Monday, April 15, 2019

Weekend Review {04/15}


Work, German class, more of that stupid Cybersecurity project, back to work, to the gym, then home.

On my way home, I called the tattoo place to make an appointment for next tattoo.  I couldn't really articulate what I was looking for and the lady asked me to email them my idea.  With the task put upon me, I was better able to determine what I actually wanted vs what looked cool.

While my drawing abilities are poor, ask me to edit a photo for you in PS.

When I got home, Teh German and I agreed to go to Sesame for dinner since we had a free appetizer to use (you can get these too, just sign up for their once a month email).

We both got the special burger which was a blueberry something with brie and it was fucking delicious.

Remembered to use my silicone straw!

My burger was so delicious, I ate the entire thing and brought home a majority of my fries.  When we got home, I finalized my tattoo concept and emailed it off.  Then it was bedtime.


I always have the goal of sleeping in, but Meri never shares that goal.  She was up at 0715 and I finally gave up and got out of bed by 0800.  We sat on the couch trying to plan Italy adventures... well, ME planning adventures, Meri perimeter gazing.

Teh German got up shortly after and we Skyped with Mama G.  We were given a list of items to bring from America, which was expected and exciting.  I love a good hunt.  We need to bring a special Charleston lotion and Oshkosh baby clothes since we have an outlet here.  I was unreasonably excited about buying baby clothes for our nephew and a cousin.  I/we didn't send any baby gifts for either kid since we didn't really know what to send/what the parents had.  My usual baby gift is books and something useable like diapers, but that doesn't work for German babies, who probably won't ever read children's books in English and to ship diapers is kinda ridiculous.

After our Skype session, we got ready to leave since I had scheduled Pax and Meri's annual wellness visit for Saturday morning so Teh German could go with me.  Taking both beasts in public usually is more overwhelming than it's worth for me, unless we're not getting out of the car, so it doesn't happen unless I have backup.

Pax SAT at the vet's office, proving that he CAN do his trick in a different environment, which means he is READY for the picnic talent show!!


After the vet, we stopped by Wendy's for lunch.  We were going to get the dogs ice cream, but my meal came with chicken nuggets I wasn't going to eat, so that was a suitable ice cream replacement IMO.  After lunch, Teh German started setting up the new inside cameras he purchased.  I finally gave in and agreed after I spent 45 minutes cleaning Pax's vomit from the carpet last week.

We can see the camera feed on the Amazon Spot.
This kind of integration brings me a LOT of joy.

After lunch, Meri and I snuggled on the couch.  Going anywhere in the car is pretty exhausting for Meri, but add the vet + I had them do her nails.. she was pooped and extra snuggly.  We napped for a while and it would have been the cutest picture of us nose to nose, but I didn't want to ask Teh German to take the photo since it might have roused her and a selfie wasn't possible and also I didn't want to ask him on principle, I just want him to WANT to take a picture of his cute wife and doghter snuggling together on the couch due to the overwhelming cuteness (which I understand is completely irrational, tyvm), so I took a memory photo of our cuteness.

After a decision-less debacle, it was finally determined that we would go to My Father's Moustache for dinner with the Neighbor Besties.  I wasn't impressed and felt that the 3 stars they have on Yelp is an accurate review.  Service was slow and the food was ok.

Baby R got to try her first lemon.
Turns out, she loves sour.
She'd make that sour face but would be super smiley afterwards.
She wasn't a bit upset when she got more.

After dinner, we headed back home.  Teh German went to Teh PT House for cigar time and I got ready for bed and laid in bed with my laptop planning Italy things.  Teh German came home while I was still working and he fell asleep well before I closed the laptop.  There's just so many different wheels going for Italy and I'm trying to align them all before cementing the plan, so it's a little tedious, but I'm sue it will be fine.


Again, my goals to sleep in were disturbed by Meri at 0715.  That girl is like clockwork.  Teh German got up with the beasts around 0730 and I laid in bed on my phone for 30 minutes before finally getting up.

We did slow morning things for a while to include a nap for Teh German and homework for me, then around 11 we agreed to go to Sake House for half off sushi for lunch and swing by the outlets to pick up the requested items for Nephew J.  Again, a disappointing choice since no eel rolls were on the half off menu.  Then, the eel roll I did order cost $11 for a TINY roll that would have cost $7 anywhere else or it would have actually been a BIG roll for $11.  This was the size of a california roll, not a specialty roll.  Teh German didn't fare as badly as I did, so it was a wash.

I dropped some dollas at Oshkosh because Auntie Megan is ridiculous.  They specifically asked for overalls, but I have no will power against cute baby clothes.  #SorryNotSorry.  I haven't been able to do this very often, like once or twice before for friend babies, so this was like being unleashed.

After we got home, Teh German worked on fish tank things and I eventually started working on dinner since I knew it would take a while.

This silly Monkey makes me giggle.

Dinner was meatloaf (bison and sage sausage + stuff to bind it, as I don't like ground beef) with mashed potatoes, green beans, and mushroom gravy.  Usually I do a ketchup based meatloaf, but this time I skipped the ketchup topping for gravy, making the gravy from scratch since I had some beef broth on hand that needed to be used.  I ended up doubling the recipe and had to also add a chicken broth, but it was fine.  Except for the part where it took for.fucking.ever to cook down.  After over 30 minutes of trying to get the gravy to reduce, I said fuck it and we had "brown mushroom juice" instead of gravy.  As soon as it cooled, it started to look like snot.  FUN.

I held back on the mushrooms.

TOTALLY 100% worth the effort.

After getting the kitchen cleaned up, we hit the couches for VIKINGS!  When we had gotten ready to go out for lunch, I included the Vikings theme song in the get ready music, thus reminding us that we had episodes to watch.

It was as delightful as I remembered, once I was mentally caught back up.  There was no "previously on..." before the first episode, so we were a little lost.  We watched 2 episodes, then it was bedtime.


After the CF that was last week, a slow paced weekend was much appreciated.  I was expecting homework to be assigned, but it never happened and I'm not sorry.  I do have one programming assignment I could have worked on, but it's not due until the last day of class, so I gave myself this weekend to slow my roll.

I bought a comic book? graphic novel? called The Mental Load for myself for my birthday (with a birthday Amazon gift card, so kinda not from me), and FINALLY took the time to finish it on Friday/Saturday.  It was as good as I wanted it to be.  5 stars, would recommend to everyone ever.

I also finished the German book I was reading for German class, ensuring I would complete all homework assignments for the semester, even though I considered not doing the homework because my grade would be fine if I skipped a few.  It's not in me to NOT do them.

Italy is still not fully planned and I realized when I shut my computer down last night, I did not save the itinerary that I had edited.. soooo now I get to redo that.  Fun.  I probably would have ended up redoing it anyways, sooo whatevs.  I'm hoping to have Italy finalized by the end of this week or by the end of the weekend.  We'll see what this week brings.

The calendar looks deceptively quiet.  I say deceptively, because I know that quiet weeks usually end up being not quiet.  I get my hairs redid on Saturday.  Sunday we have Easter lunner (lunch-dinner) with Teh PT Fam.  I'm making mac and cheese again, by request of Teh PT Kid who insists that I make the BEST mac and cheese and that kid LOVES mac and cheese so that really touches my heart.  Also in things that melted my heart?  When Teh PT Kid took to calling Teh German, "Uncle [Teh German]" which meant that I became "Aunt Megan".  It's the small things, even if I did just come with the package, lol.

Teh German has a short week since it's Easter next weekend, but it's regular schedule for me.  The Citadel DNGAF about anyone's federal/religious holidays.

2 more homework/projects to complete + 5 final exams to take.
12 more days until Spring 2019 is completely finished.
18 days until I'm in Germany.
21 days until my language course starts.


  1. That meatloaf sounds yummy. I have nothing against ground beef, it just does. Also, I cannot cook gravy for the life of me. Like, ever.

  2. BABY CLOTHES!! I am the same way. I dropped over $70 on baby shit for my friends' soon to be baby & am about to buy some more. Lord help me if I ever have my own. Also, I need some tots & a burger...

  3. yes to new ink! i've been toying with several ideas about a new tat for several years now (it takes me forever to get one) and i think i'm finally at a point where i am ready to visit the artist.


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