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Weekend Review {06/03}


Finally, the exam I'd been stressing waiting for all month.  I wasn't really able to sleep good since I was super anxious, so I had zero problem getting up with my alarm at 0630.  I got ready and packed my bags and Teh German and I lugged my shit to the car and he drove me to the train station so I could catch the train to Düsseldorf for the last time.

I picked up breakfast in the train station, then headed to Goethe-Institute (GI).  Since there were 4 different levels of tests on Friday, the waiting area/lobby was full of people, so I just sat in the hallway on the floor and ate my breakfast and did some last minute studying.  I also spoke with both of my GI teachers since I saw both of them.

The test was from 0830-1200, then 2:45-3:15.  The morning part included writing, reading, and listening.  The afternoon part was a presentation/interview.  Teh German met me for lunch in the city and we went to the brewery that Teh Deutsch Asien and I went to a few weeks ago.  We split 2 dishes, always fun.  Then I wanted boba tea, but both places had long lines and I said fuck that.  So I went back to school and Teh German entertained himself for the 1.5 hours while I studied and finished the last part of my test.

After the test, we met up, I checked the line for boba tea (again, too long, said fuck it and got an ice cream cone instead as a #TreatYoSelf treat), and then we headed to the car for our drive south.

Dear Americans,
Your gas is cheap.  STFU.

4.5 hours later, we were with the rest of the family in southern Germany.  They were waiting on us for dinner at our hotel.  After dinner and socializing, it was finally bedtime.

I've yet to understand the 2 duvet blanket system of Germany.


Saturday, the "children" had together time.  First, we had breakfast, then we decided to visit Burg Hohenzollern, the castle near where Mama G lives.  We decided to hike up the mountain instead of taking the shuttle.  It was a good idea at the time.

The slippers are definitely one of the best things about visiting this castle!
There's also capes, but it was too hot for that.



After castle time, we headed to coffee and cake at Mama G's house where we met up with Brother G, Sister-in-Law (SIL) G, Neffe (nephew) J, Papa G, Stepmom G, and other relatives.  There was lots of socializing, a little bit of car swapping, then we all headed back to the hotel/restaurant for dinner.

I've learned this trip, after many large gatherings in restaurants, that German restaurants are not like American restaurants.  I mean, I already knew this, but sometimes the differences become more obvious in new situations.  For instance, a party of 20 staying for 3+ hours is not unusual in Germany.  I doubt that would happen in America for those people to just eat dinner.  Also, many rounds of dessert were ordered and finally the server said, no you cannot order anything else.  I'm not sure if the kitchen was closed or if they were focusing on the other large party who came in a few hours after us... but that would NEVER happen in America.  Money is money.

Jaeger Schnitzel attempt.

After many hours of socializing, I was tired.  VERY tired.  But I didn't want to be rude and leave the gathering, so I stayed, mostly just trying to understand, but not really understanding.  I also knew that to go to bed before Teh German would mean that his drunk ass would wake me up when he came in the room.

FINALLY, we went to the room.. Teh German was looking for car keys and couldn't find them.. so it was MUCH MUCH worse than just being awakened by his drunk ass.  At one point he came in and turned ALL THE LIGHTS ON after I was settled in the bed, reading my book [on my phone] with NO lights on.  Wanna know how to instantly piss me off?  Turn on all the lights, without warning, while I'm sitting in the dark.  RRRRAAAGGGEEEE.  But, I was tired, so it was more like rrrraaaagggeeeee.

Then some other shit went down that included yelling and me telling Teh German to shut up because there was a baby next door (his cousin) and it was almost midnight.  Other shit happened that I'm not getting into and at some point Teh German found the key, exactly where I'd suggested it was the very first time it was mentioned, he went to sleep, and I was awake until ~0200ish.


Teh German woke me up at 0930.  I had missed the memo (#LanguageBarrier) that breakfast was at 09, not 10 like I had (incorrectly) heard.  I showered and went downstairs where the whole family was at the table, mostly finished eating.  I had taken a benedryl when I couldn't sleep, so I was really dragging... but I made sure to tell everyone that I slept fine to dodge any questions.

After breakfast, the northern Germans headed back home, and the rest of the family went back to Mama G's for hanging out and eventually coffee and cake.  Teh German had been messaging with his S.Germany friends and a meeting time was set up for the afternoon.  We met at an Eiscafe (ice cream shop), and, of course, I had to get ice cream.  Only one scoop though.  The girls were adorable and I discovered that putting my favorite Snapchat filter (the big eyes/big teeth/tiny nose one) on children is my new favorite hilarious pastime.

Eventually, it was time to head back to Mama G's house for pizza with the fam.  The extended family had returned to Munich, so it was just Mama G, Teh German, myself, SIL G, Brother G, and Neffe J.  We enjoyed pizza for dinner and Mama G made a raspberry-yogurt dessert that was fucking delicious.  After dinner, we putzed around for a bit, set up the couch bed for us, and then took showers since it was pretty hot (not like Charleston hot, but I definitely maintained a serious case of swamp ass the entire fucking day, so still miserable hot) all day long.  Finally, it was bedtime for the fam.


A fantastic weekend with the German family.  After being in north Germany for so many weeks, I was excited to get to the south where it's less city living and more village living.  The fields and mountains always bring joy to my heart because it feels like home.  I am grateful that the family all came together to hang out with us, especially since almost everyone drove more than 2 hours to get there, some with babies, which is a real commitment.

We finally got to meet Neffe J, who is definitely a G-baby.  That forehead and those fingers and toes!  And he's adorably chunky.  You just wanna squeeze him.  He's a super good, not fussy baby (at least while he was in my presence).  I was so happy to finally get to deliver all the baby clothes I bought for the cousin's baby and for Neffe J.  And everyone was so excited over the Oshkosh clothes.  I felt strong validation.  Gift giving is my jam, y'all.

This week we are with Mama G through Wednesday, when we fly to Venice!!!!
Venice for 2 nights, then we take the train to.... ROME!!!!!
I've not allowed myself to start getting excited until right now.  I didn't want to distract myself from my German class and getting all the shit done that needed to be done (for my GI class and my Citadel classes and then the test).

This week included relaxing, relaxing, laundry (of fucking course), and eating all the things...
AND ITALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which I've been waiting on my entire life.

Left: Real Life
Right: Posed Life

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  1. Have a great time in Venice & Rome! Gas here really is cheap. Last summer I went to Canada & thank the Lord it was just for one night & I didn't need gas until I crossed back into Minnesota.


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