Friday, May 3, 2019

Five on Friday #193

EINS - Random Shit

-My #1 complaint about Goodreads, which I absolutely love, is that users are allowed to rate before prior to their release.  I'm sure this has something to do with ARCs, but I really wish that wasn't the case.  When I'm hunting for my next book, I sort my Want to Read shelf by the rating and seeing books that aren't even published at the top because annoying bitches have already posted their 5 star reviews for a book that's not going to be published for another 5+ years (I have a specific sci-fi series in mind for this example) makes me stabby.

-The most inconvenient thing about laser hair removal is having to shave ahead of time.  Ugggghh.

-Teh German tried to tell me that I HAD to contact my host person after I got the information on Monday and I was quick to inform him that I did NOT have to do any such thing.  When I explained that I wanted to do other things first he got butt-hurt.  I didn't care.  I know part of it is that he's excited for me, but I feel like Rome activities are torturing me at this point because the details haven't been finalized and I am TIRED of thinking about it.  I want it to be done.  I want it to be done more than I need to contact a stranger who I'm going to be living with.

-Also, talking to strangers gives me anxiety.  When Teh German suggested that I contact the host person to introduce myself, my stomach tied up in knots.  If you know me in real life, you'll know that I'm pretty far from shy and I'm mostly outgoing (unless it's before 1000)... butttt initiating contact, and with a stranger no less, makes me 150% more awkward than I already am.  Initiating contact with a stranger in a different language?  Not interested at this time.  Try again later.

-After much mental exertion... Italy is 100% planned.  Every minute is not planned, but that's how we prefer it.  Also, our last full day there is completely open so that way we can decide what we want to do.  If we want to go see something again or go find something we've heard about while we're touring around, we can.  If we want to sleep in and fuck off, we can do that too.

Sorry, you can't really read that unless you click it.

-I almost planned a discotheque adventure on Saturday night, but remembered Twitch McGee in my bed on Saturday night and opted out of that situation since there won't be a guest bedroom for me to escape to.  #ChooseYourBattles

-I'm super happy for you if you sell some pyramid scheme shit.  Truly, I am.  But that does not mean I want to buy it or have 90% of our interactions be about whatever product you are selling.  I'm glad you're doing great and you're a top sales person and you're about to earn a vacation or a car or whatever the company gives you for piddling their stuff... REALLY.  But I'm not interested.  I'm cheap AF so the product probably costs too much for me to buy without mental anguish or without the excuse that I'm buying to support my friend.  And if it's a skin product, I'm probably allergic.  That's not an excuse, that's valid.  I'm allergic to life.  I'm sensitive... like me in general and my skin.  I can only use certain laundry detergents.  I also have a routine figured out and while I still have a millionty blackheads that I've just learned to love, I don't want to break my entire face out to "test" your products... also, I'm probably allergic.  Yep, even if it's free, not interested.

-On Tuesday night, after the pharmacies were closed, I realized I only had 1 month's supply of my hot flashes BC.  I left on Thursday.  I needed to solve the problem Wednesday.  I called CVS when they opened and I was told that there were no refills on my prescription.

EXCUSE ME, WHAT?  We just went through this shit 2 months ago getting it all sorted out and transferring it to CVS.  Before I called Teh Running Bestie with my breakdown woes, I did some quick problem solving and remembered that CVS was supposed to transfer the prescription from Walmart.  When I had spoken to the CVS pharmacist, she said the prescription had been transferred over from my insurance's online fulfillment service... So in a true fuck you move, I called Walmart and asked if they still had the script on file (they did), and asked them to fill it (they did).  I picked it up at lunch time with my $25/month coupon and gave CVS the finger as I drove past.  I hate, hate, hateeee health insurance and all the woes that come with it, and this is just another nail in the coffin.  I should also be angry that the script costs $375 for a 3 month supply without the coupon.. but I've already lived through that rage.

PS.  I still called Teh Running Bestie to vent about the drama.

-We held an impromptu farewell dinner at Willie Jewell's on Wednesday night.

-IDK why, but everyone kept asking me if I had packed yet starting on Sunday.  Like, yall, I don't leave until Thursday, why you Russian me?  Since I knew Wednesday night was going to be filled with dinner and playoff hockey, I packed on Tuesday night, like the motherfucking badass boss bitch that I am.

What I thought was going to be too much clothes turned out to be just right.  ANNNDDD my bag weighed 43-44 pounds (max of 50 lbs), which is MAGICAL... and probably has a lot to do with the 3 cereal boxes that were a request from Teh Running German.

latergram: My 2nd checked bag cost me $100 because Aer Lingus sucks in this regard.. and really, only this regard.  But still.  What am I going to do when you tell me that an hour and a half before my rescheduled, late flight comes in?  Take my money, assholes.

-Traveling overnight on Thursday and arriving on to Germany on Friday really threw off my schedule.  I thought it was Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday... in the same day.  Let's blame sleep deprivation.

-When I left Haus for the airport, I had a notification from JetBlue that might flight was delayed, but when I checked the app, it didn't say anything about it.  After some debating, I headed to the airport anyways.  Lucky that I did, the JetBlue check in dude was able to get me on an earlier (but also delayed) flight so I could make my connection from Boston to Dublin.  If he hadn't, I would have definitely missed all my connections since my original flight didn't land in Boston until 3 hours after my connecting flight departed.

-My flights were exhausting.  My Boston to Dublin flight was full and I was seated in the middle section, in the middle of the row, so we were all squished in together.  Thankfully, my row mates were cool and we chatted and did our own thing and tried to sleep and commiserated about the loud motherfucker in the back who spoke 6 of the 8 hours (if not more) we were in flight.  I did get to nap some on my flight from Charleston to Boston and Dublin to Düsseldorf.  And then.. I napped again after arriving to Auntie P's.. then again in the evening (by accident) while she was making dinner.

-Going to non-American grocery stores is always one of the biggest highlights of overseas travel for me.  So much joy.  So many different things.  I love it!

-I had forgotten about Mezzo Mix.. and by forgotten I mean, I love Mezzo Mix in Germany since we don't have it in American unless I make a homemade version.  I was so quick to grab a bottle off the shelf that I didn't even notice that it was Mezzo Mix "Zero"... uuugghh.  Whatever.  Hopefully, Mezzo Mix has enough caffeine to be a coffee substitute since I won't be drinking coffee while I'm in Germany (because the only reason I drink coffee in America is for the Peppermint Mocha creamer).

-I have a harder time understanding english-speaking Irish people than any German-speaking people.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-All the touristy things in Italy.  Like really.  ALL of them.  Yes, my credit card is weeping.  #YOLO bitches.
-All the Italy lodging things.
-Willow's oil change
-Travel insurance.. I think.  I mean, I paid for it and it's good for the year, but when I got the form it said the insurance wasn't applied, but I'm not sure if that's because I had to send in the stuff to confirm that I was a student.  IDK, it was weird.. and it takes 10 days to be mailed, and I'm already gone.. soooo hopefully if I need it, I can access it online.  I'll have Teh German deliver it when he comes across the pond.
-My final $5 Verizon bill.  I'm not really sure why there was a charge since I cancelled the plan on the first day of my billing cycle at 0630 in the morning so I hadn't even used any services.. buttt whatever.
-Pew pew lazor sessions.
-Gas for Bagheera.  This is significant since usually I'm with Teh German on the bike when he needs gas, so I just top off... except I had to do it myself this time since we haven't stopped to get gas recently.  #MeganProblems
-Facebook donation to a SHUG dog who had a freak accident who I not-so-secretly love.
-Snacks for the gathering Saturday night.
-Pizza for the gathering Saturday night.
-Travel meals/drinks while flying.  That includes my pre-flight adult beverage and dinner at Wahlburgers in Boston and a bottled water out of sheer dehydrated desperation after landing in Dublin.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Uncircumcised bully stick.
Alright alright alright.

A few weeks ago, I had a breakdown over the fact that my favorite type of sausage was NO WHERE to be found in any store in Charleston (that I looked).  So when I found them at Bi-Lo a few weeks ago on markdown (for reasons that I assumed had to do with their disappearance for forever), I stocked up and put 10 rolls in the freezer.
Turns out, it was a false alarm and now my sage sausage is back in stock like normal.  🤷

Why are these "smiles" acceptable, Duolingo?
This shit is like when you show the dentist your overbite.
Everything about this makes me uncomfortable.

This is Mer's favorite Neighborhood Watch Post.
Thanks, Bro, for fucking up my window sill.....

Pax's birthday is May 18th, and I'll be gone and the Fam will be in MD for the GEGR picnic, so I gave Meri and Pax their birthday toys early (both dogs always get a toy each on each other's birthdays).

He didn't like it when I would touch his bunny.
He actually relocated twice so I'd stop fucking with him.
Sorry not sorry, Bra, you're stuck with me for LYYFFEEE.

I was surprised when I saw that Meri got a chance with the new bunny.

Literally, there were children immediately surrounding me, but not in my row on my flight from Charleston to Boston.
The rest of my flights were relivately childfree.

I had filled my water bottle before we departed and didn't think to depressurize it when we got into the air...
and so my water bottle peed all over me while I napped.

You might know him as Sheldon, but I knew him long before as "the knight" in Garden State.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Finally starting my Germany adventure.
  2. Getting 95% of my shit packed on Tuesday night.
  3. Carolina Hurricanes WIIIIINNNNNN (again, #3 for this round).
  4. Well wishes from friends before I left the country.
  5. Family who take me in and don't judge me when I fall asleep on their couch after I've said I will help with dinner... sorry Auntie P.
  6. Mezzo Mix.
  7. No flight delays.
  8. Get this post up on Friday, despite travel exhaustion and jet lag.
  9. Getting to talk with Teh German Friday (his) afternoon before I went to bed.  I miss that guy.
  10. Teh German sneaking a sappy card with a LONG letter in it into my suitcase and completely surprising me when I found it.  Then, I cried when I read it.  For real though, I miss my Husband.  PS.  I left him 3 notes to find.  I won't pretend I don't love it when we do similar sappy things without each other knowing at the same time.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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