Friday, January 24, 2020

Five on Friday #223

EINS - Random Shit

I allow myself to play very few games on my phone.  The Solitaire Suite was it for the longest time, but then I started playing Disney Emoji Blitz... and I can't stop.  I have forced myself to stop during semesters when I'm drowning.

I'm embarrassingly proud of this achievement:

After I finish the 50 missions, I'll have accomplished 100 levels and I'll get the Yin Sid emoji.  Does this mean anything in real life?  100% definitely not.


It's been a cold week here and by that I mean the high temp for the day has been in the low 40s(°F) + a brisk wind.  Nonetheless, I've taken my ass out in it to walk the Bridge with Teh PT Kid and to walk the beasts.

15°F in Denver didn't feel this cold.


Recipe: 1 8oz container of mushrooms.
Megan: 2 8oz containers of mushrooms.


Speaking of Denver, that's where I'm gonna be March 12-17th for a conference.. and Teh German will be joining me on the 14th after the conference ends.  Can.not.wait.


I preordered the Morgan Harper Nichols book. It arrived early this week, but it wasn't until Wednesday night that I had a chance to even read 3 pages. So much joy.

There will be days when you do not feel
and you choose to get up
and go out to sea anyway.

And my friend,
let me tell you,
that is what it means to be brave.
It is that gentle shove toward the water
that says, "I will go,
and I will go afraid."

It is not a feeling.
It is not a thought.
It is that inward wind that pulls you out of sleep
and says, "I will go forth,
with all I have now:
a breath, a dozen steps,
and a pocket full of tears,
but no matter what tries to pull me back,
I will find the strength to be here."
(Morgan Harper Nichols)


My new favorite jam:


Roux's Humom likes to use Meri as a model sometimes and it never makes me sad.  If you're local, check her out for your pet photography needs.


A few months ago, I finally added content to my Feedly, after years of only using it to read blogs I subscribe to.  I read an article this week about moderators and abstainers.  I'm 100% a moderator.  An easy example to figure out which you are is using snack foods/treats... let's pretend that everyone loves Oreos (and if you don't, thank you for ensuring that I have extra).  I am the person that can bring home a pack of Oreos (or a box, if you prefer to call them that like it's still 1955) and that pack will last longer than a week, as I will only eat 3-5 cookies per day.  There are other people who can't bring a pack of Oreos in the house because they will consume ALL of them RIGHTNAOW.

That said, while an abstainer will refuse to allow any temptations by avoiding temptations all together, moderators must have the will power to refuse the temptation if something is a temptation assuming it is obtainable.

The article explains it much better.  Anyways, I found it pretty interesting.  Teh German is probably more of an abstainer than a moderator, IMO, and probably another way we balance each other out... Also, he helps me save calories when he also eats the Oreos when they are in the house.


Speaking of Oreos.  Teh Bestie brought me Peppermint Bark Oreos because she gets me and I gave one to Teh German and you would have thought I'd given him rotten milk based on his reaction.  I'm so glad so many of my friends don't love all things peppermint like I do... MORE FOR ME!


Do you what to know how to learn to deal with the betrayal of something/one you love?  Get food poisoning from your favorite variety of pizza from the pizza place by your office.


Also, now I know what it feels like if I were to have thousands of tiny paper cuts on my butthole.
I ultimately ended up buying disposable wet wipes because using toilet paper was giving me PTSD.

I say that only semi-jokingly.  I would sit on the toilet for longer and longer because I knew that wiping was going to hurt so bad.  I even debated how quickly I could obtain a bidet and how long it would take me to learn to use it. 

Wiping PTSD.  It's real.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Textbooks, UGH.
-Ladies night beverages.
-Audible credit.  I need to use these 7 credits and just cancel Audible.  I can't keep up.
-Teh German's flight from Denver to Charleston.
-Lunch with Teh PT Kid
-Milkshakes with Teh PT Kid
-Rock n Roll Chicago 5k
-Rock n Roll Virginia Beach 5k
-June local 5k
-Sleeveless long dress
-New lid for Teh German's water bottle
-Fitness tracker for Teh PT Kid's bday present
-Bday reservations
-Flushable ass wipes
-Hairs did
-Metto (since I was right there for packet pickup)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

I made crockpot beef stroganoff.
It was so good, Teh German requested it again.

A coworker's daughter left ME a joke.
I definitely lol-ed.

Fucking T-Mobile actually did something that makes me happy!
Apparently they do T-Mobile Tuesdays on their app.  It's usually discounts for things, but a $15 Barkbox was not to be passed up.  Please note, Teh German has T-Mobile, not me.

Study buddies.

Having this tiny research room to myself for a few hours brought me an insane amount of joy.

Me: It's 1100 on a holiday, I-26 will be fine.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

This is the part of the journey where she is leaning into this hope:
through all that is uncertain,
there is still more road to go.

And no matter how others perceive her,
their words do not define her.
She is still on a journey of becoming who she is meant to be,
with or without what others say or think.

I cannot tell you how long you will have to wait,
but I can tell you that you are being prepared for what's to come breath by breath,
day by day.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Actually dressing like a professional since the CEO and COO were in our office this week.  As much as I love my hoodies, I also like wearing my dresses.
  2. That stupid dance workout making me super sore.
  3. Scheduling my birthday shindig.
  4. Teh German finally starting to go to the gym before work.  It means I'm more likely to get my ass out of bed and workout.
  5. A good conversation with the CEO about CO possibilities.
  6. 12 credit hours.  Gentle Readers, I feel lazy AF.
  7. Moving every day this week and finally unlocking the 31 Day Challenge Store (which was a disappointment since there was no medal).
  8. Notes from my German German course because I needed some tutoring about if I was using the right articles.
  9. Hairs did.  While it doesn't look BAD when it fades, it definitely looks BETTER after a refresh.
  10. Getting this posted even though I almost forgot multiple times.  #YOLO

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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