Friday, August 2, 2019

Five on Friday #205

EINS - Random Shit

Last Friday, Gmail was being weird.  I didn't really notice until I never received the email for our Walmart Grocery pick up.  Over the weekend, I didn't get on a computer at all (yay no homework weekends!), so I didn't open Gmail other than email notifications on my phone, which I usually see and delete right away.. except, I can't recall getting any email notifications all weekend.

Monday when I got to work and turned on the computer and loaded Gmail, I had 18 emails!  I know for many people that is not a lot, but I subscribe to 1 daily email.  That means the rest was Amazon emails, blog comments (sorry yall), and, of course, the Walmart Grocery emails.  DAFUQ?  DO NOT LIKE.

The worst part is that I had been pretty smug about having an empty inbox at the end of last week...


Sooo uhhhh, fun story.
I have 2 Audible accounts.  Both are never active at the same time.. unllllesssss you suspend one account and forget that you didn't completely cancel the membership and it starts back up again and you don't pay attention because you're an idiot anddd well.. turns out, you DO actually have 5 credits to use on one account PLUS the credits on the other account..... FML.

I've been very confused when looking at Amazon books when it would say I had 5 Audible credits to use, but then I'd sign into my Audible account and it would only show 1 or 2 and I'd just think that the credit count hadn't synced or something..

No, my brain hadn't synced.
TL;DR: I cancelled one of the Audible accounts for real.  Did not suspend.  CANCELLED.
See also: WTF am I going to use all these credits on?  I'm already 5+ unlistened books deep.  Siiiiigh.
Such #FirstWorldProblems, I know.


Me: Goo Goo Dolls are coming back to CHS in November!
Teh German (tG): Sooo we're going?
Me: You don't HAVE to go.
tG: How much are tickets?
Me: The seats I'm looking at are ~$50.
tG: That's expensive.
Me: Do you remember how much you paid for Blink-182 tickets that one time?
tG: I just remember that you were mad at me and now I'm glad I forgot.
Me: A LOT more than $50.
tG: I thought we talked about saving money...
*I did not purchase tickets.. despite really wanting to.

Me: So I can get an air fryer for $66 with a coupon applied and the Prime Day rewards applied, instead of $100.
tG: I thought we were saving money.
Me: We discussed maybe buying an air fryer if we liked how it cooked the schnitzel.
tG: I thought we were saving money.
Me: This is a planned expense.
tG: But spending money, even if it’s cheaper is still money spent.
Me: I bought an air fryer for $66.

I bought tickets for us to go ziplining while we are in NC.

The next day.
I received an email from UPS letting me know a package would be arriving the following day from Cigars INC.. I forwarded the email to Teh German and did NOT type "I thought we were saving money" in the subject or email body.  #SmallVictories


I get IMMENSE pleasure out of generations being called a singular name.  Like Gen X being Karen or Susan or Dan.  Or Boomers being called Peggy or Frank.  Or Millennials being called Skye or Payton.  I shouldn't.. but I do.  #NotSorry


I haven't mentioned it, but I LURVE my Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch and I'm glad that the enablers enabled me to check it out.  I would have been ok with the Garmin watch, but I'm happy with the Galaxy.  Although, Google Fi isn't compatible with Galaxy phones currently, otherwise, I'd probably be planning my next phone to be a Galaxy so everything is streamlined.  #Nerd.

That said, the ONLY thing the Garmin fitness tracker has that the Samsung fitness tracker doesn't is a Menstrual Cycle tracker.  Apparently, back in spring 2018, Samsung said they were working on it and now it's over a year later and still nothing.. Uhhh wut?

Honestly, I didn't know what I was missing until Garmin pushed an update that included it a few months prior to my smartwatch purchase, but I really liked being able to track all the minute female details that I deal with.  I cannot understand why Samsung hasn't integrated this with their Health app, when others have been able to do it.

Yes, I could download a standalone app to track menstrual related things, buttttttt why do that when I can complain that my smart technology doesn't do what I want it to?  :D  And also, most menstrual trackers are tied into fertility trackers and I'm not interested in that.

Know what I am interested in?  A fertility test to determine if I can even make babies.. because if not, can I get this IUD removed?


That reminds me.. I downloaded 4 different "lady time" apps and I'll be doing some RT&E (research, testing, and evaluation) to assess my feelings on them.

The apps I downloaded* were:
Clue Period Tracker
Period Diary
Period Tracker - Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker
My Calendar

*I'd link these for you, but there's a 50% chance it will work and I'd be annoyed if it didn't, so just do a googly search for these if you're interested.

I also reinstalled the Garmin app just for the menstrual cycle tracking abilities.  I have a feeling that I'm just going to use the Garmin app until Samsung gets their shit together and caters to the ~50% of their users without a penis.  Siiiiiiiiigh.

#LaterGram: I already deleted Period Diary and Period Tracker.  One you had to pay to unlock the features that are free on all the other apps.  The other just had a shitty UI (user interface) and it was clunky and difficult to use.


For the last week, there has been a consistent banging noise from the construction area by our office.  Except, sometimes it's not consistent.. also, it's ~85bpm, per a coworker, so it's at a rate that is too fast, yet too slow.. and it's making me lose my mind.  I know this is first worldy, but I don't like having to put in my earbuds and turn on music to drown out noise.  That's where I am in my life now though...

The reason I don't like having to listen to music is because sometimes, I don't want the distraction.  There, I said it.


Because I'm a bitch dog animal human, I treat myself with food.  So after my final test on Wednesday, I went to Ye Ole Fashioned for a brownie sundae.  It was a trial (you can read the story/review here), which made me angry that it was delicious.

Why do people have to be so shitty?

Thanks for your minimal effort, Cuntalotamus.


I went through some nerdy instructions to get Google Assistant on my watch and I feel pride that I was able to follow directions and make it work.  Now to see how much this drains the battery....


Things that make me irrationally angry:
-When I go to a website and the browser asks if me I want to allow or block notifications.  Block, always.  Why can't this be a preset somewhere?
-Then, after answering that question.. there's a huge popup on the site telling me to enter my email address to be added to their email distro for 10% off or some guilt trip thing..
-THENNNN... another popup asking me to disable my adblocker because they use that revenue to make content.
-When YouTube links have a preview with a play button and then when you click play, you get a message that the video is unavailable.
-Trains during rush hour.  Always.

Fuck you.
Fuck your house.
Fuck the horse you rode in on.
Get out my face with that shit.


Geek Squad called me on Wednesday afternoon to tell me that my laptop was ready for pickup, and it was really fixed this time.  My entire Wednesday was fucking garbage, so I just had a feeling.. A feeling that my laptop was fixed and that would be the good thing that broke the spell of such a shit day/week/month ooooorrrr it wouldn't be fixed and the trajectory of my day/week/month was irreparable.

I was told I could come and pick it up at 8.  Glad I didn't bother being there before since there was only 1 tech working and he was already working with 2 other customers and didn't get to me until after 8:10.  I was patient.  I was going to be reunited with My Precious.  It was fine.  It was all fine.

Finally, it was my turn and the tech brought out my computer and he booted it up for me to check that the screen burn was, in fact, fixed...  I opened up paint to check the LCD on a white screen... AND THE SCREEN BURN WAS GONE!!!!!  YAY!  So then, I'm looking over the rest of the screen for pixels/imperfections/etc... and I noticed something in the middle of the screen and my heart drops.  I tried to scratch it off with my fingernail and it didn't budge.  I asked the tech if he had any screen cleaner and he cleaned the screen.  The imperfection was still there.. in the middle of the screen...

And y'all.. I almost lost it.  I almost had a break down in Best Buy at the Geek Squad counter because my life cannot actually be real.  All these trials cannot be real.  This has to be a set up.  Like, no one's life is actually this painful/inconvenient/full of trials... right?!

I know, I'm not homeless or in over my head with debt or lacking relationships or friendships.. I know that these "trials" I face are generally #FirstWorldProblems or even #MeganProblems... but as I've said before... It's exhausting dealing with thing after thing after thing after thing.. the never ending dealing with things that really should be quite simple.

And so.. for the 3rd time, my laptop got sent back for repairs.
I asked the tech for a sanity check and I'm not sure if he was just being nice because he saw that I was about to cry, "Am I being reasonable to send the laptop back again for this?"  Him: Yes.  I explained that I edit photos and imperfections on the screen aren't ok and he understood or didn't care.  I'm not sure which.  Either way.

Then , as I was about to walk away from the counter, he placed one of the check-in stickers ON TOP OF ONE OF MY STICKERS that is on the laptop cover and I'm confident they heard me across the store when I wailed, "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!"  The one thing I asked for when I dropped it off, the first time, was that the cover with the stickers be preserved, if possible, and I'm actually surprised that they have prevailed... and then, this dude goes and puts a sticker over one?  I c.a.n.n.o.t.

He insisted they are super easy to get off, buttttt as the person who removed the check-in stickers from the 1st repair session, they actually aren't that easy to peel off, thanks so much.  I just.. I'm trying not to care, but it is 100% taking everything in me not to have a meltdown over it.. and I know it's trivial, but for me  There, I said it.  Just thinking about it, after the fact, is giving me anxiety.

So close.
Also, I'm not sure why he couldn't have put the sticker OVER the stickers that they had already placed on the cover....


This morning I saw something about Mercury Retrograde and decided to look up the dates for Mercury Retrograde... We've been in Mercury Retrograde since JULY 8TH.


So practically this entire month, that I've been mentally struggling and feeling like I'm on the show, Punk'd, we've been suffering from Mercury Retrograde.

Now look.  I don't wholeheartedly believe in astrology.  In fact, I put about as much stock in astrology as I do in believe that weird shit happens when it's about to be a full moon.  I don't read my horoscope every day and generally, I don't look up astrology related things until something piques my interest or a LOT of weird shit has been going down.  But I can acknowledge that, sometimes, weird shit happens around the time of a full moon/moon related events and I can acknowledge that Mercury Retrograde generally fucks my life up. 

So for me to realize, after the fact, that it's been Mercury Retrograde for almost the entire time that I've been reallllllly struggling?  Yeah, I'll put some stock into that.  Not just because I need something to blame, but because maybe there really is something to it, even if I'm not sure the logic and science behind it... because there is logic and science behind it, even if it's not acknowledged.  We just "believe" in the "old wives' tales" that full moons cause craziness because we always have.

I am so angry and so relieved at the same time.


I averaged my Chem grade and the only way I could raise my 88.6 to a B was by making higher than a 95 on the final exam.  The lowest grade I could make on the final exam and keep my B was a 50.  Sooooo, rather than stress myself out, I accepted that I'll be getting a B in chem and did minimal studying before the exam, knowing that I wouldn't be getting a higher score than a 95, but knowing that I have done well enough in the class to score better than a 50 on the final exam.



This weekend includes:
-Tattoo time
-Zip lining
-And these babies:

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Old Navy credit card bill.  Oops, forgot I hadn't paid it off from when I bought the shorts.
-Zip line tickets.  #NOTSORRY
-Halls Chophouse/Kaminsky's
-Bojangles x2.  I'm vowing to do better.
-Water bill
-Power bill
-$66 5.8qt air fryer... now I need to get that Instant Pot out of my house.
-Brownie sundae I had to properly assemble as an end of semester/chemistry #TreatYoSelf
-Victoria's Secret sent me a $15 coupon for my "half-birthday" anddd they happened to have my style of bra on sale for $20, even though I didn't love the colors.  So I bought enough to get free shipping and when they arrive, I'll prob take my least faves back.  #Priorities

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Duolingo is creepy in how much it know about my life.
Or in this case, Teh German's life.

This bush had the potential to get UGEEEE (like it's sibling in front of the house)...
But, I just don't think it can handle all the water that it gets from the HVAC drippage.
It had flowers and a robust future when I relocated it.
Now it's just puny.  We'll see what happens with it.
But I don't have high hopes of it's survival.

Dem Beets.

And when the beet drops too hard.. and splashes..
and you get beet juice on your light colored shirt.
Dwight never warned me about beet juice or taught me how to deal with beet stains.
PMS snuggles with Doodlebug.
I'm glad my rolls provide her with a snoot tray.

Playtime with this Goof brings me so much joy.
Not just because it wears him out and he doesn't pester me, but also because he's just silly.

Pool time on Thursday evening for some bestie time with Teh PT Wife before we headed out of town.
I lived dangerously and didn't even apply any sunscreen except to my tattoos.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

In fact, I sighed heavily before I even got through this entire meme.

1993-1997 Camrys.

Or when a student asks a question that the teacher JUST FUCKING ANSWERED.

No your.. just kids in general.

The shadows that gathered around her could not hinder the light running wild within.

I cannot tell you the journey will be easy,
but I can tell you it will be worth it to keep going.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Ice cream in the fridge at work.
  2. Clearing my move reminder by walking to the kitchen to fetch said ice cream.
  5. Getting to see my laptop.
  6. 1 more month through hurricane season means the cold weather comes sooner.
  7. Voting on the Carolina Hurricanes new beer name.  Even if the options were all stupid and not specific to the Canes.
  8. $60 a year gym memberships that mean no money guilt over not going to the gym.
  9. Dogs at the office.  It's like work therapy dogs.  
  10. Getting to do tech writer things this week.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Multiple audible accounts...I know that drama.
    -Good luck with the period trackers! I can't even remember the one I was using when TTC, but from what I've heard they've come a long way haha.


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