Monday, April 29, 2019

Weekend Review {04/29}


I worked all day on Friday AND I rode Bagheera in.  Don't worry, it was as strange as it sounds.  I stopped by Best Buy on my way home regarding my loose T key that keeps popping off making me have very violent tendencies towards my beautiful laptop.  Apparently, it can take UP TO THREE WEEKS to send in a computer for repairs with the warranty.  This makes me (IMO) reasonably angry.  I mean, it could take a week.. but I don't have that much time and I can't risk it.  Soooo I'm fucked until I get return from Europe with my T key randomly coming off.  SO MUCH RAGE.  I would have taken my computer in sooner, but school.. so I needed my laptop.  Also, the T key was bearable until the last week when it won't stay on at all anymore.

Sooo, I brought my broken computer home with the last resort being to glue the fucking key to the keyboard, although when I asked if this would void the warranty, the Geek Squad girl helping me mentally reviewed the warranty policy and wasn't sure then said, "If it does void the warranty that's on me."  I'm not sure if my face expressed my thoughts, but it was something along the lines of WTF and disbelief since my thought was, "So you're going to pay for my new computer or the repairs when the warranty doesn't cover this issue???"

Soooo this is my current solution to the problem.


Teh German and I went out for dinner at Myles and Jun Yakitori since we hadn't been there in a while.  Our service really sucked for the first half of our meal and our food took FOREVERRR to arrive.  But I mean.. I did drink half a pitcher of sangria, so by the end I cared less.

When we got home, Teh German turned on the Hurricanes vs Islanders game and I fell asleep during the 3rd period because I was drunk and relaxed.  We actually went to bed instead of watching the OT period because I was done.  While I was in the bathroom, I checked the score of the OT period and we'd won!  WOOOTT!  Teh German chuckled when he heard my reaction from the bathroom.

We were in bed by 10:30 since Saturday was a long day.


Saturday morning we slept in a little, but also got up at a reasonable time (0830).  I went downstairs and fed the dogs and started my computer tasks.  Teh German texted me asking if we were going to breakfast and I couldn't make a decision, so he did.  We decided to ride the bikes to Ihop for breakfast because I really wanted Ihop pancakes before I left.  And trust me... they were everything I wanted them to be.  I ended up deserting Teh German at Ihop after someone wanted to talk his ear off about the Bobber bike, which I have zero interest in.  Also, I needed to get home so I could shower and study for a few minutes and make sure I had all the test/hw solutions printed out so I could use them during the exam.

I knew the professor of my Networks class was an asshole, but it was a royal slap in the face after he'd agreed with us all semester what shit it was that our exam was on a Saturday at 1 that he didn't even show up and someone else proctored our exam.  I assume that he knew he had a conflict, but rather than telling us, he just played it off.  Rude.  Others were pissed that they couldn't ask questions during the exam, but let's just be honest.. he wouldn't have answered questions anyway.

What was a "10" question exam took me over 3 hours.  Because each question had at least 3-5 sub-questions and about 75% of the questions involved micro math AND each calculation would be used in another equation, so if one number was incorrect, the entire problem was, ultimately, incorrect.  #RAGE.  No shit, the calculations for the extra credit question took me no less than 40 minutes to find the equations for in the chapter slides then calculate.  The asshole Marine (who I've made peace with) ensured that I knew there was an extra credit page on the test after the test was passed out.  I told him that I appreciated his pointing it out to me, even if he was being a smartass.  The fact that he even bothered was appreciated.

After the exam, I headed to the grocery store to buy snacks for the gathering we were having later in the evening.  $75 later (don't judge me, I was hungry), I headed home with munchies.  After unloading the groceries, I didn't have anything to do.  Sooo, Meri and I relaxed on the couch before company arrived while Teh German did Teh German things. 

My heart explodes.

 Around 7, peeps started arriving.  After consuming pizza, it was socializing time.  Around 8, it was smores time.  It was a perfect night for a campfire.  After Teh German started the fire, I kept it going.  I didn't blaze off anyone's eyebrows, but I felt like Teh Dad would have approved of my skillz.

As I walked up the stairs at 1245, I said, "I'm going to bed," to the guests who were still at the house and they took that as their cue to leave.  Teh German was right behind me.  I was pretty fucking stabby at 0317 when Teh German's entire body twitches woke me from my slumber.  Despite moderately gentle kicks and shoves, he continued to switch and I knew that I had to go to the guest room.  The problem with that is the guest room bed didn't have any sheets on it, which meant that I would have to make the fucking bed at 3:30 in the fucking morning and few things make me more stabby than that.  After gathering sheets and my phone and water and pillow and blankie, I slammed the bedroom door when I left (yes, childish I know, do not give a fuck).  I heard Teh German rouse and let out a stupor-ed, hurh? and that was it.  I was so angry I couldn't go back to sleep after making the bed and closing the blinds and curtains and getting myself situated so I played some solitaire until sleep was finally upon me again.


I heard Teh German get up with the dogs, and I was not a little bit sorry that he had to get up to let them out.  He had asked me before the last guests left if we got to sleep in the next morning and I had actually planned to take care of the dogs since he's going to be dealing with them for the next 3 weeks solo.. buuuuuttttttt his drunken twitches meant he got the big fuck you and he got to deal with the dogs. 

My thinking is always that he should never drink so much that he twitches in his sleep if he knows that it keeps me awake.  Like, marital sacrifice type of shit, right there.  Honestly, if the situation was reversed, I would limit my intake.  The other thing is that when he drinks too much, he's an asshole, which makes me be a bitch, which I hate having to be.  And then, he remembers NOTHING.  Which only fuels my rage because then it's like I'm mad and living it over and over and he's not living it at all.  I know part of this is irrational, but a larger part is NOT irrational.

I did manage to go back to sleep and I finally got up around 11, as the queen of passive aggressiva who avoided all eye contact because glares were inevitable.  I did the laundry, not caring if I woke up Teh German up.  I didn't slam any doors, but I didn't go out of my way to be quiet... to mean I was as quiet as I normally am, which is pretty quiet.  After getting the laundry put away, I "started packing".. specifically, I got out a suitcase to put my clothes in.. and then I determined that it was too early to start packing.  I still need my shit for this week and packing too early is annoying because if you need something from the bag you have to reposition everything and then the refolding.. and it's just best if I wait until the night before.  I've already got a list of items I don't want to forget that aren't clothes.. so I'm not super worried.  And let's be honest, I can't put my toothbrush in the suitcase until the day I leave.. so I'll be packing the day I leave, period.

Teh German didn't seem in a hurry to get out of bed after I told him we weren't going to brunch (I wasn't feeling it and we had plenty of food in the fridge to eat) and that we were going to Teh NY Chef's house for dinner at 5:30.

Ramen for lunch!
This also shows me finally getting to use the chopsticks I ordered for us andddd the seaweed I found at Target which was DELICIOUSSSSS and I ate almost the entire pack with no guilt since it's like 50 calories for all of that.

After lunch, I headed to the office to pound out Italy details.  I want to finish this task so it's not hanging over my head anymore, but decisions are hard.  Teh German had gotten up and started his day and came into the office at one point to ask if some free fencing would be fine for a raised flower bed for the back yard.  I said yes, he fetched it and started working on it.  Later, I was determining Rome activities when Teh Dad called to chat. 

During our chat, I finally had a revelation that I wanted to spend more time in Rome.  There's so much I want to do in Rome and only having 3 nights was not enough.  Also, I'd already purchased plane tickets from Stuttgart to Venice and from Rome to Baltimore.. soooo I decided to cut Florence from our itinerary.  There wasn't much in Florence that I'd been excited about and I'd only planned for a day trip to the countryside to include the Leaning Tower of Pisa.  Not going to Florence means 2.5 more days in Rome.

After getting off the phone with Teh Dad, I went out to tell Teh German of my decision, which he was fine with and he was building away.  He didn't get much done since we needed to be at Teh NY Chef's house by 5:30 and I refused to be late.

I was too excited over delicious noms to take a photo, but dinner was stuffed shells and meatballs and chicken and zucchini and spaghetti squash and peppers and sausage and garlic bread and salad.  It was all super delicious.  THEN...  THEN... Teh NY Chef out did herself by making cream puffs from scratch. 

Wanna know a weakness I have?  Cream puffs.  I ate 4 before I left because I'm a fat ass and do not curr when it comes to cream puffs.  I brought 3 home.  I may have had one for breakfast this morning.

By 7, everyone was headed home and Teh PT Wife went with me to drop Willow off at the dealership for her doctor's appointment on Monday.  When I got home, I grabbed the computer to do Italy things and watch Vikings with Teh German.

By 10, we were in bed.


Are you ready?
Sit down.
Praise Allah.

Many people asked me on Saturday night if I'm excited about going to Germany and I had to admit that I hadn't really allowed myself to be excited.  I couldn't.  I knew that getting excited about Germany would mean that I would shift my primary focus from school to Germany and I still had too many weeks of school and too many assignments to allow myself to do that.  I think that's another facet of why this semester has been so painful.

Also, by Saturday night, I had just started to realize that the semester was over and I hadn't even started mentally switching gears yet.  My objectives were: School, gathering, sleeps.  Also, the sooner and more I let myself get excited about Germany, the more the anxiety will distract me from things like work and solid preparations.  When I get excited, I tend to forget more things, which doesn't make for good packing decisions, especially when I'm packing for over a month away and for multiple seasons.

Sunday, I didn't really know what to do with myself at first, but then Italy preparations took hold.  On Sunday evening after dinner, I felt weird because I didn't have any school things that needed/could be done.  Like, I could literally do whatever I wanted without feeling like I was going to have to make up for any non-school activity at a later time.

3 days until I leave for Germany.
7 days until language class starts.  (holy fuck, that's a WEEK!)
26 days until my Germany race.
26 days until Teh German arrives in Germany.
37 days until Italy.
49 days until I return to work in a full capacity (until my July class starts).
67 days until Chem 2 starts.
368 days until GRADUATION.


  1. That was mighty brave, & potentially stupid, of Little Miss Geek Squad... & the thought of the math actually made me cringe! WOO WOO FOR THE END OF SPRING SEMESTER 2019! And for leaving for Germany in THREE DAYS!!!

  2. ugh so frustrating about your computer. i could easily spend $75 on snacks just for myself lol. yay for your semester being over!


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