Friday, May 24, 2019

Five on Friday #196

EINS - This Week

Monday: School, Doner with Teh Deutsch Asien for lunch, then home for homework and flashcard creation.

Tuesday: School, ramen for lunch (it was disappointing), then dinner was out since I needed to go to the grocery store for my breakfast cheese (livin' like a real German up in here).  I picked Tuesday as my "GoPro" day.  I recorded my commute to/from school.  I wanted to record some stuff during class, but didn't have anywhere to place the camera and the teacher/school is crazy strict about permission forms for showing people in videos.. so it just wasn't worth it.  The video isn't compiled and edited/created yet, but maybe I'll share it where when it's done.  IDK.  We'll see.  It's not like a fantastic work of art because I'm carrying around an action camera with a selfie stick and the camera bobs around like crazy.. but if you are interested in what it looks like to take the train in Germany, it's probably interesting to you.

When the stove takes too fucking long, so you use the instant boiler to make ramen.

Kölsch with dinner.

In case you want to know what delicious looks like (and tastes like):
Translation: pan fried potatoes with white asparagus with ham, hollandaise sauce, and a metric ton of cheese.
I'll be going back there for dinner before I leave.

After dinner, I stopped by the Eiscafe for ice cream...
It was right by the grocery store.
I have no will power.

Wednesday: School, tried to get boba tea during our 1200 break, but the line was out the door and I made it there at 12:03 and they opened at 12.  FML.  Had legit Chinese food for lunch with some schoolmates (who were Chinese and Japanese (which was great), so after I explained that I couldn't eat spicy food, but I trusted them, they ordered several dishes which we shared family style = wise life choice by me (self high-five)).  Then, my worst fucking nightmare happened.  I asked Googly to get me home and when I went to the platform to the subway, IT WAS CLOSED.  I tried other platforms nearby and THEY WERE ALL CLOSED AND WTFFFF?!?!?!  I was messaging Teh German and Teh Running Bestie and Teh German did some searching and learned that there had been a fire in an electrical room and they closed the platforms because of smoke.  FUCKING CHAOS.  Police and fire vehicles were all over the streets, so vehicle traffic was fucked up, AND SO WAS public transit.  I ended up finding a bus that would get me a 10 minute walk from the flat, so that's what I did.  I was so overwhelmed I didn't even get a photo of what my worst nightmare looks like.  That's a blogger fail, but trust me, it happened.  Of course it happened while I am here.  Why wouldn't some sort of public transit fail happen while I'm around?

After I finally got home, it was time for work/homework and a nap because I've been soooooo exhausted, and then up and out again for the final Stammtisch, where we had to wait over an hour for our food, a.fucking.gin.  Me = pissed.  We have one last dinner gathering and I asked if it was at the brewery we went to for Stammtisch because if I was told yes, I wouldn't have been going.  Nopeeeeeee.  Not gonna wait an hour on my food for 3 weeks in row.  Not happening.

Teh Deutsch Asien likes to try new dark chocolates.
While this wasn't dark chocolate, it was PINK chocolate from ruby cocoa beans, so she tried this pink KitKat with me.

We killed some food.

May 2020 cannot come soon enough.

#WhenInGermany #RadlerLife

Thursday: School, finally obtained a boba tea (it was a fail), then I met Auntie P at Kö, the extremely upscale shopping area in Düsseldorf.  And by extremely upscale I mean... Tiffany's, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc.  Like, places my cheap ass doesn't shop at.  Our first stop was lunch.  We ate at an Italian place.  After lunch we did some window shopping, then we went on a hunt for boba tea that wasn't disgusting and was unsuccessful because they only had tapioca boba and i was NOT suffering through that shit again.  NO.  Instead, we found a cafe and ordered dessert and chatted for a while.  Eventually, we decided it was time to go home.  I managed to get back to the flat with zero issues, Auntie P did walk with me part of the way to the platform just in case, which I appreciated.. what with my public transit issues.

I tried a new boba tea from the place by the school and this was their "special" with tapioca.
Coincidentally, this is the day I learned that I fucking hate tapioca boba and anything that is supposed to taste like brown sugar/caramel.  Strawberry boba pearls or NO BOBA TEA.

When I got home, I was feeling motivated, so I decided to take care of my laundry situation.  Aka, the Laundry Fairy made an appearance for the first time since the end of April.  I had to search the entire flat to find where my host put the laundry pods I purchased, but I finally found them.  I borrowed a large bag she'd left out (lucky me), and headed to the Waschsalon (laundromat).  I managed the washer and dryer without too much #LanguageBarrier issues.  While the laundry washed and dried, I worked on homework, to include recording a video for the 10 "vlogs" I have to turn in for my Citadel credit for my German study abroad.  These videos have been very difficult for me to start doing because ... I'm camera shy.  I don't mind photos, but video is another story... PLUS in German?  Kill me now.  I also had grand hopes of doing awesome videos with edits and showing cool shit, but those days have passed.  Now, I'm just talking to my cell phone and describing my days or why I was at the Waschsalon recording a video (because my Host didn't want me to use the washing machine).  Whatever.  I don't think these videos are going down in a history book.

Anyways, after I got home and put my laundry away I worked on homework until it was time to talk to Teh German and then bedtime.

Friday: School, then I went out with Teh Deutsch Asien for lunch and exploring.  First, we stopped at the boba tea place so I could get some boba that wasn't fucking disgusting and THEN we went exploring.  We wanted to check out a market, but it was rather disappointing and very small.  There was only one stand selling food, so we didn't even bother.  Instead, she led us to a restaurant she had seen and we had lunch.  It said it was a mexican/tapas restaurant, but it really wasn't very mexican-ish at all.  We both had fish dishes, which were pretty good.

I love these little Bücherei (book store/place) around town.
Granted, all the books are in German, but the concept brings me joy.

A radler with lunch.

Fish with risotto with tiny shrimps in it.

After lunch, we hit up an ice cream place.

After ice cream, we stopped at a few shops, to include a super adorable chocolate shop.

Translation: Everything is good as long as there is chocolate.

Translation: Life is to short for bad chocolate.

Translation: made with love and sweetly packed.

Everything looked delicious.

After the chocolate store, we headed to the Rheinturm (the Düsseldorf Media Tower).  Teh Deutsch Asien hadn't been there before and I was willing to go again.  Unfortunately, a screaming kid really ruined the experience for me, but I survived.  After the tower, we headed to the Ghery buildings, which are famous for their weird architecture... annndd it sprinkled on us, despite being a gorgeous day.  Because, why wouldn't it rain every day in May when I'm here?

Translation: Welcome to the Rhine Tower

Look, a photo of me!

We are adults.


After a quick photo shoot, we headed back to the Rheinuferpromenade (Rhine Promenade (aka the boardwalk)) and walked to my favorite selfie wall.

This interesting contraption told about energy use and some other sciency stuff that I didn't feel like reading.

The Rhine is a HUGE shipping river for Germany.

The house fronts never get old.

Favorite selfie wall!!!
It's too bad I look so fucking tired...
Because I am so fucking tired.


After selfies, we headed back to our respective flats.  I had some work I wanted to accomplish and plenty of never ending fucking homework to do.  Instead, I gave myself a pass on homework, tried to do my work stuff, unsuccessfully because slow internet, then decided to take some time to blog.  I did take a blogging break to record a vlog while I was feeling motivated and before it got dark.  I must do these when I have motivation because I need like 7 more freaking videos and that annoys me.

I will talk to Teh German when he gets off work and then it will be my bedtime.  FUN!

ZWEI - Random Shit

-When I arrived in Germany I feared that I'd have so much free time and I would be bored.  Far, far from it.  At this point, I feel like I have no time to do anything else.  I try to make time to go out and do things since my time here is limited and I ensure that my homework is complete (although not always as soon as it's due).  I didn't even have time to work on this post all week, that's where I'm at in life.. and I imagine the schedule will not get back to normal until we get back to America.  My computer isn't used to the lack of action it's getting!

-I have a favorite selfie spot in Düsseldorf.  #NotSorry

-My host lady didn't want me using her washing machine.. to the point that SHE told ME that I had enough to clothes to last until she got back from her trip, and I'd be fine.  Rather than deal with that, I just said if I need to wash clothes, I'd figure it out myself, and told her ok whatever.  After realizing that I definitely did not have enough bras or socks or underwear, I was on the hunt for a laundromat.  I found one and washed my laundry all by myself (gasp!) on Thurs evening.  I didn't have any struggles and it was kinda surreal.

-But the universal balance is that when I was searching for the delicates bags, I broke one of the latches on an outside closet door.  Soooo I have to fess up to that when she returns.  Oops.

-I learned on Thursday or Wednesday (I can't remember, it's been that kind of week) that our last day of class is Tuesday.  I didn't realize this when I scheduled my exam for a fucking Friday 2 months ago.  Because the information I got said the class went to the 30th.  Except that the actual last day is for people taking the exam after a class.. meaning I could have taken my exam on Wednesday, but since I didn't know until a week prior, there was no way to change it.  I asked.  They said the test was full.  Also, the fact that I cried about this in the office after I asked and was told no was probably a little irrational, but it was a 100% PMS reaction, which makes sense because I've been tired AF and bloated AF.

-My water bottle dropped slid out of my backpack pocket and then fell out of the train as I was getting off so now it's got 2 dents in the bottle.  Thankfully, it's not super wobbly.  Or rather, unfortunately it's not super wobbly, which means I have no reason to buy a new one... lol

-I talked to Teh German for the last time tonight before I GET TO SEE HIM!!! YYYAAYYY and boo.  When he said that he wouldn't talk to me on Saturday, I actually was super disappointed.  Like, I know it's for a good reason, he's on his way here.. but dayum yo.. I have needs.  Husband needs.  Need to talk to Husband needs.

-There is no microwave here and the shower head is not mounted to the wall.  I know there are people who actually use a head connected via tube or pipe or whatever you want to call it from the tub facuet to shower with and not a wall mounted shower head, but it annoys the fuck out of me.  It's exhausting.  I just want to wash myself and not be touched by anything.

-I'm also over feeling like a failure because I'm not doing well in the class.  I'm over having and doing homework.  I'm over missing my Husband and my dogs and my friends and my bed and a shower where the shower head is mounted to the wall. 

I enjoyed some of the adventures and getting to speak German when I could, but honestly.. I'm fucking over it and I'm ready to be on vacation and not having to think about things I MUST DO for 2 weeks and then being home.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Food uncovered in the fridge makes me rationally angry.
And it fucking smells.
I hate it.
This is why I have a countdown.

Those sparkly shoes.

Cocaine and Caviar..

This has been my favorite graffiti of all the street I've seen.

Also, I've shared some interesting shit on Snapchat as well, so ya know, follow me there if you're interested in more things.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Oh, you think you can beat me internet?
NO.  I will show you my super powers...
AKA, I can use TeamViewer like a motherfucking boss.
Sooo to get around this, I signed into TeamViewer on my work computer and ordered dog meds.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Teh Deutsch Asien sharing her chocolate with me.  This was especially important on Thursday when I had a meltdown.  It was literally like the Dementors came and I was super sad then I had chocolate and everything was better.  Ironically, after telling Teh Running Bestie about my woes, she suggested I have some chocolate and I explained that was exactly the solution I employed.
  2. The host lady being on vacation this week, which means that my shit stayed plugged in ALL WEEK LONG.  DO NOT CURR.
  3. Getting my flashcards completed.. even if I didn't use them a single time all week long....
  4. Adventures and new places and trusting other people to made food choices for me.
  5. The very ghetto painters tape keeping the T key in place on my keyboard.  It's not coming off anymore and I will be sending in my laptop for repairs when I return to Charleston. Boo/Yay.
  6. Getting the laundry washed without problems.  I always assume there will be problems when I do new things.  I am always pleasantly surprised when there are none.  #ExpectTheWorst
  7. 2 more days of class.  
  8. Planning activities next week with Teh German.
  9. A medal this weekend.  :)

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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