Saturday, March 23, 2019

Five on Friday #187

EINS - Random Shit

-My dentist's office has an office dog.  His name is Gator and we're besties.  Gator also sat on Teh German's foot when we were trying to leave.  Does that make them besties too?  Asking for a friend.  Also yes, we go to the dentist at the same time.  This really simplifies things when it comes to insurance and questions from Teh German.  Also, I loved my dentist's office before Gator came into the picture.

-I left my water bottle on the plane when I landed in Baltimore by accident.  I'm not overly sad since it was bent on the bottom and was wobbly, but it meant I "had" to order another one.  Super pumped about this life choice.

-In addition to my life derailing because I was busy, I started getting sick on Wednesday.  All day, I complained about a headache, and if you know me, I only complain when the headache is BAAADDD.  I'm used to severe headaches, so a minor headache doesn't warrant complaining about.  But when the light and sound sensitivity kicks in, then I start whining.  Despite the advil and sudafed I took (assuming it was #BarometerHead), nothing helped.  Even at the gym, the instructor noticed I was wincing when I punched and I had to explain that my head was hurting.

Thursday, I woke up with a sore throat, ears that felt like they were going to explode, my entire body ached, and again with the headache.. but I HAD to go to class since we were doing a test review in my Engineering class that I really needed to attend, and if I was going for that class, I might as well go to the class before it since I've already failed that class before..  So I did.

And I wanted to die.

By the time the test review class was over, I knew that I couldn't wait another 3 hours for my afternoon class and went to the instructor's office to hand in my homework and explained that I wouldn't be in class because I was going home to die, possibly.  I didn't.  But it might have been easier, just saying.

Nurse Meri has been on duty since Wednesday.
This morning I woke up to Meri face directly in my face, because she was concerned about my unusual breath smells.

Friday came and I wasn't feeling better, despite ALL the medications I've inundated my system with.  I scheduled a doctor's visit for 1015 and they were like, "We don't know what's wrong with you because the flu test came back negative."  12 hours later, I realized they didn't ONCE look in my throat to see if it was something other than sinus drainage...  I did get a steroid shot, but Teh German pointed out that it didn't seem to help me like it helps him.  He almost immediately feels better.  I am still barely functioning.  So yeah.  Good stuff.

-I really hate forgetting to pay for doctor related things with my HSA card.  Ugh.

-I also really hate that my credit card is still in Myrtle Beach.  I have been missing out on cash back rewards and card rewards because I don't have it and it makes me sad.  I'm trying to be patient, but it's not working.  If I had just cancelled the card and requested a new one, I would already be back in business 2 weeks ago.  I have been able to use it with online orders and anytime tap-to-pay is available, but still, I am sad.

-My German teacher approached me and asked if I received either of the study abroad scholarships that I'd applied for.  I told her yes, I had received one of the scholarships, but I didn't know how much it was for.  Essentially, she needed to know if I'd gotten a scholarship or not because if I hadn't, the German department was definitely going to give me a scholarship.  If not, then someone else who had applid would receive the money.  She asked me to verify the total of the scholarship, so I did.

It's official.  I GOT A $6052 SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!
I won't even lie, I did a little jig right in the office of the lady who clarified the total for me and she giggled at my reaction.

-Teh German and I had TSA Pre-Check appointments scheduled on Friday at 12:30.  We showed up at the office and no one was there.  We waited for over and hour with 5+ of our new stranger friends and still nothing.  There was no sign on the door that the person was out of the office, just the hours sign that confusingly stated that they closed for lunch until either 12:30 or 1, we couldn't really determine.  Online hours said they reopened at 1, which was very confusing for me, since I had a 12:30 appointment.  I 100% pulled out my sassy white bitch persona and called TSA to clarify.  Turns out, this location is the ONLY location for Pre-Check within 2ish hours.  So obviously, I'm overjoyed at this turn of events.  Teh German has already rescheduled his appointment.  I'm just going to wait and see what happens.  I'd rather drive to Columbia than waste half my life on some asshole who doesn't fucking show up to work. 

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Goethe Institut tuition.  It's official, I'm going to Germany people!
-Audible subscription
-Spotify subscription
-Dog food
-Bully sticks
-Boot for water bottle (so I don't dent it again)
-Straw lid for water bottle
-Thermometer (after forgetting to put it on my list no less than 3 times)
-Doctor visit
-Cookout milkshake for soothing my achy throat
-Cell phone
-Utility bills

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When you start shivering uncontrollably for no reason, it calls for a middle of the day bath which would scald off your skin under normal circumstances.  I didn't get out until I started sweating.

Riddle me this, Batma, why the fuck are the burger patties on my Big Mac so fucking miniscule?
This made me pretty stabby.

It took 3 different store trips to acquire this stupid soap container.

This is what happens when I go to Target.
Now, I'm good for Pax's Gotcha Day in May and whatever else may come up.

These fucking stalkers.

My 1" binder and I have been fighting, so I finally upgraded to a 1.5 inch.
And promptly decorated it with unused stickers I had on hand.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I stole this from Steph because #truth

This was a good idea in theory, but maybe not in execution.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being back into my routine.  I thrive on routine.
  2. Steroid shots, even if they didn't magically make me feel better.
  3. $6000 scholarships.  Like for real this time.  I will now allow myself to be excited.
  4. Hot baths.
  5. Finally registering and paying for study abroad things.. like the course and the plane ticket.
  6. Getting this post up only 1 day late.
  7. 35 more days of Spring 2019.
  8. Finishing all of the online homework for one of my classes for the rest of the semester. Out of sight, out of mind, is my motto.
  9. Stickers on my new school binder.  Specifically the "Not today Mugglefucker" one.
  10. Sickness = weight loss.  

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. I used to be a lover of the Big Mac but the last time I got one I was so disappointed. I hate when the Dr doesn't really do their job. I went & my regular dr was like "eh you just have really bad allergies there's nothing we can do" I go back 3 weeks later because it only got worse & new doc was like "you have a really bad sinus infection..." I would go to the dentist so much more if there was a dog.

  2. I want a dentist dog!

    This is why I so rarely go to the doctor...I mean some things need it and some things are just "Eh humans have to suffer sometimes."

    Yay Germany, and funny notebooks, and new water bottles!


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