Monday, July 8, 2019

Weekend Review {07/08}


Friday was a telework day since no one was planning on being in the office.  I wasn't sad about it.  I got to sleep in.  I did have my first day of Chem class on Friday (rude), so I went to class from 10-12, then went to the gym after.

My Poogan's leftovers I ate for breakfast exploded in the microwave...
so I had the pleasure of cleaning the microwave before my day even started.

I practically had to swim to the front door of the gym because it was raining so hard.  Actually, I had to get a workout towel to dry my legs and arms off before I changed into my workout clothes, that's how wet I was, WITH an umbrella.   And officially, my Birks stink SOOO bad that I'm not sure how much longer it will be tolerable, which is shitty considering how much I paid for those fuckers.  Siiiiiigh.  If anyone has any helpful hints on removing the smell from Birks/cork shoes, I'm all ears.

After my workout, I headed home and did work things for the afternoon until Teh German came home.  We ended up going out to dinner at the supa fancy Olive Garden with Teh PT Wife.  After dinner, Teh PT Wife and I went to the mall for things and Teh German went home.  We purposely drove separate vehicles so he wouldn't have to endure mall things.  It was better for everyone.

I ended up coming home with enough hand soap for the rest of the year and a few Wallflowers since I may have overstocked myself on the Toasted Marshmallow scent.  #NotSorry.  I'm not sure when the trend started for foam soap only, but no me gusta.  Some of the scents I wanted are only sold in foam, which is my least favorite.  I prefer the liquid with no sparkles or gel balls or whatever.  Foam just.. annoys me.  Unless I'm using it to wash my ear piercings.  Then it's kinda convenient because it washes off easily.

When we finished at the mall, we came back home and hung out with husbands since it was Smoking Hour.  Eventually, all our phone batteries were dead/dying and I'll fully horrified everyone present with tales from my childhood about how I didn't know/like super popular songs because I wasn't allowed to listen to music that wasn't selected by my parents until I was around the age of 12.  Even then, it was a slow transition from 103.3 (country) to 95.1 (pop) (and those radio stations will only make sense if you are from Western NC).

When we got home, it was bedtime.


Saturday, I tried to be school productive, but it mostly didn't happen because I'm so lost with all things Chemistry.  When Teh German got up, I talked him into going to Lowe's with me to pick up the dirt and mulch that I had ordered online.  There was bickering when he refused to open the hard top for me to load mulch into the bed of the truck in a logical way and then he tisked at me because I couldn't get it to stack well (because I have short arms and was being blocked by the hard top that was hitting my face as I tried to load these huge awkward wet heavy bags of mulch into the truck).  I felt validated when Teh German HAD to open the hard top for the Lowe's dude to load the dirt into the bed.  HA. 

We got home and got ready for brunch at High Cotton with Teh PT Fam.  We headed downtown around 1130 for our 1200 reservation.  The food was good, but IMO, not the best brunch I've ever had.  IDK why.  I had a lobster omelet with fries and Teh German ordered the chicken and waffles and then ordered a side of fries because he was still hungry.  That's not a good thing.

After brunch, we went to Vendue, for drinks on the rooftop.  We people watched and people judged.  Thankfully, there was a breeze on the rooftop, which made it bearable to sit outside.  Otherwise, it would have been too hot.  After beverages were finished, we hit up the gelato place.  I forgot we are in America and asked for 2 scoops, which came out to be like 4 European scoops.  I had to get a bowl for the gelato that was packed on top of the cone, which I knew would melt and slide off in about 15 seconds in the Charleston heat.  I scraped the gelato into the bowl, ate the cone and then ate what I could of the bowl, and ended up tossing what I couldn't eat before we left the parking garage.

Once we got back home, it was naptime.

After naps, I got annoyingly motivated again.  I talked Teh German into doing backyard work since it was shady behind the house.  He agreed.  I had planned to use the wagon for transporting the dirt from the back of the truck to the raised plant bed Teh German had built for my succulents, but the wagon had wood stacked in it.  So, I suggested that we get rid of the "bad" wood (did you know wood can go bad and actually not burn well?  Well, we know that now, too) by tossing it in the woods, then stack the wood from the wagon where the bad wood was (in the wood holder that Teh German had build from pallet wood). 

Except that, after we relocated all the bad wood, we had unearthed a LOT of critters who had been inhabiting said bad wood and the wood holder was not only kinda wet from never drying, but also being eaten into by said critters.  Ugh. 

We relocated the raised bed to the end of the patio so the water run off from the roof wouldn't destroy my plants, then we carried bags of dirt to the backyard.  A project that I thought would take no less than 4 bags of dirt only took 2.5 bags, which means that now we have a LOT of extra dirt on our hands that either needs to be rehomed or returned.  Ugh.

After finishing with the raised bed, we were going to sit under the pergola to cool off, but when Teh German sat down, his normal chair was DRIPPING with water.  Not only was this odd, because no water should be coming in the pergola getting the furniture wet, but the cushion was dripping and it was 24 hours post rain.  Teh German tried to ring the cushion out, but it kept dripping.  Eventually, he removed the cover and put it in a place to drain and dry out. 

I'm not sure how, but this led me to asking him to fetch the shop vac and I proceeded to vacuum all the patio furniture, finally getting rid of that HUGE ass spider web.  I did discover the spider and asked Teh German for something to kill said spider with and he came back with critter spray... I meant a paper towel or a shoe or something immediately lethal.  Teh German sprayed the spider and it took off running and then we were unable to find it again.... 🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦

That was the point at which I insisted on vacuuming ALL the patio furniture completely.  I also vacuumed the rug.  When everything was put back together, I asked Teh German if he wanted to hang out outside or inside and he said inside and I was legit disappointed.  I HAD DONE ALL THAT WORK!  But there was AC inside and The Americans.. so I said ok.

We had leftovers for dinner and then we watch The Americans until midnight when we finally went to bed.


Sunday was productive day.  Teh German actually got up with the dogs before I could get annoyed with Meri laying in my leg space so I actually got to go back to sleep, which is very rare.  I ended up getting up around 0945 and making gravy for the leftover biscuits we brought home from Poogan's Porch brunch on the 4th.

Made with love and a little melted plastic...
Although this "modification" really made stirring the bottom of the pan easier.

Teh German had 2nd breakfast with my first breakfast and then I went into study mode for Chemistry and Teh German finished working on fish tank things he'd been working on all morning.  Teh German went over to Teh PT House to watch FIFA while I suffered through reacquainting myself with Chem. 

After a 1 hour break to talk with Teh Running Bestie, I did make minimal progress, hopefully it will be sufficient for the quizzes and test we have this week.  The professor put 2 old tests on the class website, so I printed those out and started taking them as a means to help myself recognize what I don't understand (from Chem 1) and what I need to ask about.

My goal is to take Friday's test on Thursday so I can go to MD this upcoming weekend for Megan-Teh Running Bestie time.  I haven't purchased my tickets yet, just in case, but I'm planning on it, while Teh Running Bestie is NOT planning on it, so she's not disappointed in case something happens.  Fair.

When Teh German finally came home, I had finished up with as much Chemistry as I was going to accomplish.  He was kinda surprised.  Again, leftovers for dinner and then we watched The Americans until bedtime.

Sometimes, fuzzy feet try to pierce my face.


It was such a weird weekend because Wednesday kinda felt like Friday and Friday kinda felt like Monday but also Friday.. Saturday felt like Sunday and Sunday was just weird. 

For real, being back in class has me in a funk and it's not so good.  I'm questioning how I'm going to survive another 295 of schooling.  Teh Running Bestie suggested maybe going back on the anxiety meds, but I would have to find a medication that doesn't have forgetfulness as a side effect, because that's the real reason I had to stop taking the anxiety meds.. and my general no-fucks given attitude had escalated to maybe too high levels.  Oops.  I think I'm supposed to have my lady appointment at the end of July or August (I can't remember because it's not scheduled because they said they'd call me to schedule when it's time, annoying) and I was going to ask my OB/GYN at the appointment for either a medication that my insurance covers or a referral to a general practice doc who isn't part of the office that I'm boycotting after my March sickness.

I might also have some PMS going on.  That snuck up on me.

I have to get back into the school-work swing of things, which is annoying because it means my days are super long and exhausting.  Also, I've not been sleeping well, so that only makes each day seem longer (not really just seem, since the days really are long when you don't fill them with sleeping).

This week is the first full week of class and the teacher doesn't hate me, so that's a positive.  She also has noticed that I'm trying to be on top of things, not just because I'm trying to leave town this weekend. 

The calendar is currently void of activities, other than my impending travels.

Oh yeah, and Pax was fine all weekend so I cancelled his vet appointment that was scheduled for this afternoon.  No need to waste $150+ for him to just be milking me for attention.  Siiiiiigh.


  1. Even though I haven't gone to work since the end of May & so days don't really matter to me, the holiday weekend REALLY threw me off with what day it was. Having to clean the microwave makes me irrationally stabby. I HATE it. Why does food have to be so rude sometimes?!

  2. Your school sadness is palpable over the internetz...I'm sorry. And yes, the holiday week has been SO WEIRD.


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