Friday, June 28, 2019

Five on Friday #200

EINS - Random Shit

I dropped off my computer last week at Best Buy and I can't shake that feeling that I'm forgetting something.  Is this what amputees feel like?  I know that's probably an inappropriate analogy, but that's kinda what it feels like to me.


The keyboard I ordered from Amazon was stated to be in "Used - Like New" condition.  I've never seen a "like new" condition that included obvious use to include grime around the keys and an obvious spill AND a huge gash in the bottom of the keyboard.  NOOOOPPPEEE.. Send that sucker back and ordered a different one.  Amazon, you cut me deep.


Due to shitty advising, I didn't take Chem 2 after I took Chem 1 in 2017.  That said, I did have a Gold Star semester the following semester, probably due to NOT taking Chem 2, so I guess that's the trade off.  BTW, Gold Star status = all A's.  For cadets it means something extra to shine and wear on your uniform, for me it's just a pride point.

So anyways, I'm taking Chem 2 in July (#JesusTakeTheWheel) and I was concerned that I was going to have to buy a new book since it's been a few years.  I checked the bookstore website yesterday and it's the same book.  🙌🙌🙌  I will only need to buy the $25 lab manual and hopefully I can snag a left behind apron and then I won't have to purchase that either.  I had one for Chem 1, but I left it behind, thinking I wasn't going to have to take anymore Chem... as one would.


While I was in Germany, I had some serious issues with my ear piercings.  Like my conch piercing got super infected and I had to get that handled, but I also had issues with the other side and couldn't figure out what was going on, so I took out the earring in the 3rd hole and hoped the issue would resolve itself.

Fast forward to 1 month later, after the ears had kinda righted themselves around (like to a normal state for me), and I started having issues again.  I realized what the actual problem was this time... the earrings I'd been wearing.  We rode over the weekend so I took all my earrings out and when I put earrings back in, I switched up the earrings.

I'm pretty sure I'm allergic to whatever metal the post is made from of the earrings I put in, because, upon inspection, the gold finish has worn off where the post goes through the ear.  This annoys me since they were earrings from a jewelry store, so why the fuck would the gold come off?

In surprising news, the 3rd hole didn't close up, as I anticipated, during the month of no earring, so I was able to put earrings that I know don't cause issues in all the available earring holes.  Granted, I'm wearing a mishmash of earrings so for anyone that notices, they might find the unmatching earrings a bit weird/slightly amusing.. but #IDoWhatIWawnt.


I learned this week that Google Fi actually refunds for any data that was unused of the $10/1GB I paid.  So last month, when I used 3.053GB and had to pay $30 for the 3 full GBs, I will get $9.?? back since it was unused.

Heeeeelllllooo dollassss, goodbye data diet!!!
I put myself on a data diet this week because I didn't want to have to pay that $10 for the full GB when I knew I would barely use any of it.  Knowing that I get the $$ back is a game changer.  I'm about to be using all the data, all the time.  Which by the way, usually results in less than 3GB per month used, unless I'm overseas and using my phone's data to get anywhere ever.  Then it's slightly more than 3GB.  #LessonsLearned


It wasn't my idea of a good time, but after much hemming and hawing, jobs were applied for and resumes were sent in, and we're BOTH relieved...  Teh German finally got to experience the American thrill of applying for jobs online, which is the absolute worst.  I did some quick edits to his resume to try to add in some key terms from the job posting, then he would create an account if necessary and fill in the blanks/ensure the information that was generated from the resume upload was correct (it never is.. of course), then click apply.

While he realizes the process is frustrating, he said it's more simple than he thought it would be, so hopefully this means he'll stop saving jobs and start applying for jobs...  Teh German did admit to me the next day that he felt relieved and I was sad to tell him to please not get his hopes up that something would come from the applications in the near future... that the American job situation doesn't really work that way unless someone finds you.  Unfortunately.


Fun fact: warm earl grey boba milk tea is better than cold/iced earl grey boba milk tea.  Trust me.


I always feel guilty that my book posts don't have pictures, buttttt I'm not taking the time to add the book covers to the post, so I just deal with the guilt and you get a word wall.  Oh well.


The results are in from my German exam.
Honestly, I walked out of the exam feeling confident that I failed all 4 sections. I hoped not, but expected the worst, because that's just better for me.

I also learned the week OF the exam that it didn't matter if I passed or failed (for my Citadel class credits), but if you know me even a little bit, you know that it 1000% mattered to ME if I passed or failed. The real person you should feel for in this situation is Teh German. He had to deal with all my stress and bullshit for the entire week.

Usually, before taking the B1 exam, you take up through the B1.2 course (so A1.1, A1.2, A2.1, A2.2 (my course), B1.1, and B1.2). This means that I completed 4 of 6 classes that are usually taken before taking this exam.

Teh German has been telling me he's proud of me for doing the course and taking the test, no matter how I did. #BestHusbandEver. But, after looking at these scores, I'm pretty proud of myself too.

My goal in doing the study abroad was to be able to communicate better with the German family and friends. My German is, obviously, FAR from perfect, but the fact that I passed the speaking and listening parts (even if just barely) makes me feel validated that my efforts were worth it.

Considering that I was 2 sections short, I'm not surprised I didn't pass the reading section, as I was missing a LOT of vocabulary. I was kind of impressed I almost passed the writing section, because I did so poorly on the writing portion of the in-class exams.


I successfully switched out the hard drive in Teh German's laptop.. except that now it's randomly shutting off/going to sleep and I can't figure out why.. But I mean, the fact that when you're using it, it works like a champ should not be discounted.  It's when you leave alone for 5 minutes that it gets tired and doesn't let itself be revived.

In progress.
I HAD to complete this while Teh German wasn't home breathing over my shoulder freaking out that I'd break something.. otherwise, it wouldn't have been a good situaiton.

This was my sign of success!!
Until, of course, the computer decided it was tired and didn't want to wake up...
Also, if you're a nerd and you know tech things, I'm still looking for assistance in this matter.  I can provide more details, but I think putting it here is unnecessary since it's over most non-nerd heads.

I've been troubleshooting this computer situation since Wednesday evening, to include a call of desperation to Dell (which would have cost me $170 for them to troubleshoot it), and I'm fucking done with it.  This morning (Friday), I bought the computer to work with me to try and make shit happen.  I mean, I work in an office of nerds, maybe their power is what the computer needed?  NO, that is NOT what happened.  The computer still acted a fool so I'm in the process of creating a recovery Win10 USB drive so I can wipe the new SSD and install a fresh version of Windows.

Do I think this will fix the issue? NOPE.  I'm not that lucky.. But I will have tried, at least.  If this actually works, then fine.  If it doesn't, as I'm expecting... I will reinstall the HDD when I get home and then wipe the SSD and return it.  If the computer continues these issues with the original HDD, then Teh German and I can discuss next steps.

2 lessons were learned:
1- Don't erase the original data.  Just don't.  Let that drive sit in a drawer for 10 years with the data on it.  When you get all willy-nilly and productive, you fuck yourself.
2- Don't buy a computer that I wouldn't use.  Teh German's use of a laptop is entirely different from mine, so we purchased a casual use type of laptop for his use, not mine.  His use includes scrolling through social media and watching YouTube.  Mine includes photo editing and coding and intense shit.  I will just spend the money next time and ensure that we're not in this situation anymore.
Bonus- Ensure the computer comes with what you want it to come with.. even if it's more expensive.  The upgraded hard drive, more RAM, etc.  If it's already in there, you don't have to fuck with it and it's less of a possibility to be fucked up.

BUT REALLY.. why does it work perfectly when stimulated, but shuts down when ignored?  WTTTTFFFFFFFFF.. this defies reason.

I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 on the SSD.  It flickered at one point when it would usually shut down, but remained on.  I did some searches and did a registry change and changed an extra setting that appeared after changing the registry.  So far... NO MORE MYSTERIOUS SHUT DOWN/SLEEPS!  The laptop will have to be set in front of Teh German to truly test if it is fixed or not.. and with my newly deep seated trust issues, I refuse to be excited until this computer goes for over 48 hours without problems.


I went to the gym on Wednesday after my massage.  I planned to do 40 minutes on the elliptical.  By 10 minutes in, I bumped that shit down to 25 minutes because I was DYING.  The gym used to have machines with little fans integrated into the function button area.. I guess they got new machines and they no longer have the fan and I was crushed.  There are no stand fans or anything since the gym is temp controlled through AC.. but Lawd, I was dying.  I guess this is what happens when you eat ice cream almost every day for several weeks and don't work out.


I wanted to check if it was raining on Thursday at our house and discovered the Ring doorbell was disconnected.  I told Teh German about this and when I arrived home, he was already troubleshooting the matter.  He said that when he removed it from the door frame, it was SUPER hot.  Not warm like being outside when it's 95°F, but HOT.  When he had tried to turn it on, prior to removing it, nothing worked.

Rather than do the same shit he'd already done, I figured we'd call Ring support and see what was what.  First we had to hunt to see if it had a warranty though and when Teh German couldn't find it on the Amazon orders, I did some hunting and realized I purchased it on Woot, 367 days prior....  Worried, I found a number for Ring customer service and they had us reinstall it and try to reset it, to no avail.  We have the recording subscription, which was activated 7/18, so the rep said that the equipment was still under warranty and they'd send us a new one.  Ummm.. okie dokie.

It's too bad the rest of my technological problems were not solved that simply.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-New garage door opener thingy.  Now the garage door will open automatically when we pull up.  PEOPLE.  GENTLE READERS.. THIS IS 2019!!  I'm sure this technology existed prior to this year, but this is the year we got with the program.. I can.not.wait. for this bad boy to be installed.  It jumps to the top of Teh German's to-do list as soon as it arrives.  #NOTFUCKINGSORRY
-New belt... after the belly button rash, it was time.
-New keyboard for my desk at work.  The one I've been using for many years is a cheapie Amazon basics with 2 buttons missing from where I popped them off because I kept using them after I switched from Mac to Windows and it was causing chaos.  Then the keys disappeared and I have no idea where they are and now I want to use them and they aren't there... #FirstWorldProblems.
-Color Catcher Sheets, a necessity for washing RED pants...
-Car insurance for everything in the garage.. /weep
-Exterminator fee.. even though they didn't remove that big ass spider web.
-Dentist bill from my broke tooth filling in April.
-Tattoo session 1.
-Stupid Bose noise cancelling headphones.... ugh.
-Aquaphor for the tattoo
-A new HD for Teh German's laptop.  This is kinda selfish, but his computer is slow, and with my computer currently not in my possession, I need his shit to satisfy my needs (you're welcome for that).  There are so many regrets now.
-Shirts from Amazon, like of a more adulty, professional type.  Teh Running Bestie is gonna be so proud.  I really need to stop ordering fun Woot shirts though.  Fo' rizzle.
-Massage.  Much needed, so much pain and soreness later.  But my feet aren't cramping up anymore.
-Hairs did + salon shampoo and conditioner.  I don't love buying shampoo/conditioner at the salon because it's expensive, but I needed the good shit because I just cannot handle washing my hair every other day.  I just can't.  It's stressful for me.  I feel like my head smells, my hair IS oily, I'm self-conscious.. I can't.

+I returned the Bose headphones.  The conversation went like this:
Walmart Customer Service Lady (WCSL): Is there anything wrong with them?
Me: Nope.. well, yes.
WCSL looks at me, surprised.
Me: They cost $350 dollars.
WCSL laughs.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

If I am ever blinded one day, please know Pax is at fault.
The monster was bouncing when I got home and BOOPED ME IN THE SUNGLASSES WITH HIS NOSE.
My sunglasses were, thankfully, OVER MY EYES, otherwise he would have literally poked me in the eye with his nose.
I wasn't bending down over him, I was standing upright.
Have I mentioned lately what assholes my dogs are?

Ein Zweihorn! LOL
Ein Einhorn = a unicorn
This is now a bicorn?
IDK that Zweihorn translates like I want it to, lol.
But Teh German really appreciated my joke.

How do you know if an ant is male or female?
They are all female, otherwise they'd be call uncle.

What my personal beverage bar looks like in the AM.
I can't help how thirsty I am, lol.

Caption says: I hate when I eat the last one in the bag and don't notice.  I always need that "this is the last one" warning for extra savoring.

The top of that cloud was kinda bizarre..
Unfortunately, our house received NO rain from all of that.. Booo.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Thanks Chrome for making me doubt myself.
Also, Costa Rica is a COUNTRY.  Why does your spell check not recognize that?

You are brave.  Even when it does not seem that way and your bravery shows up in your choice to keep going everyday.

You have worked so hard.
You have given so much.
You have made it through countless moments of not feeling good enough.
And if there are days where you still feel discouraged, remember: you have come so far,
and no matter how your low moments have made your feel,
they do not define who you are.
-Morgan Harper Nichols

I discovered that last story while sitting in a meeting with most of my coworker and I was almost crying.  Thankfully, I was sitting in the back of the room, but it was difficult to hold it together for a few moments.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Gettin' my hairs did.  
  2. Tattoo scabbys.  It's healing!!
  3. Nerd friends responding to my plea for help on FB.
  4. As much as I hated it and was super frustrated, troubleshooting why the computer wasn't working properly was mildly enjoyable to me.  And also telling the Dell rep that I was not interested in spending $170 for them to fix the problem was joyful.  
  5. My puzzle.  It's not only pretty, but just challenging enough while not being frustratingly complicated.
  6. WORK.  I got to work on documentation this week and it was awesome.
  7. Free lunch.
  8. Using some credits for new audiobooks that aren't my usual.
  9. Getting to the gym.  Finally.
  10. Sweet tea at work... Free.  For my drinking pleasure.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. -Hubs gets extremely frustrated with me because I almost never open packages/bags/etc by perforated supposed openings...
    -Just got a new stainless steel cup especially for my coffee, so there is now a dedicated cup for coffee/water at work/water for workouts. Not to mention the Tervis' which is for mixed's a beautiful system.
    -A'FRIGGIN'MEN to the period post.


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