Friday, July 12, 2019

Five on Friday #202

EINS - Random Shit

There's a guy in my Chem class who just wants to chat with the guy beside him (who happens to be sitting in front of me).  This is not only very distracting, but I can't HEAR the professor when she speaks and his feelings are really going to be hurt when I tell him to STFU because he knows me from VX-1.

Then again, if he knows me from VX-1, maybe his feelings won't be hurt.  It's a toss up.

Also, maybe my comments throughout class are just as distracting for my classmates, so maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut.  We'll see how the semester goes.


On Tuesday, I finally scheduled taking my Chem exam early and then I went to work and promptly purchased my tickets to fly to DC to hangout with Teh Running Bestie ALL WEEKEND.  JUST US.  No boyz.  Just us and whatever we wawnt to do.  I.CANNOT.WAIT.

We're gonna go to the St. Mary River Concert on Friday night and then we're going to do whatever the fuck we want on Saturday and then we're going to a Groomathon on Saturday evening (when the racing greyhounds come in from the track to start their retired lives and get all cleaned and microchipped and sent to foster homes) and then on Sunday we'll do whatever the fuck we want and then I will be sad and go back to DCA and fly back to Charleston in the early evening.


After a 1.5 hour debacle/debate on Wednesdsay, I finally admitted defeat and allowed myself to "drop" my German minor.  Yes, it would have been super cool to have a BS in CS with 2 minors.. but would it be cool to torture myself for a year for a word on a piece of paper that is, as Brit put it, a demonstrable skill?  NO.

The only reason I even signed up to do the German minor was to be able to apply for the scholarship for the study abroad.  I didn't get that scholarship because I got one from the Study Abroad office, so I didn't need the scholarship money.

I also don't need that extra stress, as much as I enjoy taking German classes.

Look at me prioritizing my mental health.
I mean, I practically gave myself a breakdown making those priorities, but, ya know, slow and steady progress...


Last week after writing the $$ part of this post, I still forgot to pay off my credit card.  I finally paid it off on Monday morning.  This isn't really significant, but I do not pay interest on the card because I pay it off before the bill comes dues because I don't like wasting money by giving it to companies that obviously don't need it.  I was cutting it close on the bill cutoff date when I forgot to pay it...


I put all the dates of my tests and the due dates of my lab reports in myhomework app.  OCD organization at it's finest right there, Gentle Readers.  Like all of those things aren't on a weekly schedule or something... LOOOOL.  Here to be redundant for always.


It was a difficult decision when I decided NOT to get my standard, pre-flight adult beverage.  I second-guessed myself when there was an infant and toddler at my gate.  There will be regrets, but not from my credit card bill.  That medication beverage always costs me no less than $20.


On Wednesday evening, while I was at the gym, I received an email that my laptop was ready for pickup from Best Buy and I should make an appointment to pick it up.  BAHAHAHAHAH fuck that.  I headed straight to Best Buy to pick up my baby as soon as I departed the gym.

When I got there, I saw her sitting on the counter, waiting for me... still with my stickers on the cover, YAY!  A tech helped me and gave me my computer to check out to make sure the repairs were done.  They were not.

Thankfully, the keyboard was fixed, simple since they just had to replace the keyboard.  I also have a screen burn because the metal of the keyboard gets hot when I close the computer and the computer doesn't go to sleep.  Instead of replacing the screen, they "fixed the overheating problem"... uhhh wut?  I don't have an overheating problem.  Soooo, I still have a screen burn, which pisses me the fuck off because it takes about 3 weeks to have a computer repairs through Geek Squad when they have to ship it off.

I have a STRONG feeling that when they fix the screen, I will no longer have all my stickers on the cover when I get it back.  There probably is a way just to replace the screen and not the cover, but I imagine they won't be willing to go through all that work.

Herro, My Precious.
I missed you.

Oh yeah, I made an appointment to drop off my laptop on Monday afternoon so they can send it back to get FULLY repaired.  FUCK GEEK SQUAD.  I figured that since the T button was fixed and my laptop weighs at least 4 pounds less than my work laptop, I would use it over the weekend and have joy.


Roux's Humom is the featured artist of the month at our gym and she mentioned this to me earlier this week when I saw her. She told me that my boy was at the gym, which at first caused some confusion. But on Wednesday, when I saw my Philbo on the wall, I almost cried.

Gentle Readers, I've been struggling this week.  Part of it is school starting.  Most of it is self-inflicted stress regarding my expectations for myself for school things.  Part of it is work things (that absence of things to do is extremely stressful).

I don't know why, but Baggins reminded me that I am doing everything I should be doing.  I'm doing my absolute best, not due to my unrealistically high expectations of myself.  Making priorities for my mental sanity over completing 2 minors.  Repeatedly telling myself that my GPA does.not.matter, despite what I tell myself.  Being at the gym at 6pm the night before a test that I needed to study for.  Prioritizing MYSELF.  Important shit.

Also, Proud by Marshmello came on at the end of my workout and it spoke to the depths of my heart and soul.  It's a new song and sometimes, the things that the important people tell you need to be told to you via music and it will speak to you in a way that you actually hear.


I chronicle my time in public on Snapchat and I'm flying this weekend.  High quality entertainment opportunities abound, Gentle Readers.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Victoria's Secret bill.  I had a $15 coupon and used it last weekend at the mall.  #NotSorry
-Bojangles for breakfast x2.  There was a planning snafu on the 2nd day.  Oops.
-Chinese for surprise dinner, thanks to the audiobook I'm listening that was talking about Chinese food while I was driving home from work.
-Woot shirt.  It was a shirt with Heart and Brain by The Awkward Yeti... I could NOT refuse that opportunity because I've wanted something Heart and Brain for a LONG time.
-Power bill
-Overpriced airport snack.

-Tickets for my flight to/from DC and a rental car so I don't have to be fetched from the airport.  Although I used my reward points on my credit card to pay for tickets and rental car, so technically, it was F.R.E.E.!!!!

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Twinning with husband brings me joy.

Pinks and purples for a weekend with Teh Bestie seems fitting.

IDK why.
But it happened.

Why don't ants get sick?
They have little anty bodies.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Your lowest moments will not hinder you from reaching the heights you have been called to.

(This daily email arrived with the subject: you are enough.
I knew from that alone it was for me.  I wasn't wrong.)
Do not think less of yourself if you can't be fearless...
Doing it afraid is just as brave.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

You already have what it takes to breathe deep and be brave.

Giving your all doesn't mean you have to DO IT ALL,
and you are allowed to pace yourself.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Getting to be with Teh Running Bestie ALL WEEKEND, JUST US.
  2. Making peace with doing less for school things.
  3. Seeing Baggins at the gym.
  4. Free Wifi.  I take this for granted most of the time.  I really shouldn't.
  5. Feeling confident about most of the things on the Chemistry test that I took early.
  6. A 3-day weekend of NO SCHOOL THINGS.  Like for real.  I don't know how to handle myself with this.
  7. Packing everything for the weekend into my backpack.  No suitcases trailing behind me!  #Win
  8. Getting my laptop for the weekend.
  9. A really good audiobook.
  10. Teh German driving my car to the gym this afternoon.  It brings me joy to think about the 9Rounds gym owner seeing my car pull in the parking lot.. Even if he doesn't actually react in anyway.. Thinking of him getting tense over it brings me joy.  #PettyBitch = me.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. Yay for making decisions that are in YOUR best interest.

    The desensitized thing makes me think of Army life- sometimes Hubs and/or I will mention something that our civilian friends awe at. It's weird.

    The doing it your all quote...that hits.

  2. I'm glad you're looking out for what's best for your sanity!

    The million little texts drives me bat shit crazy! I have a friend that does that & I want to stab him every single time. As soon as I get one text from him I refuse to even pick my phone up for a good minute or 2 until I can be sure he is done.


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