Monday, April 8, 2019

Weekend Review {04/08}


Thursday was like a marathon.  Anxiety had me up at 0430 and I wasn't going back to sleep, despite my best efforts, so I got up, did the laundry, took my shower, and headed to school early to accomplish school and work things.  I had class, then class again, then I sat down to do "one quick thing" to my code which ended up being more like an infinite amount of quick things, so I stopped to go down and grab my lunch from the car, which I ate, while coding because when the coding bug bites, you accept it and you code.

I had actually planned to take a nap because I knew it was going to be a long day, but it didn't happen.  I worked on stuff through lunch and then it was afternoon class, then I headed to work to change into running clothes and wait for Teh Running Bestie to meet me (yay!) so we could run the i5k.  

I thought the race started at 6, but it actually started at 6:30, so we had to stand around for a bit.  BUT there was a greyhound there, so we were pacified.  The race went fine.  We did a walk/jog, nothing overly strenuous.  I was surprised at how little I coughed, and glad.  Coast was giving out free beer, so that was cool if that's your thing.  After the race, I grabbed a free beer for Teh German, since there were canned beers there and technically, I had paid for it, even if I don't drink it, and then we left.  

I dropped Teh Running Bestie off at her car, called an order in at Willie Jewells, picked up the order, and went straight home.  Since it was a little after 8pm when I got home, I didn't even bother bringing in all my shit, just the food.  We immediately ate dinner, then I took care of my shit.  Laundry, taking off my bra, putting shit away, gathering shit for the next day, and finally sitting down to finish my code stuff and letting it run overnight, and finally going to bed.

For real, when I rolled over in the bed, I don't remember closing my eyes.. that's how quickly I fell asleep.. and that's never how it works for me.  I didn't wake up once all night and it was a fucking delight.  I'm not sure the last time that's happened.


Because there was no class on Friday, it was a work only day.  I went into the office kinda early since I had a laser appointment at 0900.  After my laser appointment, I went to the Chiro.  Since it was pouring buckets outside when I was trying to leave the Chiro's office, I talked him into escorting me to my car with an umbrella since "we're in an unsafe neighborhood" (which isn't actually untrue, lol).  He was a good sport and made sure I was mostly dry all the way to the car.  Then I went back to work for several hours until it was finally time to go home.

Olive-Walive is a boss at using a pillow.

Teh Running Bestie, Teh PT Wife, and I headed to the Bridge Run Expo around 4:30ish.  We picked up our race packets, perused the tables, then it was dinner time.  We decided on Page's Okra Grill, which was a risk since there is always a wait.  Fortunately, for a party of 3, it was only a 15 minute wait, and Teh PT Wife was able to handle that.

Chicken livers, cornbread, sweet potatoes, hushpuppies, and some pinto bean corn "salsa".

I know our server was slammed with tables, but we didn't have silverware when our food was delivered and I had asked for a water and didn't receive it until I was halfway done with my meal... after I'd had to go up to the server station to ask for silverware.  Yeah, that wasn't my favorite thing.  We did see the dude after the race on Saturday, but didn't say anything to him.  I think Teh PT Wife and I were both surprised to see him out of the 30,000 people there.. and we lost Teh Running Bestie.. we happen upon our server from dinner the night before.  The world works in mysterious ways.

After dinner, we headed back home.  Teh PT Wife loves me and sent Teh German and Teh Chief Smartass home.  I was exhausted and wanted to go to bed and I knew if they came home after I was already in the bed, that would wake me up and I wouldn't have been able to go back to sleep and then I would be EXTRA stabby.

It didn't take long for it to be bedtime since we had an early start the next day.


When the alarm went off at 0530, I was legitimately confused.  I quickly determined it wasn't a school day, but could NOT remember why the alarm was going off.  It took a solid 20 seconds to remember it was Bridge Run day.

We were on the road by 0615, headed to the Coliseum to catch a bus to the start line.  We did a car go the opposite way of bus traffic and I was in such a bitchy mood, I really wanted that person to get hit by a bus.  Based on our general disgruntlement throughout the weekend, I'd say that all 3 of us, myself, Teh PT Wife, and Teh Running Bestie were PMSing.  It was rough.

I tried to take a nap on the bus ride, but the radio was BLARING and then it was static once we got into Mount Pleasant, which was better to me than my ear drums busting since it kinda sounded like the brown noise I listen to while I sleep.  We got to the start area and then decided to jump into the furthest forward corral we could sneak into.  I was in D corral, but Teh Running Bestie and Teh PT Wife were further back and I didn't want to be waiting over an hour to start the race.  A nazi was bib checking every.single.person (as she should) that went into D and E corrals, but the oblivious dude at F corral wasn't really paying attention so we snuck in.  Then some twatty bitch made some comments when I decided to stop moving and stand in the space that was in front of them.  Yes, it was tight, but there's 30,000 people here bitch, STFU.  I'm not touching you, breathing on you, or otherwise harming you.  Get over it (which is ironically, also the motto for the Bridge Run, so HA!).

Teh PT Wife and I ended up going on ahead of Teh Running Bestie.  This wasn't ideal since we ended up almost not being able to find her at the finish line because fucking chaos.  When we went into Marion Square, where the post-race stuff was happening, there was ZERO cell phone coverage, so we had to move out into the streets to be able to text her and her location wasn't updating.  UGH.

Wut bridge?

We finally managed to get text messages through and met at the Krispy Kreme bus.  We had grabbed water and a banana for Teh Running Bestie, but she hadn't gotten our texts in time and already had to fight the masses to get water, which always makes us stabby.  Throughout the race, I had been telling Teh PT Wife that I was annoyed with the weaving between people we were having to do.  Then we got to the finish line and there was no water and we had to discover a new area of the map to find the water (you're welcome for that gamer reference).  Here's the thing.. when participants have to ask each other where to find food/water after a race, YOUR RACE IS BAD.

And so.. I have come to a conclusion.
2020 will be my final year running the bridge run.  I'm over the crowds, I'm over the hassle it is with Teh German to get my car downtown the night before the race, I'm over the fact that the day before it usually rains, making getting downtown even more tedious, I'm over shuttling to the start, I'm over the extra 2 miles added on to the length of the race to get to the start line and to get to the car.

Why 2020?  Because I can't do 4 years of a run.  I need an "even" number to finish on.  And because Teh PT Kid told his mom that he would like to run the Bridge.

So after finally getting to the car in the parking garage, we headed to Early Bird Diner for post-race brunch with Teh German and Teh Chief Smartass.  I had called them when we got to the downtown portion of the race so they could head there and kickstart the wait time for us.  #SorryNotSorry.

I was super pumped to see the Oatmeal Cream Pie ice cream on the dessert menu and super disappointed when it didn't live up to my remembered expectations.  There was no talking during eating time, so that meant we were all huuuungry.  After brunch, we picked up Willow from the Coliseum, then we headed home.

I set up taco soup in the crockpot for dinner then piddled around the house doing random shit and finally showering.  I had debated taking a nap, I felt good, so I wasn't sure if I needed one, but ultimately ended up napping.  It didn't hurt my feelings.  When I got up, I shredded the chicken for the soup, then it was dinner time.

After dinner, I worked on a Cricut projects and Teh PT Fam came over to visit.  Eventually, it was late so Teh PT Fam left and soon after, it was bedtime.


I wanted a late start on Sunday morning, but couldn't manage to sleep in once the beasts had been released, so I just got up and started working on homework.  It rained in the AM, but we still actually went through with our plans to take the beasts on a walk at Riverfront Park (where the i5k was). 

I had managed to clip Pax's nails before we left, without help, which was nice.. and I got a few of Meri's before I quicked her and she started bleeding like a stuck pig all over the couch, which set off Teh German, which set off Meri.. and I'm trying to hold her bloody foot.  It was as lovely as you can imagine.  Even with her anxiety meds and being exhausted from the park walk, she was NOT having more of my shit.  Teh Running Bestie tried to dremel her remaining paw and neither of us had ever been so scared that Meri was going to bite one of us, so we gave up.

Also, I do not have Mom Guilt because all of Meri's nails are black, which makes it extra difficult NOT to quick the dogs.  "Quick"ing is when you cut too short and the nail bleeds.  It doesn't last long, and it's equivalent to ripping off a hangnail for humans, but Meri does NOT like her feet to be messed with, thus why it is such a momentous event when nails get cut.

Back to the park though, we sent the beasts with Teh Running Bestie, who was going back home, so Teh German and I could accomplish the week's grocery store run.  We stopped at Sam's, Lidl, and then Walmart, unfortunately.  I had been hoping it was only a 2 store week, but I was not so lucky.  But it's fine because we were able to get all the stuff on the list instead of pushing it off... again.

When we got home, I put away groceries and then Teh German and I started working on German dinner: Hähnchenschnitzel (chicken schnitzel), käsespatzle (like mac and cheese), und Rotkuhl (red cabbage).  We started on dinner no later than 6 and we didn't eat until almost 8:30.  UGH.  But it was sooooo worth it.  This was the best time that we've done German dinner, Teh German and I agreed.

Front to back:
Rotkuhl, jaeger/mushroom gravy, Käsespatzle, Schnitzel

There was also "jaeger" gravy, but it didn't really come out right..
but the flavor was fine.. so I used it as a dipping sauce, lol.

After cleaning up dinner, it was bedtime.


Sadly, Teh Running Bestie left on Monday morning.  That's always the worst, when she leaves me.  Even though we know we'll see each other again in June, I'm unbearably jealous that Teh German will get to see her in May when he goes to MD for the GEGR picnic, so before me.  I know, I know, I'll be in Germany doing awesome things.. but principle people!

Overall, a very good weekend.  I didn't get much done in the way of homework, which makes for a stressful week... Which can be determined from this post going live on a Wednesday afternoon...

Monday, I had a filling put on my broken tooth.  I have irrational dentist anxiety, but I managed.  The dentist said if the filling doesn't do the trick (eliminating the pain) or doesn't stay attached (since the break was at such a severe angle), a root canal is next. 

This is literally what my brain did when the dentist said that:

So this fucking filling better stay on.  That said, the lack of pain has been startling.  I didn't realize just how much it hurt.  Also, I no longer have to clean the tooth out with my finger when I'm done eating since it would trap food.  I'm sure that is Teh German's favorite thing about my filling, no more watching me pick food out of my teeth after we eat.  That said, it is very much a habit now, after several years of doing it...

Monday night, I thought it was Tuesday night and I was extremely disappointed that the week was already dragging and it was only Monday.

Finally, Teh Running Bestie and the Disney Hercules Facebook account peer pressured me into starting to play Disney Emoji Blitz.  I haven't decided if I will continue to play it long term because I have a very hard time not playing it at the wrong times and being grouchy while I am playing it if someone messes with me and causes me to score low.  Yes, I know, #MeganProblems.

I can literally drag myself through this.
I run half marathons.
I can survive 2 weeks of end-of-semester-itis.
For real though, wish me luck.  The struggle is real.

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  1. Cutting doggie nails are SO HARD. Apparently my MIL quickened (?) their dogs nail really bad when Hubs was a kid so now he refuses to do I get to do it ALL THE TIME! I've only quick'd once but of course it was our super dramatic dog so Hubs thought I murdered him (no lie...this dog yelps like he's being beaten if you walk too quickly...not abused, just super dramatic).


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