Monday, July 22, 2019

Weekend Review {07/22}


Friday was Chem test day and work.  I left the office a bit earlier than normal to go back to the windshield replacement place since my windshield washer fluid didn't work.  The tech said it had a "kink" in the hose, butttt the fact that my windshield wipers aren't currently trafficking the full distance of the windshield on the driver's side, creating a HUGE block in my windshield visibility would maybe suggest I had the FNG (fucking new guy) who was in a hurry to get done and didn't bother to do any quality tests to make sure all my shit worked properly.  Apparently, there is a way to make the windshield wipers traffic based on how they are rotated or clip in or something, IDK, I read about it on the internet and had someone explain it to me, but I'm not doing it myself when they fucked it up.  I mean.. come the fuck on, it's not that difficult... unless you're 1- not paying attention or 2- in a rush.

Anyways, I considered going to the gym, but talked myself out of it, of course.  I went home to more packages at the door!  My (last) Woot Boxes of Crap.  While these boxes have been fun, they are mostly a waste of money for me and even the "big" item in the box hasn't been anything that great, IMO.  We got a Fire Stick in a box a while ago and this big box had a Blink camera in it, which Teh German will set up to watch the fish tank, probably.

The most ironic things in this box of crap?
The Chemistry study guide thing and the grow "aquarium".
By far the best item?
The retractable roasting sticks.
Teh German did say the airbuds had pretty good sound quality, which surprised both of us.
Teh PT Husband received the golf tees, otherwise, the rest of it is donate/white elephant stuff.

This was the Limited Edition Box of Crap.
The Blink camera came in this box.
Other crap I kept: the reusable bag, the cell phone looking thing (it's actually a stress squeezy thing that I'll give to my laser lady), 2 squawky monkies for Pax, the hangers, and the plastic container.

Squawky monkey already lost his arm because it was dry rotted.

Then this happened with said Squawky Monkey:

If you watched the video and didn't see it.. Squawky Monkey is still on top of the GerMerican flag.  Teh German was like uhh dafuq?  But once I explained what happened, he laughed.  And now Squawky Monkey is still hanging there, making me giggle every time I traverse the stairs.

Other things that arrived in the mail:

New watch bands, so I could replace that silly putty/flesh band that came with the Galaxy Watch.
IDK whose good idea that was, but they need to not be allowed to make decisions.

New Sparkle Skirts.
I 100% did NOT need these, but they were on sale and Sparkle Skirts never go on sale... so I did it.
I did return the capris that came with this order.  They were a huge NOPE.

Teh German was a better person than me and went to the gym, so I patiently waited on him to get home by filling my time with work things and then couch time.  We agreed to go out to dinner at Boxcar Betty's, which is a mix-up for me since I don't usually do fried chicken sammiches.  But I wanted something fast, something close, and something easy.  Dun.

The face you make when it's WELL past your dinner time and your husband doesn't understand that we needed to leave 30 minutes ago and he's just farting around doing whatever he does when he refuses go at the pace of another person....

I finally pulled the wifely, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!  It's past my food time," and Teh German finally quit fucking around and put his shoes on.  I still have no idea wtf he was doing, but I was ready to kill him.  Not so coincidentally, I was wearing my hangry caterpillar shirt.. so I mean... I warned him...

We had dinner, then we hit up the mall because Teh German had dropped his phone in the parking lot at work.  I suggested we check out the place in the mall that advertised screen repairs, so he could avoid having to make a trip downtown to the Apple store to have the screen replaced.  While we waited on the screen replacement, we picked up Dairy Queen and walked around Books-A-Million, where I talked 2 people into buying at least 2 of the Cards Against Humanity color sets.  #SorryNotSorry  Finally, once his phone was repaired, we headed home.

When we got home, we had the finances conversation that I had warned him about before we left work.  I had said it would happen that night or before the end of the weekend, and rather than let it loom over us all weekend and me ultimately loose my bravery, I just bit the bullet after we got home from dinner.  I pulled out Teh German's laptop and we both signed into our financial websites and checked the balances and decided on a game plan to get rid of these car payments.

When I first started the conversation, he was very, "Do we have to do this now???"  I insisted I just wanted to get it over with and he didn't protest anymore.  (Praise hands, yall).  We both agreed that we wanted to get the vehicles paid off by next summer since that's when the GI Bill money will no longer be coming in.  Essentially, paying off the vehicles will be GI Bill money that has been coming in, when it comes out in the wash.

We both ended up putting a huge chunk on our vehicle payments, something Teh German has been saying he's going to do since he bought the truck, but that is neither here nor there...  😒  We also agreed that after the vehicles are paid off, we'll be doubling up on the house payment.  We both acknowledge that Charleston is probably not our forever place, so to have the house more paid off than if we'd been paying the minimum payment is an ideal situation for when the time does come.

All that remains...

After our money chat, it was bedtime.


Initially, I wanted to go to the gym on Saturday.  I wanted to wear a new skirt and I wanted to test out the Galaxy Watch during a workout.  It didn't happen.  Instead, I walked the dogs on a big loop, scooped poop, then weeded the fucking flower bed, then walked the beasts to Teh Brit Neighbor's house to drop off a passionflower vine, then came back home and bathed the smelly beasts, Meri first, then Pax.

After I cleaned the beasts, I cleaned myself and then reheated my coffee and made egg salad for lunch.  I made sure to take some gas-x with that, like the adult I am.  Also, life is better with an egg slicer.  I'm not really sure why I have an egg slicer, but I'm not sorry.  Also, next time, I'm only slicing 2 ways because I think the chunks were too small slicing 3 ways.  YOLO, bitches.

Teh German had been doing yard work and outside projects all morning and we didn't eat until around 2.  That said, he was in a SHIT mood when he came inside and I did the domesticated wifely duties and put food and beverage in front of Husband and still he was shitty.  I tried to keep it together and not lose my shit on him, but he kept getting an attitude with me anytime I'd try to initiate conversation and I finally had it and said to him, "I've done NOTHING to you.  In fact, the only thing you've HAD to do since you came inside is SIT THE FUCK DOWN AT THE ISLAND AND EAT YOUR FOOD.  I served everything to you.  Literally everything.  So, I am NOT YOUR PROBLEM and I do NOT deserve to be the target of your frustration."

At that, I finished cleaning up and putting everything away and went into the office to fuck around on the computer to avoid him.  A little while later, he came in and apologized for being shitty and hugged me and explained that in addition to his phone factory resetting randomly, his last backup was from mid-2018, annnnd also a weed eater attachment had fallen from the hooks and dented the rear fender of his truck.

And while that all sucks, none of that is my fault.. sooo I said, thanks and then he went back outside to do Teh German things, while I stayed inside in the AC. 

A little while later, Teh PT Husband said our smoked ribs were done and I explained that Teh German had just come inside and needed to shower, but we'd be over in a bit to fetch the ribs.  We spent the evening on the back porch, ordering pizza for dinner because Teh German suggested it.  I picked up a 6 pack of White Zombie by Catawba Brewing (woot woot for Home, Home breweries!) for Teh German to drink, if I didn't like them.  I actually put one with a Sprite and it made a pretty good radler.  Also, Teh PT Husband had a Palmetto Brewing beer that he opened and let us try and I actually liked it, so I drank that too.  It was strange for all of us.

When we got home, it was bedtime.  I stayed up reading for a while, but Teh German literally closed his eyes and was passed out.


Sunday morning, Meri ensured that I was up by 0700 to feed her.  Actually, she scratched on the door, which usually means more than just feed me, so I acquiesced.  After the beasts were fed, I went back to bed and we ended up sleeping until 10. 

It was a slow start, but Pax provided some entertainment.

After breakfast, which was fridge buffet, I decided to be motivated.  I washed all the dog bed covers, after having washed the dog bed sheets and the dogs Saturday, I wanted everything to be clean.  Then I finally decided to resize the body pillow I ordered to be Megan size.

I cut it down, measuring it loosely and cutting it poorly.. Then I set about hand-stitching it closed.  An hour into the project, I broke down and started texting neighbors who may have a sewing machine.  I was so unbearably frustrated at the knots and the lack of progress that I'd made.

#Goals #ItWasAGoodIdeaAtTheTime

Teh Brit Neighbor saved me and even gave me a "Bless Your Heart" (looooooool) when I messaged her in a fit of desperation.

She was home so she told me to come over.  She had me fixed up in under 30 minutes AND she even made a cover for the pillow out of scrap fabric AND she put in a velcro closure so the pillow wouldn't slip out... Have I mentioned how awesome our neighbors are lately?

While Teh Brit Neighbor worked, Teddy pawed at me and made sure to cop no less than 3 feels.
But he's Ted, so I didn't mind.

After the body pillow situation was remedied, I went back home and picked up Teh German, who had finished putting the final touches on the storm door (trim and the automatic close thing), and we headed to Lidl for groceries.

I had this moment of weakness thanks to Teh PT Husband's peer pressuring.

After we got home, we put away the groceries and I headed to the pool to hang out with Teh PT Wife for a while.  When I got home, we made spaghetti for dinner, with meatballs from Teh NY Chef for Teh German (they were spicy).  He was super delighted with the meatballs in his spaghetti.  After dinner, we cleaned up, then sat down to watch a few episodes of The Americans before bed....

And then.. it was bedtime and the weekend was over.  Boooo.


I literally want to hug my chem teacher for tests on Friday and free weekends.  That's the difference between teachers who don't give a fuck and teachers who actually want you to succeed, IMO.  Professors who understand that their class isn't the only class and that mental breaks are important.  Can we also acknowledge the INSANE difference between last summer and this summer? 

Last summer when I literally hated everyone and everything and no amount of anxiety medication helped and I cried and cried and struggled.. and ultimately ended up failing my first ever college course and making my first ever D in a college course and I was ok with it because at least I didn't have to take Calc 2 again and the failing course didn't affect my GPA because it was at a different college.  I mean, those were my silver linings, I barely passed enough to not have to repeat the course and I could retake the failed course at the Citadel with no repercussions.  Those are some grim silver linings if you ask me.

This year, I feel like I am kinda still on summer break.  Weekends with NO school work really makes a HUGE difference in the level of despair I feel.  I also believe that the level of despair I feel is proportional to how well I do in class.  Less despair = doing better.  I wish I could take 1 class per month through the rest of my degree.  Being able to focus on a single subject every day is more reinforcing than many subjects for a short time per day.  I guess now I can see why self-paced online college is such a hit.  Nonetheless, 284 more days.

I am excited for August though, because NO SCHOOL. 
I'm 2 weeks from the end of summer school. 
That's 2 weeks from my next Hairs Did appointment.
That's 2 weeks from another tattoo session with Noel and potentially making the trip to Home, Home with Teh German so he can ride his bike while I get inked.
That's 2 more tests and the final exam for my chem class, not including lab crap.

I got this.


  1. -Hubs & I almost lost our shitake mushrooms, because we went out to dinner for a friend's birthday and our ticket got lost and I was hangry and I was pissed that my toddler wasn't getting food and other people HAD THEIR CHECKS and we got snappy and apparently everyone thought we hated each other, but Hubs explained I was just very hangry and also apparently I just sound really aggressive like 90% of the time.
    -Way to go on adulting and having the finance conversation!!! We've had similar ones lately, hard but necessary and WORTH IT.
    -Because I'm nosy...any idea where your forever place is? Always interested in what people look for :)
    -Buying medicines for gas and/or heartburn is just...yep. Getting older and adulting.
    - :) + <3 = happy heart for a better summer than last year!
    - You totally got this

  2. OMG I haven't had a cone in so long! I'm trying to hold on out on ice cream until Thursday because Miracle Treat Day... we'll see if I can wait that long.

    I have never hear of those boxes before, I'm slightly intrigued...


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