's that.

No matter how you look at it, the fact that I even entertained the idea is horrifying.


So I'm in the Facebook group for the Ragnar 31 day challenge and some of these people who wake up at 0-dark-thirty and do their workouts with a full face of makeup have me conflicted.  Like, WHY and WUT at the same time.  So confusing.  I am definitely judging those people.


I'm curious about other's opinions on singing the National Anthem while it is being performed at a sporting event/etc.  I'm torn.  Part of me always wants to sing along, part of me is like, "be respectful bitches!"  Teh Bestie and I were discussing this after she attended a Red Wings game in Toronto where the Canadians sang their national anthem with the singer.

I think I would be ok with it, if only because it would mean that there would be no more embellished version of the US National Anthem, which annoys me to the absolute max.

Opinions of the Gentle Readers?


When I was putting away the Christmas decorations, I changed out the fuses in my Baggins tree since the lights had went out and the tree wasn't lit up for most of Christmas, but I knew it was there, so fine.  Thankfully, the lights work again with new fuses which means next year, the Baggins tree is back in business!

PS.  For clarification purposes, the Baggins tree is my accidental "in memory of Phil" tree.  The only decorations are some silver/blue balls, a purple feather boa, and Phil's tags. 💙


My unpopular opinion(s):
1- I am not a fan of student loan debt forgiveness.  Yes, I do not disagree that college is expensive, but you can make the choice to go to a school that costs $20k per semester or $5k per semester or even less!  There are affordable ways to get attain higher education, says the old lady using her GI Bill to pay for a 2nd bachelor's degree.  I will admit that I was mostly debt free after graduating from NCSU because I received a SHIT TON of financial aid because Teh Mom was unemployed and I used her info for my FAFSA while I was in college because she was unemployed, whereas Teh Dad was employed and prob made too much for me to get as much in scholarships.  Yes, I know how lucky I am.  That said, I also busted my ass and applied for every fucking scholarship known to man as a senior in high school.  I watched the big scholarships get granted to those with parents who could afford to send them to school, while I ended up with a single $250 scholarship from the Rotary club or something.

2- I am not a fan of universal basic income.  Nope, nope, nope.  There are already too many people freeloading off the system as it is and I feel like this $1k per month that is being "promised" is less of an economic stimulant and more of a way to get votes from lower classes.


I often make fun of Teh German for being an ostrich and sticking his head in the sand about stuff, but that is EXACTLY my reaction to this Iran/Trump stuff right now.  I'm in a good place, after some serious struggles over the last few months and I'm not ready to burst the bubble yet.


Goodreads Users,
There's a way to compare your stats with your friends stats!  I didn't know until this week and now I want to compare myself with EVERYONE I know.


Coworker walks by my desk and sees a plate with half a brownie and a spoon on it.
Coworker: Are you eating a brownie with a SPOON?
Me: No, I ate some rice with it though.  You know I'm not that much of a lady to eat a brownie with a spoon!


So here's what I've been vaguely talking about for the last few weeks.

Teh German got a new job (Yay for 2019 redeeming itself and its super suck).  Insanely proud of him for dealing with a very annoying application process (that required a super stupid aptitude test), going through his first American (read: in English) interview process, and getting the job.

There is some underlying issues associated with this change that are, now, mostly out of our control and we are trying to mitigate it, but at this point, my "come what may" attitude has taken over my entire life and that's where we are now.

But seriously, I'm think I'm going to ask Teh German for a birthday trip to a "break shit" place because I need to fucking take out some rage on some shit (without having to clean it up or repair any damages that happen).


Due to the stresses of Teh German's job situation (the most stressful parts haven't been detailed here because I do actually keep some things private, WUUUT?), I feel like 99% of my Christmas break from school has been spent stressing about the situation and I've been mostly unable to relax the entire time, which fucking sucks

School starts again on Wednesday and I'm spiraling in a way that requires Xanax and I'm sighing so much I'm annoying myself.  I want to just cry it out, but I'm not sad or that upset, so tears come and I'm left with sighing and reminding myself every 2 minutes to relax my body and remove my tongue from the roof of my mouth to relax my jaw (for real, you'd think my tongue was attached to the roof of my mouth based on how often I have to mentally will myself to hold my tongue down to relax).

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Raleigh adventures
-Dog sitter
-3-pack of Rock 'n' Roll races (ALL THE MEDALS WILL BE MINE!)
-Hurricanes hoodie (AND I AM NOT SORRY)
-utility bill
-Charlie Post Classic 15k (they are giving a medal this year and this keeps me half marathon trained, stop your fucking judgement/laughter)
-Dog toes cut off and necessary vaccinations for boarding the dogs
-New running shoes (which I was planning on buying, I just hadn't found the ones I wanted yet)
-internet bill
-desk stand for my desk
-New Goodr sunglasses (this is stress shopping at it's finest)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I miss these things from my state on the regular.
Who the fuck cares if there's a womens/mens restroom?
Just do your fucking business and don't make a mess and move the fuck on.

Teh German was on the board!
(bottom left)

Anybody else use this ghetto method of holding back the curtains when necessary?

3 dogs, 1 cat, 1 grasshopper.
Goofy is a dog, right?  Close enough.

Doggy toe (nail) cut off day,

I don't care about the Marvel series.
I DO care about Captain Marvel.
IDK why, but she's my jam.  Maybe it's her RBF?

When you rock the noise cancelling headphone OVER the earbuds for being able to listen to your laptop AND phone at the same time... and to block out the noise because of a headache.

When does a joke become a dad joke?
When it's full groan.

This Moose loves his booby scritches.

When your Bestie gets you.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I had to download some new motivation stuff on the work computer for this post.  It's a mix up from my normal MHN quotes.  But 100% applicable to what we have going on right now.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. ROUTINE.  I thrive on routine and not knowing what fucking day of the week it was, was causing great chaos in my life.
  2. The means to take care of business when we have to.  Even if it's difficult, even if it's unfamiliar.
  3. A new lint ball
  4. The cleaner coming.
  5. Unexpected calls on difficult days from unexpected persons to check on things.
  6. Finally making the Jim & Nick's cheddar biscuits that I've had in the pantry for way too long.
  7. Hoodies.
  8. When I was shaking the salad to stir it and the lid popped off the bowl and I was showered by lettuce and everyone (Husband, Bestie, Teh Chief Smartass) saw it happen and we all got a good laugh out of the lettuce on my face and in my hair and on my shirt.
  9. 5 dogs in the house.  It's chaos, but Meri and Dash playing is so fucking adorable it makes my heart melt.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Working out in makeup is so weird. I keep makeup wipes in my car to clean it if I work out after work...definitely wouldn't do it early in the morning. Although, I once thought someone did their makeup for a fun run our employer was sponsoring...and she said "Nah girl, this is from last night." So...what do I know?
    -I think it would be great if people COULD sing along to the anthem...but America overall has this idea that if you don't SOLEMNLY STAND THERE LIKE THE CHRIST HIMSELF IS DESCENDING when anything remotely patriotic happens you are a heathen who should "Get the hell out," so I wouldn't do it.
    -I'm currently reading about Danish culture and how they are a social welfare state (free healthcare, subsidized childcare, free college, and stipends for those in school) and TBH, sounds a fuck ton better of a situation than what we have here *shrug* But, the odds of it happening here are pretty much impossible. For a land of equality, most of our decisions just further support a massive wage gape and therefore judgement.
    -Yay Teh German! And good luck with the rest of the process.
    -I'm currently doing a massive Marvel watch. It's...sometimes interesting. Haha.


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