Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Weekend Review {07/29}


Work, Chem test, more work.  I skipped Lunch Beers because I wanted to leave the office "early" to go to the gym and get in at least a minimal workout before hitting up Halls Chophouse for dinner with the Lady Gang.  A reservation had been made months ago for 4 and someone wasn't able to go, so I was able to take her place.  #WIN.

After my workout, I headed home, walked the dogs, showered, and then I drove us downtown.

I will admit that Halls is stupid expensive, but I knew that going in, so I was prepared.  We also planned to grab dessert after dinner, so I made sure to leave room for dessert.  Since I had never been there and I'd been told that Kaminsky's is OMFG SO GOOOD, I suggested there for dessert and everyone approved.  We ended up at the West Ashley location so we didn't have to deal with parking for a 2nd time downtown.

I'll be honest.  I was not impressed.  I ordered the Jimny Cricket adult milkshake and it just wasn't good to me.  I think it was more grasshopper, less chocolate mint... and I wanted chocolate mint.  My 2nd choice was the Dreamsicle.. and I chose poorly.  Oh well.  In other news, I'll be sticking with Kilwin's from here on out.  The individual who preached to me about the blessing that is Kaminsky's pretty much said it was way better than Kilwin's.  It's not.  I don't overly care about the adult part of an adult milkshake.. or the dessert part of any adult beverage.. and that is where Kaminsky's shines, I will admit that.  But I'm in it for the deliciousness and I can find something more delicious somewhere else.

That said, I didn't have the Tollhouse Pie, but I doubt I would be wowed by that either since I don't really like chocolate chip cookies.  I'd be willing to go back and try a bite of someone else's Tollhouse Pie while I enjoyed a brownie sundae though.  So I mean.. there's that.

After dessert, we headed back home.  The Husbands were enjoying Smoking Hour when we arrived.  They had also went out to dinner and did some bar crawling in North Charleston, which sounded sketchy as fuck to me.  Other than obvious intoxication (Teh German), everyone was of sound mind and body.

Eventually, it was go home time and bedtime.


I got up with the dogs on Saturday knowing that Teh German was going to have a rough morning.  After the beasts were taken care of, I went back to bed...  We slept until 11am.  #NoRagrats.

When we finally got up, we had breakfast and coffee and then I did laundry and then I was bored and had nothing to do.  That is still such an unusual occasion that I cleaned out bowl on the island that gathers things and then decided to finally apply the mounting putty (aka Tacky Stuff if you knew me as a kid) to the collage wall so the frames would no longer be crooked.  I also did the rest of the frames in the house while I was at it. 

At some point, Teh German installed the mount I purchased for the Show, I was pleased.  Now I just need the opportunity to test it with Teh Running Bestie.

After putty was applied, I checked the laundry, and I really had nothing to do.  I showered.  Bored, again.

So I took a picture of the babies coming up on the succulent I "stole" from the Math and Computer Science Lounge at school.

I finally decided to lay on the couch and finish reading a book on my Kindle that I was 95% of the way through.  Teh German asked if I wanted to watch The Americans and I told him that I wanted to finish my book, but not to get too involved into anything (motovlog videos) because after I was done with the last 5% I was ready.

With the book finished, we marathoned through some Americans until it was time to head over to Teh PT House for a Cool Kids gathering.  There were blue jello shots and I planned on not being sober for long, and I achieved said goal.  There are no pics.  We ate, we talked, we drank, we took jello shots, Teh German wanted to be argumentative with me, I ignored him, then it was finally go home time.

I promptly got ready for bed and passed out before Teh German got in the bed.


I woke up at 0500 with the reminder that I am not a 20-something anymore and wished for death.  My world was spinning and my head was hurting and my stomach was quite disgruntled.  I laid in bed hoping for sleep or death and neither happened, so I finally got up, used the bathroom, took 3 advil, and went back to bed.

Thankfully, when I woke up a grouchy Teh German at 0800 to feed the dogs (which I had done the day prior before the dogs woke him), I was feeling much better.  I couldn't really go back to sleep, despite my efforts, so I scrolled through social media and then finally got up.

I wanted eggs and toast for breakfast, but Teh German needed the eggs for dinner, so instead, we had to fend for ourselves.  Wanna know the best solution for a hangover?  Bison steak with truffle butter and mushroom risotto.

Before it got too hot, I opted to take the beasts for a stroll.  Pax, in a rare event, shit on the sidewalk, like the gentleman he is.  Then he spent the next 5-6 hours passed the fuck out in his bed.  He didn't even bother to get up with Teh PT Husband came over to deliver stuff, very unusual for our dogs.

We had borrowed Teh PT Fam's air fryer to test how it would make schnitzel and it actually worked out really well.  Since we borrowed their equipment, we invited them and the SC Parents to dinner.

Yay for German dinner.

Teh NY Chef did a search for "easy German desserts" and made these delicious blueberry cake type of bars.  They were super scrumptious. After dinner, it was smoking hour and Teh NY Chef and I cleaned up the mess.  I was feeling generous, so I did the dishes for Teh German since he had done most of the cooking work.  After the kitchen was cleaned up, we headed outside with the dudes and dogs for a bit of socializing until it was time for everyone to head home.

Caught these gorgeous cotton candy clouds as I was about to head upstairs.

Shortly after everyone left, I headed upstairs to get ready for bed and have some scrolling time.  Eventually, Teh German came to bed and then it was sleepy time.  And just like that, the weekend was over.


I probably could have written this post yesterday, but it's been several days of not clear days and I just didn't have the ability to focus.  Instead, I did homework and work things and picked up Teh PT Kid from camp, had buffet dinner with Teh German, walked the dogs, watered the plants, and did the laundry. 

Today was the last day of instruction in our chemistry class.  🙌🙌🙌
Wednesday is our final lab test, our class make up test, then Friday is the final.  I'm not obviously stressed out, and I mentally feel fine (as in, I'm not going to have a stress breakdown about my grade or what's on the test/etc), but my body is obviously stressed about something, based on the mouth Herpaderp I've had going on since I got back from MD.  First it was in my chin/lip crack (that divet under your bottom lip where your chin comes out) and the blisters went away and as it was almost healed, another blister came up in the corner of my mouth, and I got a cold sore on my gum line.  So much rage.

This week is the end of the summer semester, so test, test, final, then we're headed to NC.  Saturday is my 2nd tattoo appointment with Noel and Teh German is making the trek with me on Friday evening.  We'll be staying with Teh Dad and while I'm getting inked, Teh German will be riding, rain permitting.  Sunday, weather permitting, we'll ride... and I'm trying to plan a zipline surprise for Teh German.  We've talked about going ziplining soooo many times and we've yet to do it.  I think it's time to fix that. 

Thoughts and prayers and vibes or whatever are appreciated for me making it through the rest of this week without:
-another mouth sore
-killing anyone
-failing anything.

Happy almost August, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I need that meal from Halls Chophouse right meow! LOL your "at least you didn't have to pick it up" comment from SC makes so much more sense now.


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