Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Snowcation Recap 3 of 3

Sunday - 30

Let me show you one of the saddest sights of 2018, the Rockies at sunrise because we were leaving Denver. 😭😭

We tried to find a carwash, but apparently all car washes are closed when it's below freezing outside.  Who knew?  I left $10 in the console for car wash money.  I figured after the inconvenience of the windshield washer fluid and wipers, it was karma.

We had zero issues until we boarded the plane.  Teh German continued to have zero issues throughout the flight because he had ME sitting behind him.  I, on the other hand, had a shrieking toddler and his mom beside me (I had the window at least) and behind me was the toddler's 2 sisters, who kept kicking my chair for the entire flight, and their dad.  The toddler literally passed out with 1 hour left in the flight and if the mom had actually went to wake up that Satanic Heap, I would have actually said, "Please don't."  There was also a scene where the mom insisted the toddler would walk off the plane, the dad said, we know how this goes, the mom went 100% stubborn and tried to force the kid to walk, toddler wouldn't walk, she was dragging him by his arm until she finally picked him up to carry him, with the 2 huge carry on bags. 

To say I was over it was an understatement.  I had tried to sleep and I think I got about an hour-ish in before his shrieks roused me.  After that, I watched Netflix on my phone while enduring the kid kicking me and the girls behind me kicking my chair or letting the tray table fall over and over and over or slamming it up.  Know what I'd wish on my worst enemy?  My flight from Denver to Baltimore.

We magically landed early (not early enough, if you ask me) and waited a few minutes on Teh Chief Smartass and Teh Running Bestie to pick us up.  We went to the house and reunited with Meri and Pax in the backyard.  I'm not sure who was more excited.  Me or Meri.  After getting our shit moved in, we relaxed for a little bit and I enjoyed the quiet and non-motion of no children.  For dinner, we went to a German-ish themed bar/restaurant in Ellicot City.  After dinner, we walked through the downtown area to see some of the results of subsequent floodings, then we made a stop at Target for a few items and some 75% off Christmas candy.


When we got home, Teh Chief Smartass showed off Pax's new trick: he CAN sit!  In fact, he still has to sit for his evening bully stick and through consistency we will eventually move on to sitting at other times.  He doesn't like to stay sitting, which is the problem.  He just goes all the way down into a lay.. but THIS is progress.

We had some screen time for a little bit, then it was bedtime.

Sunday - 31 (New Year's Eve)

We were up and out for breakfast at First Watch by 10.  After breakfast, we headed to the Metro station and caught the train into DC for a Capitals game... which we lost.  Uggghhh.

Just a comparison... to make you feel the depression that is, "You're not in the Rockies anymore, Megan."

After a shitty loss, we headed back to the Metro and made our way back home.  There was company coming over to play Cards Against Humanity.

The #CatDog is strong with this one.

That's right, I killed; A girl who is so interesting that she has blue hair.
How you ask?  Crazy anal orgasms.
Yeah, Teh German played this on my round... when I had blue hair.
Of course, he won.

There was this cuteness between Pax and a foster.
Also, if you've never seen a "grey" greyhound, this is what one looks like.
They are actually called blue.

We settled on the couch for the 15 minutes before midnight.  Meri was never far.

First 2019 Selfie.

After the countdown, we watched a few of the post countdown concerts, but we were all tired and were in bed by 0130.

Monday - January 1 (New Year's Day)

The last day of Snowcation was finally upon us.  I let Teh German sleep in while Meri and I snuggled on the couch while I hung out with Teh Running Bestie.  I knew it was going to be a difficult week and a half, waiting on Meri and Pax to come back home.  I NEED my Monkey snuggles.  Like, NEED.  She soothes my soul.

Eventually, it was time to get ready and head to the airport.

After getting through security, we sat at a bbq place and shared a lunch while we waited on the plane.  I also had my first east coast sweet tea since being back, since MD is the land of terrorists who don't serve sweet tea, WTF.

When we got to CLT, there were plane issues so we were delayed a few times, which made our desire to be home even worse.  We were SOOOOO close to Charleston!  Ugh.  We managed though.  Only 20 minutes later than anticipated (which was strange since we had at least 30 minutes of delays), we arrived in Charleston, where Teh PT Fam was waiting on us.

We grabbed dinner at Tattooed Moose, then headed home.  When we got home, we were super adulty and unpacked right away.  I wasn't planning on it, but when Teh German started unpacking, I sure as shit wasn't going to stop him.

After getting everything unpacked and bedtime routines complete, it was sleepy time.

Our final Snowcation/ahhh home-sweet-home selfie.


There was no less than 50 times that we talked about how we should move to Colorado and be hippy liberals (which wouldn't really be a far stretch for me, let's be honest).  We have never made it a secret that the mountains are home for us.  Our Snowcation was SUCH.A.BLAST.  I would happily do it again.

The worst parts of being back are:
no Prost beer (for me)
not being on vacation (aka having school)
no snow

The best part of being back are:
Meri and Pax
regular sweet tea
GI Bill $$
Teh Cloud (our bed)

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  1. That flight made me feel stabby. I can't imagine actually being on it! Leaving the mountains always makes me sad.


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