Friday, April 19, 2019

Five on Friday #191

EINS - Random Shit

-I reread my Monday post and holy fucking grammatical/spelling errors.  What a disaster.  I've fixed them, but it's embarrassing still.

-I KNOW it's a SERIES, but the Hurricanes winning 5-0 Monday night against the Capitals brought me so much fist pumping joy.  Yes, one of our key players was KOed by Ovechkin, but I assume he probably deserved it.  I found it quite amusing that all my Caps FB friends were silent for almost the entire game, other than the reactions from the Ovie fight.  Especially after several of them were posting on FB bragging cheering about their team winning after their first 2 wins.

It's hard being a Hurricanes fan sometimes.  This is our first time in the playoffs in 10 years.  We won the Stanley Cup in 2006 and I was bartending there the next season when we were NOT playing like Stanley Cup champions.

I will say that the Capitals are my backup team.  I cheered for the Caps last year in the playoffs.  Our local ECHL team, the South Carolina Stingrays, feed, ultimately, to the Caps (first to the Hershey Bears, then to the Caps), so I have some allegiance there.  I'm going to come out of the first round with a team to cheer for either way.  Granted, my NC born heart would love a Carolina win, but I'm afraid to get my hopes up.

-Ever feel like you do something for a while and then decide to quit and right before you quit, everyone else starts doing it?  That's how I feel about 9 Rounds (a kickboxing gym).  Teh Sister sent a snap this week about going to the kickboxing gym had enabled her to lose so much weight her wedding dress was now too big on her.  Someone else on FB posted that they had started going to a TITLE kickboxing gym.  And I'm over here like, I'm quitting the kickboxing gym because I don't go enough to get my moneys worth (because running mostly and sometimes real life is just overwhelming) and the owner pissed me off, despite the fact that, for the most part, I really do enjoy the workouts.

-I follow/like very few Facebook pages because I'm very particular about what I want to see on my News Feed.  Within the last few months I liked the Disgruntled Vets (DV) page on FB and it's usually some salty memes about military life, usually inappropriate, like every vet expects.  Wednesday morning there was a meme posted of a female dressed "sexy" with her 2 kids, supposedly at the Commissary or some shopping place on base, with the caption to the effect of, "Husband is deployed, going hunting."  Now normally, I would turn my cheek because IDGAF, but this post just really rubbed me the wrong way.

While I like very few Facebook pages, I rarely EVER comment on public posts on public FB pages because I hate everyone because they are stupid and I do not waste my life fighting with people on the internet.  I read the comments and most of them were to the effect of, "Yep, seen that before," or generally agreeing with the meme content.  And more rage was sparked.  I actually left a comment to the effect of: I find it very ironic that you guys will post about MST and victim shaming and then you go and post shit like this.

I also saw that one of the page moderators had left a comment by the DV account (they sign their comments with their name/nickname/call sign) that "Apparently wives must now wear a burka when their husband deploys?  That's not how it works."  I actually liked the comment, another rarity.

Later, the post was no where to be found.  I am proud that I commented and glad that it was taken down.  I'm over shaming women because of what they wear.

-Teh German and I use different travel cups for our morning coffee.  He uses the small Turvis tumblers while I use these free tumblers that Teh German's Company gave him.  Well, I'm a fucking klutz and I've cracked/broken 2 in the last month by dropping them... and now I have to use the Turvis tumblers and I HATE IT.  They splash up on me if they are too full when I put the lid on and if it's too full, the air hole is blocked so the liquid doesn't come out like it should and then all of a sudden it just FLOODS out, scalding your mouth with hot fucking coffee (which Teh German has actually complained about before).  I DO NOT LIKE IT.  I told Teh German to acquire more of the shitty tumblers from his work for me.  I have made a mental vow to be more careful with them.

Or.. I mean... I could take this an an opportunity to buy tumblers for myself with fun things on them...

-I love having memorable dogs.  I called the groomer to make an appointment for Meri and they asked for the dog's name and breed and she recognized Meri after I said Podenco.  People who knew Phil was after I confirmed that, yes, he was the dog that peed on them/someone they know.

-On Thursday afternoon, I took a test in my Networks class.  I was already pissed that we were taking the test because when asked if we wanted another test, I said NO, but since the majority of the class is failing, those people needed a test to raise their grade.  So I had to take the test, which I was already irritated about.  Then, Thursday after getting to school, I realized I'd left my calculator at home.  I could have borrowed someone's calculator, buttttt I have a Casio that no one else has, so I don't know how to use a TI calculator and I didn't want to walk into a test already at a disadvantage.  I took this in stride though.  My 11 class had been cancelled, so after my 0915 ended, I headed back home, stopping at the car wash on the way.  At home, I packed my calculator in my bag, ate lunch, did work things, did the laundry, played with the beasts.  When I headed back to campus, I stopped and got gas, ensuring that Willow's chores were completed. 

The test was way harder than expected, to be completely based on homework we'd done AND that we had the answers to.  It took me almost the whole time to complete the test and then I went over the class slides to confirm one of my answers that I wasn't sure about.  Class end time came and the teacher said the test was over and as I was packing up, I turned around and saw someone working on a question I hadn't even seen.  The professor had taken my exam already and I was like, Where is that question!?  I didn't even see it!  The professor flipped through my exam and tried to show me the page where the question was, but the page was stuck to the page in front of it and he struggled to get the pages apart, proving that I hadn't seen it since the pages were still stuck together.  I had flipped through the entire test no less than 3 times to make sure I answered everything.  I asked to see the question and it was something I KNEW how to answer easily.  I asked if I could do the question and the professor laughed at me and said, "Really?"  I responded, "Yes, I obviously didn't even see the page existed until the end."  He's very by-the-book, so his lack of response was enough to know that I was fucked.  It was an extra credit question that I REALLY could have used the points on. 

So I was doubly enraged when I left, after having SUCH a good day.  Then on my way home, Waze redirected me through Park Circle because traffic and I saw a greyhound named Otis Spunklemeyer who had the "cow" pattern.  The owner didn't even get weirded out by my sitting through a green light to chat with him about his dog and how it's acceptable for greyhound people to act crazy about other greyhounds.  I was irrationally angry until I finally told Teh German about it, and then I felt better.  I just needed to tell someone about my injustice.

-When this happened today, I was CACKLING and CRYING at my desk and my coworkers were very concerned about me...  You can't really tell from the photo here, but the first photo Teh German sent was from the toilet wipes section, which I knew from brand names like Cottonelle, Huggies, etc.  I will FOREVERRRR laugh about this.

ZWEI - Money Shit

Wanna know how to know something BIG is about to happen in my life?
This section.  🤦
Also, my replacement credit card finally arrived, so 🤷.

-Bojangles.  duh.
-$5 for my annual Google storage.
-Oshkosh shopping spree for Nephew J and Cousin A.
-More nephew overalls.  #SorryNotSorry, I had rewards to use!
-Apple pie a la mode from McDonald's... #TreatYoSelf
-Almost $500 for the dog's wellness check.  That was for bloodwork, 1 vaccination, 1 nail clipping, and for the vet to feel them up x2...  FUCK ME, kids are expensive.  (Laugh, Gentle Readers, I know furless kids are more expensive.)
-Monday sweet tea.
-Carolina Hurricanes black jersey with the hurricane flags, to replace the almost too-small red regulation jersey I currently have.  There was a 20% off code on, it was like it was meant to be.  I couldn't decide on a player name, so I got Stormy the mascot as my jersey ##/name.  I could have gotten the female mascot, but no one would know who Caroline was, so I went with Stormy.
-A surprise for Teh German.
-Stingrays tickets for tonight.  I figure that I'm deserting my husband to study abroad in his home country to I should spend one-on-one time with him before I leave.  I had considered inviting some groupies, but opted to have date night instead.

Amazon things:
-Dog food, yay for subscription plans.
-A workout shirt that was a fail and will be returned
-Dog dewormer.  Fucking hookworms.  Bane of my existence.
-Morgan Harper Nichols book of poems (Storyteller)
-Pre-ordered the next Morgan Harper Nichols book.
-SD cards for the new inside cameras.
-Water filters for the fridge.
-An immersion blender with a whisk extension (after stirring gravy for half my freakin' life Sunday night).

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Duolingo gets me.

Frog sex.
happy spring.

That minimal time in Charleston where enough of the pollen has dispersed and it's not the temperature of hell outside
= windows down and sunroof open.

5-0 win on Tuesday!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Please note Meri's annoyance with my funking shit.
But also, please note that I was excited-anxious about the game and she's "comforting" me.
I've noticed she does this more and more these days.
She's da bestest.

2-1 win, Carolina! WOOOOOOO!!!!
That makes the series tied.
I've gone out of my way not to post about it on FB other than to post that I'm watching the game, so the Caps fans don't feel like I'm rubbing it in their faces.  BUT THIS IS MY SPACE, BITCHES, AND WE TIED THE FUCKING SERIES thus far! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

There's a storm blowing up the east coast today/this weekend and this is what I looked like after walking into work.
I honestly thought my umbrella was not going to survive the trek.
But, we made it... and then I used my space heater to dry myself.

A coworker brought in Krispy Kreme easter doughnuts and I was actually here.
Joy in my mouth was had.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

But I serious.
IDK why they laughed.

More German translations for you.
One can see why German can be confusing....

In the chaos of it all, she closed her eyes and remembered:
there was a time in her life not too long ago when she did not think she would make it this far.
But now... Here she is:
carrying on with newfound strength, trusting that she can make it, as she takes this day by day.

This season is asking more of you than you ever expected,
but you are still free to take it day by day,
and moment by moment,
and allow your body and mind to rest when you need to.

She is choosing to believe that in time,
things will come together in the way they were meant to.

(And my phone background...)
Deep within the waiting,
she leans into the grace that gives her freedom to have peace before things fall in place.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. My runner abilities.  So when it's only lightly raining I can sprint to my car and move it closer to our building instead of having to deal with whatever downpour situation is going on when I finally leave.
  2. Rain and the subsequent "chill" (it will still be almost 70°F, people, calm your tits).
  3. 1 more week of the semester remains.
  4. Hurricanes being 2-2 in the playoff series. And that 5-0 win?  FUCK YAS.
  5. Narrowing down Italy plans.  Once I determine the Rome situation, I will submit and pay.
  6. Friday Lunch Beers.  Granted, I don't get beer, but I do socialize with my coworkers, which is nice when you're rarely in the office.
  7. Coworkers who bring in Krispy Kreme and then laugh with you as you keep tally of how many doughnuts specific people eat.  4 was the max eaten by 1 person.  Said person is always the most excited, and thankful, about others bringing in free noms.
  8. Teh German choosing to shave Meri instead of keeping her shaggy.  I love shaved Meri.
  9. Discovering a working Icee machine with blue AND red on campus in the store.
  10. Teh German making me laugh and hugging me extra on rough days and generally being there and spending his day off today doing house projects for Teh Ville.  He's a keeper.  For forever.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I am always the person most excited about free food. I ate 3 doughnuts once but felt shamed, haha. The wipes much love! Although I totally do use baby wipes for EVERYTHING now.


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