Friday, March 1, 2019

Five on Friday #185

EINS - Random Shit

-I had to go to Summerville to sign our taxes this week.  Just so happens that a Nothin' Bundt Cakes was on my way home.  I stopped in to get at least one "bundtlet" (a mini/personal size bundt cake) and I could smell the raspberry cakes they were cooking AND they had samples of it.. soooo I came home with a lemon and a white chocolate raspberry and I had ZERO RAGRATS.

-No new plans made on the German front yet.  Life this week included prioritizing lazy time and spending time with Teh German since his birthday was Tuesday.

-Thankfully, Teh German came home from work on Tuesday and had a change of heart about staying in.  We went to Famulari's at Cane Bay (which was a mistake since they really aren't that good, but it took us half the time to get there as our favorite location), then on the way home we stopped at Walmart for some things.  I pointed out to Teh German that when you enjoy looking through the home improvement section as part of your birthday "celebration" you really might be in your 30's.

-Yesterday I saw someone get t-boned because stopped traffic was letting someone turn left and the person in the right lane didn't realize since traffic was stopped and their lane was clear.  Thankfully, no one was in the passenger seat, but it definitely wasn't my favorite way to start the morning.  Also thankfully, there was an unmarked cop in traffic several cars back, so he heard the noise and flipped on the siren and lights and attended the scene.  Finally, thankfully, both cars were able to pull off into the McDonald's parking lot, so there was no traffic backup.

-It really it a poor life choice to tell yourself you'll get gas on your way into whatever you do in the AM.  And that's exactly what I did to myself.  So Thursday, I was already running late, I stopped to pick up breakfast because I hadn't properly planned, saw the accident, then still had to get gas, eat my breakfast, and make it to class on time.  Just in case, I messaged my professor on Slack to tell him I might be late.  I walked in a 0928, 2 minutes before class started.  #LikeABoss

-I, generally, look at my homework as soon as it is assigned.  I 100% definitely DO NOT wait to look at the homework until the night before or the day of and then proceed to ask the person who asked me 2+ weeks ago if I'd looked at the homework yet because they needed help, for help.  But that is exactly what 2 of my classmates did to me on Thursday morning.

Look here, Bro.  IDGAF about your inability to plan properly.  I wanted to do this fucking homework 2 weeks ago, but none of you fuckers took the time to even look at it to start to help me, so fuck you.  I did sit down with another classmate and worked on it a few days before it was due and we hammered it out with relative easy, assisting each other when we struggled.  It was delightful.  I was willing to do that with anyone, but noooo.  And then for one of the persons who asked me for help 3 hours before it was due got an attitude with me because I didn't help them... THEN he asked if I wanted to be his partner for the final project?  Uhhh, wut?  How about, FUCK NO.

-I was tagged in a FB post, asking if I was located near the area of the event in the post, which took place in Wake Forest, NC.  I explained that I live in Charleston, SC, not Raleigh.  Poster said they were confused.  I explained that I used to live in Raleigh, but no while we'd been friends.  No harm, no foul.  Then a 3rd party, with probable good intentions, chimed in, "Even those of us who live in the Carolinas get confused."  Ummm... speak fo' yo'self.  I do not get confused about these things.

-After more debacle and calls, mostly ME calling.. still nothing on the hot flashes prescription being free.  In fact, when I called the insurance prescription company this morning, I was informed there was no way that my prescription (Lo Loestrin) would be $0 cost.  That said, the customer service rep gave me a "correct" fax number for the doc to send a "PA" to...  after 2 calls to the doc this morning, the 2nd one when my nurse sent my call to her voicemail instead of speaking to me, I'm sure I'll be making calls for the rest of my fucking life about this garbage.  I REFUSE to pay $300 for a month of birth control pills.

Also, fun story from last weekend when I called the insurance company for this issue and the 1st time, I was speaking with someone who hung up on me and I was redirected to the main menu and had to start the process over.. then the 2nd person's "computer was updating, 'Can I call you back in 30 minutes?'" and they never called back.  So to say I'm over this shit is an understatement.  Add to the fact that my doc's nurse refuses to communicate with me in any way, responding to my emails, returning my calls, telling me to fuck off, I'm really struggling to maintain my "nice Megan" facade.

-Spring break is only ONE WEEK AWAY.  I only have to survive one more week of school and 1 midterm.  I can do this.  Then it's no school and Pittsburgh time to see Mumford & Sons.  Also, I have a ticket for sale if anyone is interested.  I know it's a long shot, but otherwise it's $100 wasted.

-I dislike being honest sometimes... Like when Teh German asked me this morning why I said something the way I did, not really because I said something in a particular way, but because he knows that something is going on and it's his way of asking what is wrong... and I admitted that I am irritated at him.  This is particularly douchey of me because 1- He had a long day and it wasn't that big of a deal, but it was to me.  2- I wasn't in the best of moods because I didn't get enough sleep.  3- We aren't going to see each other tonight.

Yesterday Teh German had to fly to NJ for a work meeting, so he was up at 0415 (which meant, so was I) then he left at 0445 (which meant he woke me up when he bumped me in the face to kiss me goodbye), then he got home at 9pm.  I was on the couch watching Grace and Frankie and I paused it to ask him how everything had went and we talked about his day for a bit.  Then he plopped down on the couch and I waited a few minutes, then un-paused my episode.  He didn't seem ready to go to bed, so we watched an episode of The Office, then it was bedtime.  The entire time, Teh German was on his phone, scrolling.  I knew he hadn't asked me about my day, but I also knew he had a long day and didn't want to put that on him.  Also, I always just blurt out everything.  I'm not the queen of mystery in anyway, so sometimes, it's nice to be asked about things, which, to me, expresses an interest.

By the time we went to bed, after laying in bed, more scrolling... I was pretty pissed.  I slept like shit.  So I admitted to Teh German I was irritated because he didn't bother to ask about my day after he got home.. instead, he spent time on his phone scrolling, which, I pointed out, was how he had spent the majority of his time at the airport.  There's nothing to be done for it after the fact, but I didn't even get an apology (not a surprise), so I'm in all kinds of feels and I hate it.  I also hate that he probably thinks I was trying to make him feel bad, which I wasn't, I was just trying to explain my feelings.  Considering Teh German doesn't tell me about his feelings, I shouldn't feel bad, since I am only assuming he feels bad.  IDK.  I'm tired of emotional constipation and having to hold it all together all the time.

I'm exhausted, Gentle Readers.  I'm emotionally and mentally drained..  I miss intimacy.  Not sex.  Intimacy.  And I also miss deep communication.  Not day to day dribble, but feelings and thoughts, communication of substance, which feeds into intimacy.

I'll end with this.
There's 2 hard things about marriage.
1- name change.  fuck that. don't ever do it.  Trust me.
2- Communication of substance.  It takes effort.  Effort is hard when day-to-day is hard.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Chegg subscription.  Don't judge me.
-Vacuum filters for Roomy and the Shark.
-Groceries/house things
-Groupon for pizza since Teh German picked a place that had a Groupon for his birthday.
-Bojangles breakfast x2 this week.  That means 2 days of forgetting to thaw my breakfast sammich. Booooooooo/yay.
-2 bundt cakes from Nothin' Bundt Cakes

DREI - From My Phone Shit

Teh German bought this "damaged" sign at the Beer Festival event.
I won't lie.  It's pretty cool.  Even if it's more than I would have paid.

The trifecta of perfect toilet:
seat up (unused), water blue (recently cleaned), automatic flushing.

The Cleaners left us a caterpillar surprise.
Definitely made me lol.

This keeps happening and my computer is barely a month old.
I should take it back, but faaaaccckkkkkkkk.

Look.  I used this fucking thing.  I still hate it.
I (over)steamed broccoli.

After being super frustrated regarding a printer situation that was resolved by simply resetting the router (after I'd been unsuccessfully troubleshooting for 45 minutes), this paper cut was the straw that broke the camel's back.

The next day... this happened.
Of course it fucked up the rings and now I have to buy a new binder.
Add to my rage list: .this.

When Husband isn't home for dinner.

2 bitches chillin.


What is the playing surface of the New Orleans Superdome called?
Mardi grass.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

If the hangers in your closet look like this, you are an animal.
I cannot.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Teh German had to go on travel this week, but it was just a day trip, not an overnight trip.
  2. Nothin' Bundt Cakes and free samples.
  3. Completing the taxes stuff this year and the accountant billing me via Venmo.  Lawd, I love when people use technology.  Although, he totally could have used better emojis.
  4. Going out for Teh German's birthday.  He didn't want to celebrate over the weekend and I didn't really like that.
  5. The only homework I had to do this week during the evening was print something out.  Granted, that was more painful than the actual assignment....
  6. Finding shows on Netflix I want to watch.  One day.  When school is no longer in my life.
  7. Not getting a parking ticket when I was parked in a not-parking space.  I really hate when there are events on campus and normal shitty parking is even shittier.
  8. A $150 bonus for good work I've done for one of my projects.  I didn't know one of my PMs had put me up for it.  Apparently, he fought for 3 months to get it for me.  I was super appreciative.  Especially considering that it was in the same year that I got written up (for invalid reasons)...
  9. Not going to this gym after Monday.  My wrist was hurting from last week and Monday made my legs hurts and I have a half on Saturday.  Not going to the gym meant accomplishing other things and resting for my run.
  10. This song:

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. -This person thought you were confused about...where you live? Or which Carolina Charleston and/or Raleigh was in? Because...I also do not get confused about that.

    -Dude. SAME re: marriage, specifically communication and the damn phone scrolling.

  2. That's scary that you saw someone get T-boned! And yes to the gas thing. Every single time I do that I wind up not leaving as early as I need to, get in my car, & go, "oh shit! I forgot I have to get gas!"


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