Monday, July 15, 2019

Weekend Review {07/15}


Friday morning was like a normal workday, except that my backpack was heavier than normal since I packed a weekend's worth of outfits in it.  Thankfully, it's summer, so just the backpack was actually an option.  I'm silly and brought a long sleeve shirt "just in case" which is laughable after the fact.

I brought Teh German to work, then I went to work until I needed to leave to get to the airport.  I picked up Teh German, brought us to the airport, and then Teh German headed back to work while I enjoyed my TSA Pre-Check life.

The flight was quick, which was great.  After we landed, I hoofed it across the airport to find that the rental cars desk was NOT in the airport as advertised, so I had to take a bus to the rental car pick up place, ugh.  Not that I didn't have the time, just that I don't like being inconvenienced in anyway.

Once I got the rental car situation sorted out, I left the airport, the long/wrong way, and stopped by IHOP for pancakes because I have been craving IHOP pancakes since Germany.

On the trek to Pax River, I almost finished my audiobook.  It was good I had a GOOD audiobook to distract me from the shittiness of DC/NoVA drivers, which I had forgotten about.

When I arrived to Teh Running Bestie's house, everyone was excited to see me, as excited as I was to be there!

We didn't have any plans so we hung out and did nothing but chat and scroll and laugh.  Around 5:30, we headed out to KFC to pick up dinner, then headed to St. Mary's College to eat and endure the heat and wait for the concert to start.

We continuously had to remind ourselves where the correct camera dot was.

Sunset over the river.

The River Concert was a-ok.  There was some chorus stuff, that Teh Running Bestie enjoyed more than I did, as she was a Chorus Nerd.  As the concert went on, it got better.  There was a light show and at the end, one of the chorus dudes did a solo and he was walking through the crowd like it was his personal concert hall, owning the place like the MFin' boss he was.

By 9:45, we were back home and scrolling and laughing and chatting with our dudes and dogs.

To ensure a proper bestie weekend, bed sharing and talking yourselves to sleep is #1 requirement.


Our schedule got rearranged by the greyhound hauler, so we went to the Groomathon in the AM and then had a full day of laziness.  Welll, I did.. Teh Bestie had to accomplish some adult shit.  This wasn't a bad thing because it meant that I got to see my old, and best, landlord ever.  It was great to be able to take some time to chat with him and catch up on life.  It's crazy that we've loosely been part of each other's lives since 2013 and his daughter has gone from a little girl to a big girl who does cool shit with him.

Olive begging for extra breakfast.

Scritches with Olive

New retired racer!
I have no idea what his name is.. only that he peed for like half my life and then just stood there in pee-stance, not peeing.

I also finally got to meet the new puppy, Dash.
He's a monster.  I love him.

On the way home from the Groomathon, we stopped by Mission BBQ to pick up lunch to bring home.  When we got home from the Groomathon with 2 foster dogs, they were put in crates to chill out while we were eating.  One of them was more serious about his chill out time.  Sadly, I didn't get a photo of the 2nd foster, who is a cow-dog.  They were both good boys.

In the evening, after the roof person and landlord had come and gone and the backyard poop spot had been mowed, we did lazy things together.  Eventually, we decided on Blizzards from Dairy Queen for dinner.  We sat at DQ for a long while because it was perfect outside in the shade with the breeze and the not melting hot.  Also, I tried the Sour Patch Kids Blizzard.  Not my jam.  I enjoyed the flavor, but not having to pick gummy shit out of my teeth.  No thanks.

We sat there for long enough that we got kinda hungry again, so we agreed to go to KFC again for "dessert".  #NoRagrats #SorryNotSorry #BestieWeekend #NoRules. We got our KFC to go and brought it home.  Teh Running Bestie packed some stuff after dinner and then we had some screen and significant other time.

Olive napped before bed.

After significant other time, I did some research on Samsung smartwatches, which led me down a rabbit hole until after 0015.  We were in the bed, talking each other to sleep when the foster dogs downstairs started singing the song of their people and we were both extremely confused until I heard the sirens go by on the street nearby.  So that was a fun good night ode from the beasts.


The worst day of Bestie Weekend, my go home day.  We had a slow start and Teh Running Bestie made pancakes for breakfast and she learned about my pancake batter addiction.  I did more watch research and got absolutely no where.  I let Olive help clean the breakfast dishes because I'm a good Momma Megan and I don't often get to spoil my Golum-Girl.

Around 1:45, I headed back to DC.  I was happy/sad when my good audiobook ended.  In preparation for this situation, I already had another audiobook ready to go.  Traffic wasn't as annoying as when I arrived.. Apparently, DC Sunday drivers = my level of aggressive driving now.  So there's that...  I stopped by and filled up the tank when I got into Arlington, then returned the rental car at the airport.  I learned there was a walkway to the terminals from the garage, which post-annoyed me for Friday.  Oh well.

Thank Allah for TSA Pre-Check, because, again, I walked right through security without having to wait or take off my flip flops and walk barefoot through security (which I wouldn't have worn if I didn't have Pre-Check to be honest).  Personally, I believe that Pre-Check is better for those individuals who live at major airports, like DCA/IAD/BWI+, rather than smaller airports, like CHS, but I'm not sad that I paid for it, as I hate waiting and it's like every time I go through "peon" security, the persons in front of me have no idea what they have to take out of their bag or which shoe they need to remove and never empty their pockets.. and just... no.

Left: Sad I'm leaving.
Right: Glad I'm going home.

At my gate, I checked out the eating options and ended up at Wow Bao for some delicious (airport) bao.  I noticed a Five Guys in the corner, but the milkshake menu appeared to be covered up, so I figured their machine was broken.  Butttt, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to go over and ask if it was working.  Of course it was.  So I picked up a strawberry oreo milkshake and if it hadn't been $6, Five Guys would be my new go-to milkshake place... but I'll stick with the $4 Cookout thick-ass milkshakes because I'm cheap AF.

In the area where I was sitting was a Mom and her 3 older teenage boys.  She was the hovering type of mom that really grates on my nerves and just couldn't seem to settle and was always asking the boys, who were fully immersed in their screens, things that weren't important or making comments.  At some point, a phone started ringing and she kept asking Christopher if that was his phone ringing.  I finally pointed at the desk and said, "It's the desk."  She didn't hear me and more insistantly asked CHristopher if it was his phone ringing.  BTW, CHristopher had earbuds in...  Again, I repeated, "It's the desk."  At which point she said, "Wow, ok, you didn't have to be short!"

BITCH PLEASE.  I get "proper" southern women, and she was one of those.  Not giving a fuck, I instantly responded, "You didn't hear me the first time."  At which point, she purposely turned herself away from facing me, which was hilarious since I was directly in front of her, and she started viciously whispering at the son beside her, "Did you hear the way she talked to me?"  I almost felt bad for the boys who were travelling with her, who wouldn't hear the end of it until someone else pissed her off.

Thankfully, they boarded within 5 minutes of the situation and I wasn't sad.  A mom and her son took their places and a teenage girl with blue hair came over and sat near me.  The girl complimented my blue hair and I complemented hers back.  We started chatting and she told me about herself and her (lofty, yet admirable) plans for college.  Then we went back to our screens.

When it was almost time to board, the little boy across from me with his mom was excited about the planes outside and I started chattering with him.  At first he was shy, but he quickly came out of his shell as I asked him if our plane was leaving us or if the planes were going to crash.  Then he saw our place under the walkway and showed me where it was.  It was cute, there I said it.

Finally, it was our time to board, and the mom and son were behind me in line to go through the gate.  He kept saying, "Fucker, fucker, fucker..." and I'm dying laughing and apologized for laughing since it only encourages them.  Also, I was worried I had said fucker and he had heard it from me....  But I had purposely not cussed since I was sitting across from the WASP and didn't need that in my life... and then I spoke with a teenage girl and I was trying to be good.  It was difficult, but I was pretty sure I hadn't said anything he had picked up on.  The mom asked if I had kids and I said no.  She responded that she was surprised since I was so good with them.  I laughed and said, nope.

They ended up sitting right behind me on the plane.  I, luckily, was assigned a window seat, in a row with pretty cool dudes.  While we waited to push off, I chatted with the men in the row.  They were impressed I'd been able to fit my backpack in the overhead storage area (#likeaboss) and the man beside me and I ended up chatting and I found out that he was a professional wakeboarder who had actually made a trip to GTMO with the USO as a morale trip.  Not at the same time as I was there, but he perked up when I said Cuba after I listed out my duty stations.  For some reason, being in the Navy had come up, and he asked where I'd been stationed.  Then the guy on the other side of the aisle ended up being from Eastern Tennessee and knew where Home, Home was.  #SmallWorld

Once we pushed off, my rowmate put in his earbuds to watch his phone.  I put in mine and attempted to take a nap.   Because the part of the day that I haven't mentioned yet is that I woke up fighting a headache.  I had medicated at Teh Running Bestie's house, but it progressively got worse and worse throughout the day.

I realized while I was sitting at the airport that I hadn't had any caffeine the entire day, which is not normal.  I figured that was the cause.  I also had lunch a bit late.  Anddd it's summer time which means a 50% chance of rain/storms on any given day at any given time. 

By the time we landed in Charleston, my head was really hurting and I had to try to power through it.  When Teh German picked me up with his radio at a normal level, the first thing I did was turn it down and changed the channel to something with less screaming.  And when he started whistling?  There was death in my glare, that he didn't see.  I was trying to be strong, so I didn't complain and just hoped he'd stop whistling.  He did.. eventually.

When we got home, we had to make dinner, which was thankfully quick.  After eating, we sat down to watch an episode of The Americans before bed.  A few minutes into it, Teh German had to go fetch something from Teh PT Husband, so he paused the show.  While he was gone, the throbbing in my head progressively got worse and worse the longer I sit-laid on the couch.  I noticed when I stood up, the nausea from the pain lessened.  At which point, I decided to have a Lindt chocolate ball for some caffeine with 3 aleve and then went upstairs to bed.  I knew I couldn't endure an hour of bright screen time.

Thankfully, Teh German was understanding.  He didn't come to bed right away, but that was fine.  I managed to bring my backpack upstairs, leaving it to unpack Monday morning, and brushed my teeth and washed my face and gently placed myself in the bed and turned off the lights.  I laid in the bed groaning and feeling nauseous every time my heart pumped.  I finally realized that if I laid completely (and I mean COMPLETELY) still, I wouldn't feel as nauseous and my head wouldn't throb so bad.

Teh German came to bed within 10 minutes of me laying in bed dying/groaning.  I was glad because I didn't want to be woken up later and have to deal with going back to sleep.  At some point in the middle of the night, I woke myself up when I rolled over and realized I could move again and that I wasn't going to vomit when I moved, so that meant that I was recovered enough to not dread the next day.


Thankfully, when I woke up this morning, my headache was completely gone and it didn't come back.  We got our tests back from last week and I made a 79.  I'll take it.  I prefer 80s+, but almost all the questions I missed were questions that I'd marked that I hadn't understood how to answer, so I didn't feel bad about this score.

UNfortunately, in true Monday form, driving to school this morning, a rock popped up from the road and (finally) cracked my windshield.  I've been waiting on this to happen for a while now, just because I-26 is a disaster waiting to happen.  I've got so many chips in the paint on the hood of my car and chinks in the windshield from rocks that I try not to even notice anymore.

Bottom: The initial crack when I got to school.
Middle: The crack when I left school to go to work.
Top: The crack when I left work to go home.

Probably one of the reasons SC insurance is so expensive, but our insurance covers 1 free windshield replacement per year at $0 deductible, so that's a positive.  But, it means I have to go through the hassle of getting a new car wash sticker after the windshield is replaced, so that's annoying.

I did drop off my laptop at Best Buy tonight and because I was late for my appointment, they tried to tell me I had to make another appointment and I was very clear about the fact that I'd be dropping off my computer tonight and not making an appointment.  I learned after the Agent came out that the store had lost power because of the storms that were rolling through the area, so even if I had been on time, they might not have been able to help me.  That said, anyone who has lived in the area for more than 5 minutes knows that if it's raining ANYWHERE, rush hour traffic will be fucked up, so my being late shouldn't have been a surprise or a hassle.  /EndRant

Anyways, my laptop is on it's way BACK to the repair place and hopefully I'll see it again soon... I say soon, knowing that it will be 3 weeks.  /RAGE

This week is a quiet week.
Just operations as normal.

PS.  It was Prime Day today.  Kind thoughts are requested for my poor credit card.


  1. OMG people/mothers like that drive me batshit crazy!! I have an aunt like that & she definitely makes me stabby.

  2. So I've been dealing with a headache/general tiredness for at least 4 days. Not to vomiting point, thankfully, but it's rough. And Sunday when my church group got together, all of our kids were insane. Like, more than normal. IDK if it's a full moon or something crazy but...there is definitely something going on. Glad yours got better, and hope it doesn't come back!


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