Monday, April 1, 2019

Weekend Review {04/01}


My goal Friday was to have a "normal" day, butttt it just wasn't in the books.  The hydrocodone cough syrup I got gives me intense headaches behind my eyes and in my sinuses, as if I didn't already have enough going on with being allergic to every.fucking.thing ever.. so that was a fun Friday morning situation I had to get through.  I teleworked for a bit, and then I headed to school. 

Because of the headache, I didn't make it to campus in time to take my engineering test first, so instead, I took my German test first, then went to German class and did my final presentation during class, then after class headed to Academic Support to take my engineering test.  Turns out, being in a semi-out of it/medicated state reallyyyyy helps me test.  Despite feeling like I did very poor (for me) on my German test, I made a 99.  My German teacher delivered it with a semi-reproachful look, then laughed at me when I told her that I had warned her it wouldn't be good, then I flipped it over to a 99.  She's like, this state of mind is working for you. 

I kept that ball rolling through the engineering exam, which only took me a very alarming 25 minutes.  Those tests usually take me a full 75 minutes, sooooo thanks medicated brain!  After the tests, I headed home and teleworked some more.  When work things were done, I headed to the couch for Meri snuggles and book time and to wait on Teh German to come home.

When he finally came home, we agreed to go out for dinner since I felt up to it.  We agreed on Charleston Burger Company since we hadn't been there and it'd been on my list for a while.  It was good, but it wasn't drive all the way there good.  Also, there was a millionty year wait since they had so many take out orders they were working on.. and they forgot to put the egg on my burger and later delivered it, SWIMMING in grease for me to put on my burger.  Uhhhh wut?  After draining the egg of the grease and dabbing it like greasy pizza (no shit, I legit did this because ingesting that grease would have 100% put me in the bathroom within 20 minutes of consuming it, guaranteed), I managed to get the egg on my burger and all over me and my plate.. It was a disaster, of course.  Teh German's burger was equally messy, so I didn't feel bad.

After dinner, we headed home and watched Modern Family until bedtime.


Saturday morning, I finally completed my goal of getting up with the beasts.  I felt super productive!  Then I went back to bed and read for a little while.. and then I ended up taking a multi-hour nap.  When I woke up again at 11:30, I got up and Teh German said he wanted to be productive and pick weeds from the front yard.  I wasn't overly interested in that, but I also know that #BestWifeEver points are made by doing shit I don't necessarily like doing. 

The dogs were being annoying AF, so I got motivated and opted to take them on a short loop, because I don't really have the endurance to do the long loop and still manage to have energy to do other things after.  When I got back home, I scooped poop, and then dug up these 2 grassy plants Teh Gardener planted last year and put them by the HVAC drain in the side yard, hoping they will soak up some of the water that drains there and makes the yard a disaster (since we had to remove the drainage pipes after the HVAC disasters from last year, even though they were definitely NOT the problem).  I also relocated some other plants, then I sat down and dug up weeds from the flower bed for half of my life.  About 3/5 of the way through, I realized that I regretted my decision.  I was exhausted and you can tell the point where I stopped caring.  It looks better than it did, but there's a side that is NOT as good as the other and IDGAF.

Teh German could tell that I was tired and we had talked about riding out for dinner.  After pulling the weeds, he had washed Suzi and Bagheera, which was MUCH needed.  Also, I have ZERO idea where his motivation to pull all these damn weeds comes from.  I'm wondering if he doesn't realize that weed and seed mix exists for a reason.  Truly, it baffles me how often Teh German commits to pulling weeds.  He tricked me into that shit TWICE for the backyard and I told him NO FUCKING MORE of that shit.  It was miserable, it never helped, and I'm too fucking old for that mess.  Our backyard will always look like asshole because it doesn't get a lot of sun for growing grass and the dogs excessively "aerate" it with their zoomies.  Also, one side doesn't really get sun at all and it's either moldy or super dry.. and I don't care.  The backyard is 90% for dogs pooping.. and 10% for us sitting outside in the pergola or at the firepit.. which Pax likes to use as a centering ring for his poops.  So I mean, really, why bother?

I went inside and showered and told Teh German I needed to lay down for a short bit before I could go anywhere.  He knew that however I felt would determine if we got to ride the bikes or not, so when it was for more than "a few" minutes, he didn't rouse me.  45 minutes later, I went downstairs with my riding boots on and we picked a place for dinner called Mainland Container Co in Mount Pleasant.  I saw they had truffle tater tots and that was all I needed to sell Teh German on the idea.

When we arrived, we sat at the bar.  I could tell it was kind of a "locals" place since people at the bar knew the name of the bartender.  We ordered hushpuppies as an appetizer and placed an order for a caprice chicken sandwich (Teh German) and a shrimp platter (me, and I'd told Teh German I'd share since I doubted I could eat a full "platter").  The hushpuppies were delicious in honey, the other dips were too spicy for me to endure with my raw throat.  When our food came.. I was extremely disappointed in the $19 "platter" with ~10 "jumbo" shrimp on it.  Granted, they were touted as local, jumbo shrimp, but calling something a platter would insinuate that there are an abundance of shrimps...  I gave Teh German one shrimp and said, sorry that is all I'm sharing since there's not really much here.  The slaw was ok, but difficult to eat since it was super long strands of cabbage.. and the truffle tater tots were everything I'd imagined they would be.

This place was SUPER dog friendly, with a special dog section of the menu.

After dinner, we headed back home.  After releasing the beasts, we headed over to Teh PT House for socializing.  Around 10:30, I finally semi-forced Teh German into going home since our hosts were exhausted and he hadn't actually been smoking the cigar he'd been holding for a solid 15 minutes.  When we got home, it was bedtime.


Sunday morning was a slow start thanks to 2 benedryl + hydrocodone.  I was surprised Meri let us sleep for as long as she did, until 10.  I got up with the beasts and rediscovered we were out of milk for cereal.  I went back upstairs and told Teh German of my bad news.  We agreed to grab something nearby for breakfast and make a store trip for essentials and a baby gift for a shower I was going to later.

We went to Waffle House near base, which was SUPER busy, like all Waffle Houses around here.  It's always weird to me.  Then we headed to Walmart Market to pick up milk and diapers and other shit.  I hadn't created the menu for the week yet, which means we will have to make another store run, but now we won't starve... aka we have cereal and milk.

When we got home, I laid down for a nap since I was driving to the shower, which was almost an hour away.  Teh NY Chef rode with me.  We talked to Teh Dad on the way since he called.  At the baby shower, we watched baby momma open gifts and cooed over the baby.

Around 5:30, we headed back towards home.  When I got home, Teh German suggested frozen pizza for dinner and I agreed.  We watched The Crimes of Grindlewald or whatever.  After, I talked to Teh Running Bestie for a bit and then it was bedtime.


It was nice to be functional again.  Even if it took many naps.  Today is my first day back to my "normal" schedule, so we'll see how it goes.  I did tell Teh German that the gym was optional for me today since I didn't want to overdo it and he agreed.

I made up all my missed tests on Friday, which means that this week I just have to focus on getting homework finished up.  Today is also the first day of class registration, but I didn't go to my advisor so I'm not cleared to register for classes.. even though I kinda did when I pointed out a schedule conflict between 2 required classes that I needed...  Oh well.  I'll go talk to my advisor today and tell him my plan and he'll release the hold and I'll register and it will be done.  Whatevs.

Fun news, my scholarship check arrived on Saturday and I deposited that bitch quick before anyone could change their minds.  We were all confused about why it was for $5998 instead of the $6052, but whatever, close enough.

I really need to determine our final European adventures so we can purchase tickets and plan and things, but decisions are hard.. and having zero limits is even more difficult for me.  #MeganProblems #FirstWorldProblems, I know, I know.

This week includes:
-lots of homework for Data Algorithms and Cybersecurity and German classes
-i5k, The Bridge Run (both of which will be an interesting challenge since I'm in a diminished state)
-Teh Running Bestie and Gang will be arriving Thurs!

Happy April, Gentle Readers.
My flight to Germany appeared on my calendar this morning and I was shocked.  ONE MONTH TILL GERMANY!!!!


  1. I hope your first normal day back goes well!

  2. Hubs & I had an argument about Waffle House v. IHOP. According to my FB poll, I was right and Waffle House is TOTALLY BETTER.


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