Monday, July 1, 2019

Weekend Review {07/01}


Friday was work day and it was a coworker's last day, so that was sad.  Sad because I like her.. but now we're Facebook friends!  So, trade-offs, lol.  I spent most of the work day trying to fix Teh German's computer.. and it was FIXED.. and then it wasn't after I installed all the Windows updates and the SSD application, so I'm going to reinstall Windows 10.. again and start over... again...

Rather than drink with coworkers celebrating our departing coworker, I went to the gym.  Before you think I'm a callous asshole for neglecting my friend, we have a lunch date setup for Wednesday at Vicious Biscuit.  Soo, I get to see her again this week, so it was ok.

I over did arms and legs, like I do, after 30 mins on the elliptical.  I'm slowly working up my elliptical minutes.  I did lunges and squats and had regrets all weekend.  Lawd, my ass still hurts.

When I got home, I discovered that Pax decided his snuggle-pillar, or whatever it's called, needed a lobotomy.  Fortunately, it's not a big hole and the stuffing isn't poking out, so hopefully it will be fine until Dr. Mom performs repair surgery on it.

It was a low-key evening.  I had cooked some "sweet and sour" chicken in the crockpot (it was not sweet and it was not sour) and we had that for dinner.  Then Teh PT Kid and Teh PT Wife came over and we watched Inside Out.

Have I mentioned here that Inside Out always makes me bawl like a big fucking baby?  Because it does.  Like, I tear up anytime I see Bing-Bong.  ...and AS SOON AS they start singing the song?  Waterworks.  IMMER (ALWAYS).  I'm bawling and sniffling and singing the song as they try to escape the abyss of forgetting..  I don't even care about the part where Joy realizes that Sadness is the key to having joy... like, I'm still in mourning, for forever, the loss of Bing-Bong.

Anyways, after the movie, they went home and it was bedtime for us.


Saturday was productive day.  Meri ensured I was awake by 0730, I dozed on and off until 0830 when I HAD to pee, and got up and tended to the beasts.  I also put on some clothes and scooped poop so Teh German could mow.  After, I ate breakfast and had my coffee and finished my puzzle.  Teh German came inside from mowing and was feeling the motivation bug (which I could tell because he was trying to find things to do) and I suggested maybe he empty the smart closet of all of his EMPTY boxes.

Let me explain something to you about Teh German.  He's very cute, yes.. but he's a hoarder.  This shouldn't surprise me in the least, because they say a girl marries her father... but I thought.. oh how I thought, that I had NOT fulfilled that saying.

I was wrong.
I married my father.
My father is a hoarder of things.
My husband is a hoarder of things.
My husband was hoarding empty boxes in the closet that is regularly used for things like the vacuum cleaner and the step stool and my camera bag and his "7-gallon" buckets of water.  And these EMPTY boxes were a real hindrance to getting things in/out with ease.
My husband was hoarding empty boxes in a closet in our house when we HAVE a closet in the garage for shit like... empty fucking boxes (like the TV boxes and idk what other random boxes he's insisted we keep, but it's usually for electronics type of things).

The closet isn't that big.. and all that shit was in there.
To include the top of the fish tank that "I'm gonna sell."

I have no idea where these boxes ended up, but I feel like most of them went into the garbage, which gives me validation.  After this, husband and I headed to Lowe's to check out storm doors and bring one home for installing.  OF COURSE, the one we wanted wasn't in stock.  OF COURSE.  So we came home, Teh German decided to de-stump our back yard... and I said nothing, and finished my puzzle.

After I finished the puzzle, I cleaned of the table and decided maybe I'd work on the computer problem.  First, I had to clean off the desk of shit-from-Germany.  I had unpacked the luggage and the box we shipped, but never actually put the stuff in it's place... because #LIFE.  Then I got distracted after I got the desk cleaned off.. and ended up taking a nap..

But not before I found

This is the box for his Apple watch.
I noticed it when I was putting shit away.

During my distraction period, I ended up taking a nap.  #SorryNotSorry.  We had plans to go to dinner at Baker and Brewer with the The Gang at 6, so I needed my energy.

Honest review, I did not like Baker and Brewer.  I had the duck confit sandwich and I could barely taste the duck, only the dijon mustard and mustard seeds.  I asked for a side of ranch, mostly to use the sandwich as a vessel, but they don't have ranch (not surprising since Evo doesn't have ranch either), but instead they have a garlic sauce..  Not only was said garlic sauce a bit spicy, it also cost $1 for a 2oz portion.. I was so angry I hate-ate it.

We were a party of 7 adults and 1 baby.. and the server couldn't get our checks correct, despite being told who was together (via seat number #ServerExperience) 3 different times.  We ended up being there for almost 3 hours and I was fucking stabby by the time we left.

We stopped by Dairy Queen on the way home and I mixed it up and ordered a brownie sundae instead of a blizzard... and why can't places heat up the brownie?  Like, is that so hard?  That's the #1 key in a delicious brownie sundae.  #1 thing!  GAAHHH.

After dessert, we all headed home and it was bedtime a little while later.


Sunday, fun day?  We had to do some adulting on Sunday since it didn't get accomplished on Saturday.  Teh German had asked if I wanted to take care of our store items after we were unsuccessful in the storm door attempt, but I was lookin' a hot mess, which is completely acceptable in Lowe's, but less so in Sam's or a grocery store.. so I told him I didn't have my list, which I didn't, but I probably could have recalled everything on it, saving the tasks for Sunday.

We agreed to go to brunch at Bonefish Grill since I'd heard they served brunch.. But first, I wanted to make a stop by Old Navy at the outlet and pick up some shorts... also, the shorts were only $10, which was extra motivation.  Since we arrived to the outlets early, I also got gas, THEN went to Old Navy, THEN it was breakfast.  Despite having been warned of said agenda before we left, Teh German was still a grump about it, but kept it to himself, for the most part.

I did pick up several pairs of shorts, all in 2 sizes because one size fit perfectly.. but I hadn't eaten yet and they hadn't been through the wash, so I didn't know if they would shrink or not..

Greens, egg, and ham.
It was delicious.

After brunch, we headed to Sam's to pick up a few things, then to Lowe's to help Teh PT Husband buy a smoker, then Teh German went home with Teh PT Husband and I went to Lidl to pick up the remaining items on the list.

When I got home, I packaged all the meat from Sam's for the freezer, then I tried on the mabillionty shirts I ordered from Amazon.  Of 8 shirts, I kept 1.

Also, if there isn't a button at the top, the shirt is fucking stupid and I will return it.
This annoyed me so much.

Know what else annoyed me?  My inability to look like the model in my cute flowy shirts.  My boobs are too big for flowy shirts.  Flowy shirts/dresses make me look like I could at anytime give birth.  Fun fact, that is not a look I'm interested in.  I repackaged the shirts to be returned, then took care of the laundry, since I wanted to wash all the shorts I purchased to see if they'd shrink or not.

They did.  I was right to buy the bigger size.  Now I will be returning the smaller sizes and hopefully exchanging 1/2 pairs.  While I was playing dress up, Teh German was back at the de-stumping.

Obviously, I have feelings about this.. feelings that I did NOT share with Teh German in this way... so here they are:
The stump is from a tree that Teh German cut down 2 years ago.  When we did this project, Teh Dad suggested drilling holes in it and pouring gasoline down the holes to rot/kill the tree/stump/roots.  No action was taken.  Fast forward 2 years and now Teh German is ready to get rid of the tree stump.. and he is digging and hacking and has an assortment of tools surrounding him, any of which could remove significant portions of body if mishandled.  Like, if there was a hard way to do it, this is it.

Did I mention it was over 90°F and there is no shade in the middle of the day at said tree stump?  No?  Oh, well, those are also facts.  And I said nothing.  I did at least grab his water bottle from the table at one point and refilled it for him.  More than worrying about him cutting something off, I was worried about a heat related injury...

My worries were unfounded, as he killed ALL FOUR of the batteries for the various tools he was using and that signaled an end to the day's stump removal party.  After, he took a shower and we ended up at Teh PT House for smoking hour until doggy dinner time.

There is another bed in the shade, but this Monkey prefers to charge in the sun when it's 90+°F outside.

After feeding the beasts, it was make dinner time.  The menu got all mixed up during the week, but I mentally planned for alfredo on Sunday night because I knew we'd have leftovers.  So I did shrimp alfredo with mushrooms and peas and crescent rolls with the truffle pasta we'd gotten in Italy before we left.  SOOOO FUCKING DELICIOUS.

My eyes and nose were bigger than my belly when I made my plate, so I didn't come close to eating all that, but I was pumped to have extra for lunch during the week!

After dinner, I finished taking care of the laundry and did some pre-laser hair removal appointment grooming after a bath then I laid in bed scoping out Sandals deals for our 2020 trip.  Finally, Teh German came upstairs and it was bedtime.


Overall, a very good last weekend before school starts again.  I needed the laziness and productivity and quietness that this weekend held.  I didn't bother working on the computer and that was actually for the best.  I wasn't frustrated over it, which was nice.

That said, I do think I pinpointed the problem.. the downloaded application for the new SSD, of course.. so after reformatting and reinstalling Windows 10 again this morning and applying all the available security updates, I've had zero issues.  The SSD doesn't require the application, so I won't be downloading it again.  Unfortunately, there is a firmware update available, so I will create a restore point then install the firmware.  I also need to put the computer in the vicinity of Teh German to see if he breaks it with his presence...

This week is obviously Merika's Freedom Week... or Treason Day if you're English, which I love.
Wednesday, I'm starting my weekend with a going away lunch for my Coworker at Vicious Biscuit then teleworking the rest of the afternoon.
Thursday is 4th of July and we will have brunch with Teh NY Chef and Teh PT Wife.  Wewt.
Friday is the first day of summer school, Chem 2, bleh.  When I was cleaning up the office, I pulled out my Chemistry book/former lab book, so that's productive!  I'll be teleworking on Friday after class.
We may get to go on a Charleston dive on Saturday, fingers crossed.
Annnndddd, depending on how strenuous Chemistry is, I miiiiiiiiiiight be going to visit Teh Running Bestie the 2nd weekend of July!  :D :D :D :D :D  Fingers crossed for not so difficult!

Happy July, Gentle Readers!

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  1. Of all the things to be a hoarder of... Places that don't have ranch are almost always a "will not eat here again" restaurant. I'm a lover of the ranch & am a complete snob about it too. I also am unlikely to go back if they have shitty ranch. Nash has removed all of the stuffing of all of the toys he has ever had... I quit trying to sew them up.


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