Friday, May 17, 2019

Five on Friday #195

EINS - Random Shit

-Remember that one time I was like "I'm glad you're selling shit but don't sell it to me?"  Well, in the same vein... I'm glad you ___________ (do crossfit, went Keto/Paleo/whatever fucking fancy diet you want to be on, are vegetarian (unless a food decision is being made), what the fuck ever special thing you do because you choose to do it), but I really don't care.  #SorryNotSorry

Maybe I was that way about running/getting out of the Navy/kick boxing/blogging/everything I do and I annoyed you.  If that's the case, I am super sorry.


Dear Alexa,
I went/go through a lot of judgement for bringing you to Germany, so if you could get your shit together and stop forgetting my alarms, I'd appreciate it, you fucking bitch.

PS. I'm sorry that Host Lady unplugs you every day.  It's equally horrible for me too...


Last week I posted a Morgan Harper Nichols photo that said:
To the one far away from home:
It is ok if it takes time to get into the rhythm of things.

I selected that photo without actually reading it.  When I upload the photos to the blog, it's difficult for me to read the images since the print is so small in the preview (even at XL size).  But could I have picked a better "letter"?  No.  No, I could NOT.


After speaking all day in German on Sunday, it was difficult to switch back into English.  All my thoughts were in German and I had to put them in English before I told Teh German about my day.  Obviously, he would have understood the German, but he was speaking in English, so I went with that.  Granted, my German wasn't totally correct German, but it was passable enough that I was understandable.  My listening skills really need some work though.


Monday we got a new teacher and I explained I was taking the exam for the B1 level and she made it seem like I have no chance at passing it (at all, even with a low score) unless I take the B.1.1 class and the B.1.2 class. Uh, NO. Not an option.

So I borrowed a study book from the "Media Library" with practice tests and I'm going to hopefully be able to work myself up to at least passing.  I have considered asking if I can move into the B.1.1 class, but I don't think they will let me because I'm not always so good with my German grammar.  Truthfully, it's a LOT of rules to remember to construct a single sentence, so when I'm speaking, I will often just say it, even if it's wrong, because the words are usually correct, even if the endings aren't perfect.

By Friday, I had only opened the books twice and decided to return them instead of carrying around the extra weight in my backpack.  #ComeWhatMay.


When the Germans send me messages on WhatsApp checking on me, it warms my heart.  I love that my family has extended.  Like, in my mind that's what having a husband meant, but you always hear stories of in-laws from hell.. and I just don't have that problem.  #LuckyMe


The Hurricanes were swept by the Bruins and I'm super sad.  We had a good run.  #LetsGoCanes


Uhhh.. sooo.. I bought a train/bus ticket to go to Amsterdam this weekend.  ALL BY MYSELF.  I almost chickened out, but I was in the middle of reading You Are a Badass (meh) and I told myself that if I didn't go, I was being stupid.  I had no valid excuse NOT to go, so I bought the get-there and get-back ticket and then planned everything else.  In fact, I ended up buying TWO get-there tickets after I realized that lodging was going to be a millionty dollars per night, so I chalked up the money for the Friday night ticket I had originally purchased to save myself $150 and bought another ticket for Saturday morning.  #YOLOBITCHES  #EverythingWorksOutInTheEnd #EvenIfItRains


After my first boba tea experience, I want to make my own boba tea, which is completely doable.  Except, I must find the boba without tapioca.  #TheSearchIsOn

Even without the boba, I bought a cheap water bottle and have enjoyed a tea latte each morning.  It's my new favorite thing.

ZWEI - This Week's Happenings

Being back at 100% health meant ALL THE ACTIVITIES!  

I mixed up the days (#LanguageBarrier) and I ended up meeting our German friends on Tuesday in Duisburg for an evening of adventures (Duisburg Love Parade Memorial, Turtle and the Tiger, Duisburg Innenhafen (Inner Harbor)) and dinner (mexican).  I won't lie, I love being a solid excuse for people to do touristy things they've always wanted to do!

On Wednesday was Stammtisch and I talked my new friend, Teh Deutscher Asien, into coming to Stammtisch with us.  It was a good time, even though it took half my life for the food to be delivered.  To make it up to us, they gave us a free basket of bread with a dip.. soooo I guess it was worth it?  IDK.

My newest friend.
I love that you can have dogs on the train here.

First Altbier experience.

But, this Radler was better.
Like, in terms of being as better as another beer can actually be.
I'm still not a beer fan.

Something something soup with ground beef and mushrooms in it.
It was delicious.
I ordered it instead of a cheeseburger because it had mushrooms and it was warm.

Blutwurst (blood sausage/pudding) with pureed potatoes.

IDK what this was, but it looked like some shit I would not eat.
Not just because the meat looks raw but also because those onions.

Thursday was lunch at a new place with Teh Deutscher Asien at Brauhaus Schumacher.  The evening consisted of game night at school where we played Mensch Argere Dich Nicht (aka, the German version of Sorry).  We got to make our own pieces and then decorate our part of the board and then we played one game, since one game takes a long time.  Much funs was had.

When in Germany, beer must be drank.
So.. they didn't have a Radler and I accepted a Weißbier instead.
It wasn't so bad....

Frickadellen (like meatloaf but in ball form) with an egg and the most delicious potatoes and some rabbit food.

Making our game pieces.

My Mensch (people)

All the Mensch.

Friday was FRIYAY BITCHES and Teh Deutscher Asien and I hung out for the afternoon.  My host lady had agreed to make Reibekuchen for me (I asked if we could make it together, but she purchased ready to make mix and just fried up the patties for us) and I asked if I could bring a friend and she agreed.  So Teh Deutscher Asien and I had our first Reibekuchen experience together.  It was super delicious, but super greasy.  I'd do it again.  After lunch, we did our homework, then decided to check out the hookah place on the corner of the street where I live.  Also awesome.  Finally, we ended the night with Spaghetti Eis, which is ice cream that looks like spaghetti.  The red part of the "spaghetti" is actually strawberries and strawberry sauce and it was 1000% worth every fucking calorie.  We also tried a chocolate Spaghetti Eis with bananas.  I liked the strawberry version better, so I had most of it while Teh Deutscher Asien finished off the chocolate one.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

My downstairs flatmates unknowingly too sooned me.
I used to have this bag until right before I left for Germany when I discovered my bag (from Scotland) had a hole in it.
It kinda made me laugh.

English: I'm lovin' it!
German: Ich liebe es!

I went on a run.. finally.
I ran to a nearby-ish botanical garden that completely disappointed me and made me glad I went there for a run instead of making a special trip there with just my camera.
I will visit another garden in the south before I leave and hope that it is much better.
PS.  Only the 2 flower pics are from the garden.  There were very few flowers actually at the garden.

An Aldi experience... because I was shopping when hungry.
I tried these and ended up bringing them to school to put in the free for all area.

The best flavors of ramen are at the Asian market.  ALWAYS.

Of course, during my sneaky pic, she decided to pee.

So tabs are kept in German bars.

This ridiculousness outside my flat at 10pm almost had me freaking out.. but after 10 minutes of loitering, they finally moved on.  This was actually a night time rollerblading event, complete with police escort and safety people (those blurs in the yellow vests beside the cars).  While kinda cool, it's good that I wasn't in bed yet, because they definitely disturbed the peace.  All sorts of people were peeking out the windows to check out what was happening.

Many flats/living places have fun little numbers and letters over the entrance doorway.
I've been told what the letters and numbers represent, but I can't remember, but I do remember that it's cool.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Pay attention to the things that no longer consume your mind in the way they used to
This too is part of your growth.

Do not think less of yourself if you do not feel fearless.
Doing it afraid is just as brave.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being 100% healthy again.  Despite what my host lady says about my lingering cough that has DRASTICALLY improved since Saturday (but not by her standards apparently.  For her, ANY cough is sickness....)
  2. All the activities.  I didn't want to sit at the flat the entire time I'm here.  I'm glad I've found someone to have adventures with and have options through the school to do things.
  3. My chats with Teh German.  Even if sometimes we don't have as much to say.  I think the presence is important too.. although he was whistling during the quiet times during our last phone call and I almost reached through the phone and strangled him.  So ya know.. balance..
  4. Pictures of the beasts from Teh Running Bestie.  Teh German has made his trek north with the beasts, so photos of the gang were sent, much to my heart's delight.
  5. Knowing that I'm going to Amsterdam on my own.  It's super scary and super exciting at the same time.  It's some strong, independent, woman shit.
  6. Boba tea latte.  The tea latte has actually brought me more joy than the boba, but the boba was super awesome.
  7. German things.  Spaghetti Eis, Reibekuchen, Bier, potatoes... German things.
  8. Being able to use public transportation without getting lost.
  9. Friends who are willing to drive 30 minutes in the opposite direction of home to bring me back to my house so I don't have to wait half my life on a train.
  10. 9 days until Teh German arrives in Germany!!!!!!

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I love your Menschen (plural - Mensch is just one).
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