Friday, May 31, 2019

Five on Friday #197

EINS - This Week

TUESDAY: School, lunch adventures with Teh Deutsch Asien at a Korean place, then shopping for a flask, then back to the flat to pack and do work things and wait for Teh German to arrive!!!

After Teh German arrived, he talked with my host lady for a few minutes, where I she talked about herself more to him in the 5 minutes than to me in my entire month there....  After we got my bag to the car, we walked to Schalander for dinner with Teh Running German and Frau Always Cold.

After dinner, we went to the Eis Cafe down the street for one last dessert.

Then we drove back to Essen.  When we arrived, we sat with Papa G and Stepmom G and chatted until it was bedtime.

WEDNESDAY: FINALLY.. after over a month, a sleep in, relax, do nothing day.  I didn't get out of bed until 1030.  After I went downstairs, I started on some work stuff and ate breakfast with Papa G and Teh German, who finally came downstairs with some prompting.  After my work stuff, I finally wrote my weekend blog and started on this post.  I also did laundry.  *Disgruntled noise*.. but at least I know THIS Laundry Fairy won't turn my shit pink.......  Also, I rewashed my pink clothes and most of the pink came out.. so ya know.. small victories, but I still know she turned my shit pink.

In the evening, we had dinner with Auntie P.  Sehr lecker (very tasty)!  We sat outside for a while enjoying the sounds of the loud ass birds singing and the neighbors yelling and our Deutsclisch conversation.  At almost 11:00, we went back home and it was bedtime.

Dessert was strawberries with homemade cream.
You should be jealous, I won't... sugar coat it.. HA!

THURSDAY: We slept in until around 9, then had breakfast with Papa G and Stepmom G.  They left around 11, which meant that Teh German and I were allllll alllloooonnneeee.. So, of course, Teh German got one bathroom and I got the other and we had Teh German/Teh Megan Time (aka, we had our separate alone time in the bathroom for how ever long we wanted).  Then I repacked my luggage since we are mailing a box back to the US so we don't have lug an extra bag through Italy, and then it was finally study time.  While it was sweet when Teh German came into the same room as me while I was packing, it wasn't so sweet when I was trying to study and he was listening (abet quietly) to YouTube videos.  I finally had to ask him to leave.  After studying for several hours, I took a break and went downstairs to socialize and scavenge for a snack.  Instead of coming back up to study more, we ended up taking a nap.

When we woke up, we got ready and then headed to visit with Opa.  Auntie P came later and we all had dinner together.  After dinner, Auntie P, Teh German, and I headed to an Eis Cafe for dessert.  #NoRagrats.

This is the library at Opa's living place.

Fried potatoes, pickles, messewurst, and eggs.

Spargel, Kartolffeln, and Schenk.
white aparagus, potatoes, and ham

Family time!

Translation: Ice cream fries with strawberry sauce (as ketchup) and whipped cream.

Spaghetti Eis (right): Ice cream that looks like spaghetti with strawberry and raspberry sauce with white chocolate flecks
Speigelei-Eis (left): Ice cream that looks like a soft egg, but it's really just vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and a peach.

Silly selfie.

On the way to the ice cream place, we passed by this gem.  We HAD to walk back and get a photo to send to Teh Running Bestie.

After we got back home, I did more laundry, wrote this post, and should have studied.  #YOLOMFS

FRIDAY:  Today is exam day.  I'll save that fun story for the weekend review... mostly because.. I'm writing this on Thursday night and my future predictions aren't so great.

ZWEI - Random Shit

-On Tuesday morning when I left, I only unplugged my phone charger, not my computer, when I left for the day.  Of course, my computer was unplugged by the time I got home.  It was the last fucking day dealing with that shit, but I definitely noticed.  SOOOOOOOOOO glad that shit is over with.

-My host lady talked more to Teh Deutsch Asien and Teh German than she did to me the entire month I was there.  Both my visitors were with her for a pretty short amount of time.  Maybe I didn't ask the right questions, but I also feel like she didn't like me much..   I mean, she told me she was going to Israel to visit a friend, but when Teh Detusch Asien came to visit, my host told her she was going to Israel with one daughter to visit her other daughter who lives in Israel.  Whatever.  Let's just say, I wasn't sad to leave

-I'm on vacation and cannot eat enough dessert and delicious heavy foods.  It's gonna be a real struggle when I get back to America, lol.

-I've also been eating on a weird schedule here.  I will eat lunch after my class ends, so generally from 1:30-3, then if I eat lunch that late, usually no dinner.  But if I don't eat a big lunch or any lunch, I'll have a big dinner.  For breakfast I was eating a piece of toast with cream cheese (since Leberwurst and I had some intestinal disagreements) and it wasn't lasting long enough.

-When I get back to Charleston, I'll be signing up for our community gym again.  I'm excited and scared that I won't go at the same time.  It's been a millionty fucking degrees in Charleston the last few weeks, so I definitely know I won't be outside running unless I get my ass up at stupid early to go in the dark.

-My poor credit card is weeping.  #VacationLife #StudyAbroadLife

-Teh German was going to sleep in the room without a window shade and I managed to talk him into moving into the bedroom in the attic with complete window coverings.. and I have ZERO regrets.

-I finally figured out how I burned the screen on my laptop.  Sometimes, when I close my laptop, it doesn't go to sleep.  I didn't realize it the first few times and didn't associate the burned pixels on the screen with what was happening.  I confirmed the cause and effect event on Tuesday night after I had closed my laptop to put it in my backpack.  When I unpacked my laptop to upload stuff over night, I opened it and it was still running and the burned area on the screen is now even bigger than it was.  I think the heat generated from the computer trying to cool itself in my bag, which doesn't work well, causes the computer to get super hot, and then the metal of the keyboard gets warm and then the screen gets too hot and the pixels are fucked up.  Thankfully, I have the complete warranty and the computer needs to be sent in for repairs when we are back in Charleston for T key repair anyways.

-When Teh German comes to me after trying to troubleshoot something with his dad and tells me that he saw his own reactions to stuff from his dad while trying to help him.. the same shit that I have to deal with from Teh German all.the.fucking.time, I lllaaauuughhhh and laaaauuugggghhhhh.  He did comment that, "Knowing you have the issue is the first step to fixing it."  So, there's hope, loooooool.

-I'm always torn when in eating in Germany between trying something new that sounds delicious or ordering what I know is delicious.  It's a rough life I lead...

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Just because I'm in Germany doesn't mean I've stopped checking in!
I'm pretty pleased with myself being the Baroness of a German area.

I saw a sign for strawberry Raffaello, but maybe it was actually raspberry..
Either way, these are delicious.

I forgot to ask for milk tea, and ordered regular tea instead.
This wasn't disappointing though.

Dear Google,
NO.  I do not mean "Thank you for offering your SKIN to me."
WTF, Creeper.

If you are ever in need of a tour via photos, I know a guy who can do a VERY detailed photo tour (Papa G).
But also, can I just say how pleased I am that someone noticed the bathroom baskets at our wedding?

America: TJ Maxx
Germany: TK Maxx

Bought some gin made in Düsseldorf.
Hopefully it's not shit.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

And here you are, after everything you endured far too long.
You did not know you could be this strong.
You did not know after all that went wrong, you had this courage and strength all along.

Not everything will be easy, but not everything will be hard.
Many things will happen in this life but they will not define who you are.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Snuggles with the Teh German.  And hugs and kisses and just being with Teh German.. ya know, cheesy, spouse-y shit.
  2. Mezzo Mix
  3. When servers ask, "English or German?" and I say, "Beide (both)."
  4. SLEEPING IN.  Especially, sleeping in, in a DARK room.  *all the praise hand emojis*
  5. Family time.
  6. Doing my own laundry.
  7. It finally spring in Germany and I didn't need a jacket this week, which meant cute outfits!
  8. Speaking German with Opa and his partner and they could understand me.
  9. Leaving all my shit plugged in and it not being unplugged every day.
  10. Understanding German.  It's weird, but it's a thing now.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. Haha 100% yes to the friends taking my pictures. I need those kinds of people in my life. I want all the food. The Spaghetti Eis makes me really want to go back to Germany.


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