Monday, May 6, 2019

Weekend Review {05/06}


Possibly the longest day of my life.. One day, I'll be too old for connections, but at that point, I hope to be rich, so nonstop flights will be in my budget.. buttt, not yet.

My flight went from Charleston to Boston to Dublin to Düsseldorf.  In Boston, I grabbed dinner at Wahlburgers with a "smores" adult milkshake then booked it to my gate.  I chatted for a short bit with 2 ladies about runcations and then it was time to board.

Unfortunately, there was minimal sleep on the flight from Boston to Dublin, which was not how I planned it. 

On the flight from Dublin to Düsseldorf, I joined my row-mates in their nap time.

My, I'm so fucking glad I'm about to be done with airplanes, face.

Through Customs where the officer recognized my name as German.

Then, I waited on Auntie P and tried not to nap.. but I slowly went horizontal because being vertical for a millionty hours is exhausting.  I wasn't too worried about the weird looks I was getting for laying down at the McCafe.

Auntie P fetched me from the airport and we went back to her flat and ended up taking naps and I finally showered.  I found the card that Teh German had snuck into my luggage... and I read it and cried.  I know I'm a strong independent woman, but I really do like Husband.  I know sometimes I get frustrated or angry at him.. but he really does make my life better all the other times.

After naps and a shower, Auntie P and I walked to my room and dropped off my stuff, then we went to the store for dinner things.  I mentioned it in Friday's post, but I luuurrrveee going to stores when I am overseas.  It's always interesting the different items at different stores you can find... and sometimes the same things.

Dinner was pancakes with bacon and salad.

Then, I walked back to my room, stopping at the store for dessert, and tried to ignore the ruckus that was going on outside.  Teh German and I chatted while he was on his way home from work since I wasn't sure how long I would be able to stay awake.

It's hard to tell in this photo, but German bedding is different than American bedding.  Each person gets their own blankets, so I got to use both duvets for myself.  It was a perfect weight.. except I got super hot.  Oh well.


I woke up Saturday with a headache.  Probably from super hard bedding and a different pillow than I'm used to and maybe a lack of caffeine and an irregular sleep schedule and getting used to new plants and spring in Germany (aka, pollen is attacking me.. again).  At the store, I had picked up Mezzo Mix, a soda that is essentially Fanta + Coke, and it is my German favorite.  It is also my caffeine replacement since I won't be drinking coffee since I don't like it black or with regular cream.. only peppermint mocha creamer and coffee for me, or tea, or nothing.

After medicating and showering, I felt bearable and I walked to Auntie P's flat.  We had breakfast and then we walked to the Markt to pick up items for dinner.

Wisteria on the walk.


The thistles are actually kinda funny because on the way into our neighborhood, there is a car for sell in a yard with a HUUUUUGGGEEE thistle bush beside it.  Despite having mowed the yard several times, the owners have left the thistle bush instead of cutting it down and it blows my mind.  Whhhhyy wouldn't you cut it down?  Do you think that this massive thistle bush will protect your 1988 Lexus that you are trying to sell for $5000?  Really?  Ugh.

Anyways, after getting back to the flat, we rested until it was time to go visit Opa.  The view from the living room:

After we returned from visiting Opa (who took 45 minutes to mention my blue hair, we expected it to be much less time), I fell asleep while Auntie P made dinner.  Oops.  For dinner we had Schenken (ham), Kartoffeln (potatoes), und Weißspargel (white asparagus) mit geschmolzene Butter (melted butter).  It definitely got Teh German's seal of approval.

After dinner, I headed back to my room.  Teh German and I tried to have FaceTime, but the internet was poor, so we ended up chatting on the phone with no video.  Then it was bedtime.


Sunday night was garbage for sleep.  I went to sleep at 10pm-ish but was awake at 0200, 0500, 0700, and finally 0915 when my alarm went off.  I got up and showered and checked out of the hotel and headed back to Auntie P's house. 

German things that are different from American things.

All the fuel options.  For ~a millionty Euro per liter.  No, not per gallon, per LITER.

At 1130, we dropped off my luggage at the place where I will be staying in Düsseldorf.  The lady hosting me did not agree to me staying with her the night before my class started, so we headed back to Essen.  We stopped for brunch on the way home.

When we got back to the flat, we took naps, because it was a rainy Sunday and .... that's what you do!  In the evening, we worked on getting my phone set up for purchasing my train ticket from Essen to Düsseldorf and ate dinner and watched TV and I actually wrote this post on a Sunday instead of Monday or later!  Crazy, I know.


A very good, relaxed weekend before school starts.  The lady that is hosting me is older, but she speaks English, and she corrected my German while I was there, which is good.  My room is large, but full of sun and this vampire really struggles with that.  There's a table and cabinets.  I didn't stay longer than 5 minutes total and most of that was going up the stairs with my luggage.  She explained the protocol for the first day, showing up at the Goethe Institute from 9-11ish to take my placement exam then going back to her flat.  I think that when I get there, she will give me a tour of the house and I will unpack.

I know it will workout, but first I have to worry about it.  There are many shops around the flat and the train stop is a 2 minute walk from the front door, which is good since I will be taking the train from the flat to the Institute everyday.

Semi-related to my German problems.. THE HURRICANES WON GAME 4!!!  4/4 wins against the NY Islanders.  This good because it means they get to rest before the 3rd Round.  Sadly, I didn't get to watch because the game was in the middle of the night for me, butttt I did watch the highlights and it was enough for me.

Wish me luck, Gentle Readers, for an easy enough first week.  There will be work-work and school work.. and trying to speak correct English while attempting to use good enough/correct German and I'll be living with... an old lady. 

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  1. Oh man all those connections exhausted me just reading about them! That view from the living room though! And oh how I miss German food.


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