Friday, March 29, 2019

Five on Friday #188

EINS - Random Shit

-Shit I don't understand:
Our neighbors have moved out, but they often come back for things from this house.  Yet, they still park in the street, instead of on their driveway... WTFFF?

Also, I can't tell if they have left the dogs behind or not.  I know the dogs are there, but I'm not sure if they are going to the new house during the night?  I hear them barking during the day though, so it's very confusing for me.  **They definitely took the dogs with them.  The fact that it was even a question does speak volumes though....

My MIL got Teh German some type of plasma lighter for his birthday.  Cool, right?  NO, WRONG!  It makes a very high pitched noise that hurts my ears incredibly, and even more so when my ears are in their current sick-sensitive state.  I think Teh German thinks it's funny to use the lighter and test how far away I can hear it.  I CAN HEAR IT FROM ACROSS THE FUCKING HOUSE.  I WILL MAKE THAT THING DISAPPEAR.

-It is very disappointing to lose your sense of smell and taste because of sickness.  This means that any desserts consumed are wasted because you cannot enjoy them.  You might as well just have spinach for dessert.

-After navigating through the mental fog that is overdosing on sinus medication+other shit for an extended period of time, I was mentally functional.  But for real, existing is exhausting.  And breathing?  Fuck that shit.  You can have it back.

-I was so stressed out about being sick and my throat hurting sooooo bad and missing school and tests... that I gave myself a herpaderp.. in my fucking nostril.  There are no words for how fucking pissed off this made me.  Like, really, Universe?  I can't sleep through the night without coughing every 1.5 minutes for no less than an hour and a half each night and I deserve a herpaderp in my constantly runny fucking nose?!?!!  Who is making these decisions, because this shit isn't funny anymore.

-I really did think at the beginning of the week that the sick days I took would be extra study time for me, regarding the 2 tests I missed.  I had such lofty goals.  So cute.

-I missed a total of 1 week from the Death/Sickness.  Exactly, because I went to my Thursday afternoon class, Networks, since we were having a test that I didn't want to have to coordinate making up.  Also, it was open notes and he specifically said, study the homework problems.  Uhhh, better yet, I'll print all the posted solutions to the homework problems out and bring them in my notes.  The people that didn't do that are morons.  He even sent out an email on Weds saying the final hw solution was posted and to check it out before the exam.  HE LITERALLY GAVE US THE ANSWERS.  The test had different values on it, but how to work the problem was in the solutions he provided. 

-Wednesday, I was geared up to go to work, despite not sleeping AT ALL.  Teh German talked me into staying home and I'm glad he did.  I hate when he's right, but I'm glad I stayed home.  That said, Wednesday was the absolute worst and I started peeing on myself because I'd be coughing for a millionty days straight (approximately 7, but who's counting?).  I called the doctor 4 times (at 9am, noon, 2pm, and 4pm) and that fucker STILL didn't call any cough syrup in for me.  I know it won't hurt him, but I've already started looking for a new doctor.  FUCK THAT GUY, fuck that office.

Teh German came home to a bawling wife on the couch surrounded by pillows and used tissues and a laptop in her lap.  I explained what happened and he said we were going to urgent care and I told him to shower first (he'd been to the gym).  Actually, I think I said something about how I just needed to be upset about the shittiness and then after his shower we could talk about urgent care.. but when Teh German came downstairs dressed in public clothes, I knew he was taking me to urgent care whether I wanted to go or not.  I knew this would be the case and since I was on the insurance website looking for a new doc, I looked up urgent care places that my insurance covered.

At urgent care, the doc confirmed that I probably had a virus+serious allergies at the same time, which made for my disaster.  She gave me a cough syrup with codeine so I could actually get some sleep.  We went straight to CVS to have it filled.  Since it was going to take an hour, I came back for it before they closed.  I didn't sleep well, but I didn't cough all night and that was really the solution we were looking for in a trip to urgent care since my doc hadn't done anything for me.

When the original doctor's nurse called me on Thursday morning at 0900 to tell me that the doc had called in a cream for my nose herpaderp, a cough syrup (nothing good that would have helped me sleep, or I would have had to go to the office to pick it up), and extended my work/school excuse, I said OK and hung up.  Yes, I wanted to yell, but I knew it would do no good.  I'm over them.  I didn't bother to mention that I'd had to seek help from a different medical facility because they were shit.  Part of me wants to leave a scathing review online on every social media outlet I can find, but part of me realizes it's not worth that and I will probably come off as another irate woman pissed off because she had an achy throat.

-I am kinda ridiculous about utilizing tissues to the max point.  Like, I use a tissue no less than 3 times... and when I have a large stack, I'll use 2 of the (now) small folded tissues to blow into.  I'm pretty sure I had a stack of ~10 used tissues sitting on my desk on Wednesday morning and they were all super soggy and gross and when I tossed them, I was grossed out a little.

-I have been the absolute worst at communication this week.  Being sick really takes it out of me.  I have been such a shitty friend.  People are texting to check on me and I don't respond or I respond 8 hours later..  It's not you, it's me.  Awakeness is hard.  Awareness is harder. 

-I GOT GOOPY EYES from one of my medications, probably because I was allergic to it.  Specifically the $45 "Magic Mouthwash".  I could literally watch the goop producing in my eyes.  It was disgusting.  I told Teh PT Wife I was like Marcy with her goopy eye.  When I woke up on Wednesday morning, my eyes were sealed shut..... from the goop. 

-In November, another doc at this same office, prescribed me a 3rd generation penicillin antibiotic.  When I took it in November, by the end of the pills, I had a pretty bad headache and couldn't pinpoint why.  3 days into the same antibiotic this time, I started getting that headache.  On Thursday, I took NONE of the drugs that shit-doctor had prescribed and over the day, my headache disappeared.  Crazy.  Sooo turns out, I'm probably definitely also allergic to that 3rd generation penicillin antibiotic.  If I could just never get sick ever again, that would be the simplest solution to all my problems.

-I kinda wish there was more to talk about here than just how shitty it was being sick, but being sick is the only thing that has happened in the last week.  I stayed home with the dogs and was sick.  Nurse Meri smelled my breath several times a day to check if I was still sick or not.  Each time, I was still sick.

-OOOO I know of something fun that I did.  I watched the Amy Schumer stand up on Netflix.  It was pretty funny.  I think it wasn't as LOL funny to me because I've never been pregnant, but there were still parts that gave me a LOL.  Worth a watch if you're into that kind of thing.

-I got a PhoneSoap box!  It is essentially a UV light box that de-germifies things!  I bought the one that is big enough for tablets, which means that anything I can fit in that fucker will be sanitized.  It's also a nice "house" for my cell phone while I'm working on homework, so I think that will work out nicely for almost a daily sanitation round.  I'm not being paid for this, but if they wanted to compensate me in some way, I'm available.

-I have to make up my digital engineering test, which I studied for on Thursday night and kind of understood some things that felt pretty foreign to me earlier this week, so that was a positive.  I also have to make up my German test, which I'm way less worried about.  I probably should be a little worried, but my average in that class is in the mid-90s and as long as I get an A at the end of the semester, I'm not sad.

-Our security person at work seems to have it out for me and I cannot figure out why.  I'm not sure if it's because I know things about his job from having done it for 3 years or if I've pissed him off in some way that I'm not sure of.. but either way.. his emails to my boss and people that are not connected to the processes that we deal with insinuating that I'm not doing my job make me stabby.  I made sure to email him back withOUT non-associated people and in overly-thorough details that I had done my job and done it thoroughly.  Yes, I seem easy-breezy at work and super casual, but my job is important to me and doing a good job is VERY important to me.  STEP BACK.

-I rescheduled my TSA Pre-check appt.  This better go as easy as Teh German said his did, or I'm going to lose my shit.

-I had to reschedule my filling for broke tooth (no, not a cavity, tyvm) because of sickness.  It was disappointing, but not being able to breathe through my nose during a dental procedure seems risky.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Chloraseptic spray (useless, total waste of money)
-Urgent care visit for a good cough syrup script
-Good cough syrup
-Bojangles biscuit
-Cookout milkshake and sweet tea (TO SOOTHE MY THROAT, DON'T JUDGE ME GOSH)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Get better soon flowers from Teh German, Teh Running Bestie, Teh Chief Smartass, and Teh Dogs.
Teh German also got me a very fitting card that I forgot to take a photo of.  It made me lol.

I made dinner on Tuesday night since it was super simple and I had gotten a lot of rest.
Also, lobster tails, not because we're fancy, but because I evicted them from the freezer for being there too long.
They were actually delicious, but Teh German did announce that he 100% doesn't like lobster.  Not the work to eat it part, but the flavor.  Das fine... I'll take it.

This goof has dry mouth all the time.  Probably from sleeping in such awkward ways.
This is only a problem when it's 2am and all I can hear is Pax... licking his mouth over and over and over.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

May today be the day you pull back the curtains and let the sunlight pour in over absolutely everything;
the walls, the bed, the ceiling, the floor, and take a mindful moment for the way it shines,
in a way you never have before.
And perhaps it might not fix everything but perhaps it can remind you no matter the shadows that filled the room
Light will find the way through.

I just hop you know what happened to you was not your fault,
and it is ok to take the time you need to let your tired soul just breathe.
You do not have to hold it all in,
no matter how they made you feel.
You are worth of the time and space to begin to heal.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Cough syrup with codeine. FUCKING MAGIC IN A BOTTLE.
  2. Teh German taking care of me.  Sometimes he's not the best nurse.  In fact, last week when I started getting sick, he was pretty mean and I called him out on it because my feelings were hurt and I was sensitive.  This week, when I was in the throes of death, he was much more sensitive to my sensitivity.
  3. Walking into class on Thursday afternoon and people inquiring about how I was.  Made me feel missed.
  4. Taking the dogs on a walk.  Even if it was the short loop.
  5. Sanitizing my phone and charging my watch at the same time.  Just call me #MsHighSpeed
  6. Workmates thanking me for keeping my sickness at home instead of coming in the office to show my face and hacking all over everything.
  7. In the Death or Sickness game, it was just sickness, not death.  Although, for a while there, it was really a toss up.
  8. Teh German said we might get to put some fishies in the fish tank this weekend!!!!!!
  9. I posted about my strife on FB this week and I have to say, the comments and support I received were really awesome.  Also, no one openly made fun of me when I admitted that I was peeing in my pants from coughing... and adult who has never procreated.  Thanks, friends.
  10. An excess of stainless steel tumblers this week, for when I was drinking from 2 tumblers all week long rather than have to refill one tumbler more frequently.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.
Also, fuck Spring.


  1. I'm the same way with kleenex. I'm glad you found a doctor that actually got shit done. I'm moving at the end of May so my current doctor is whatever but I'm really for a new one. I wish my primary doctor could be the one that saw me when I went into the ER a couple of times back in Aug/Sep. I loved her. I found out I was allergic to penicillin a few years ago when I had a double ear infection & an upper respiratory infection (because I tried to just self medicate for like a month before going in) I broke out in crazy hives all over & then had to take a steroid.

  2. 100% agree that basically all food but especially dessert is a waste when sick.

    Boo crappy doctor's office!!!

    The first pic is so relevant to life. Last weekend I opened ALL the shutters in our house and Hubs looked around amazed. He talked about how easy it is to literally shut yourself in, and that probably does have a huge impact mental health/general feelings. I know that quote is more figurative but it is also literal. That metaphor works for a reason, kwim?


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