Friday, March 15, 2019

Five on Friday #186

EINS - Random Shit From Last Week and This Week

-Teh Bear sent me a motivational text to remind me that I don't always give myself enough credit and to be awesome and it was exactly what I needed.  He's awesome.  Also, I'm glad we text each other sometimes.  Makes me feel adulty and shit.

-Teh PT Kid got me 2 Slytherin magnetic bookmarks for my birthday and one went missing a few weeks ago.  I was pretty distraught about it, but knew that sucker was around here somewhere.  Turns out.. I had put it in my German verbs book, which I only use to write my in-class German essays.  When I was putting the dictionaries back on the shelf, I realized it was there!  YAY!!

-I went into my Data Algorithms exam feeling like I had zero idea about anything.  Walked out the same way.  85% of the shit on my "cheatsheets" was useless, but there were definitely answers on them, so it was worth it.  For one question, I had ZERO idea how to do it, sooooo I wrote, "As a gift to commemorate Spring Break, I give you a grading reprieve for this question."  I'm hoping the professor will at least give me a smiley face for that gem.

-I got an email from a Ragnar Race Team Leader about being on a Cape Cod team.  I was super pumped, completely ready to say yes..  And then, I checked the race date: May 10th.  I'll be in Germany.  Talk about depressed.  I had to turn down the spot.  Germany > Ragnar.

-Sometimes, you feel like you have your life together.. You literally check everything off the list and then.. you head out the door and you're almost to your destination and realize that you forgot a crucial item (maybe your cell phone).  But it's the day you're headed to the airport at lunch, there wasn't a plan in place for having to go all the way back home to pick up said forgotten item.  But now you have to rearrange the schedule, all the while mumbling cursing at the damn list you made that everything was checked off on, and go fetch the item before turning right around and heading to the airport.  Oh, does this sound overly specific?  Yeah, that's because it happened to me on Tuesday morning.  FML.

-But in good news, GREAT neighbors are a thing and Roux's Humom saw my dramatic FB post about leaving my phone at home, and she offered to bring it with her to Charleston Animal Society when she went to take photos of the adoptable dogs, and I could pick it up there, instead of having to go all the way back home!  YAY!

-I wonder if parents who fly with children realize that their children are probably crying during take off and landing because of the pressure on their ears.  Might I suggest snack time during these times?  plskthx.  I get it, kids cry.. but my struggle has been real on my last flights with children.

-After getting a 35 on a group project in my Cybersecurity class, we were allowed to redo it and I ended up with a 90.  Still the highest grade in the group and I'm probably one of the least knowledgeable in the group.  I don't feel overly bad about this though.  Who knows, maybe I will get at least a B in that class again....  PS.  Still hate that fucking class the most.

-I 1038492938502028484% recommend going to a Mumford & Sons concert.  For real.  It.was.AWESOME.  I didn't cry (like I did at the Goo Goo Dolls concert, tyvm), but it was epically epic (I'm making this a valid description right now).  I tried not to take a millionty videos and snaps, but I did do some phone activity because I wanted to take it all in and share it all because of how awesome it was. 

-I checked the weather when I was packing for Pittsburgh and it was supposed to be no higher than temps of ~65°F.  This shit fucking pisses me off.  I CAME NORTH FOR THE COLD!  I cannot wear a hoodie when it's 78 fucking degrees.  HULKSMASHALLTHINGS!

ZWEI - Money Shit

I won't even bother since I'm behind.
But I will go pay off my credit card quick like.
Thanks for the reminder.
Carry on.

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When you need exact change for a ticket and you only have $20 and it is a coin only change  machine...  Sounding like a school janitor with a full ring of keys after this did not bring me joy.  I hate jingle-jangles.

-Book art at our hotel in Pittsburgh brought me joy.

Teh German hung up his love notes that I wrote for him.
Annnnddd he left the "nice butt" card.  Extra joy was gathered from this.

Despite never clicking on ads ever... THIS was on my FB feed when they refreshed the ads algorithm recently.

At first I thought this person was just an idiot..
But then they got out of their car wearing a Kiawah Island hoodie and I realized she was just a twat.

This always brings me joy.
I can't help that I'm such a big deal.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

She is learning to be content right here, where she is.

And no matter how others perceive her, their words do not define her.  She is still on a journey of becoming who she is meant to be, with or without what others say or think.

I will make it through this.

Guy made a guide to women via types of manicures/nail types women get.
Shit was hilarious.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. MUMFORD & SONS.  I could list out the setlist, but that is unnecessary.
  2. Bestie time.
  3. Pre-bedtime facetime sessions with Husband.
  4. Minimal work load for easier teleworking (waiting on someone else to do work always puts a hitch in my productivity).
  5. Internet to get more ahead on labs due for my Cybersecurity class through the rest of the semester.
  6. Bringing my pillow with me when I travel (last weekend and this week).
  7. Starting an audiobook that is less than 20 hours long.
  8. TAP TO PAY.  For real.  Especially since my credit card is still in Myrtle Beach.  I really hate using my debit card since I don't get the rewards for using it.  So any place that offers tap to pay, I've insisted on using it.  This is probably not very good Germany training.
  9. Preflight Dirty Shirleys, double, in a tall glass, plskthx.
  10. Getting to wear a hoodie at least for 1 day this week.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. My FB feed keeps showing me ads for pregnancy tests. I would LOVE to be pregnant again but I most definitely am not. Thanks for the reminder, Facebook.

    I'm sure parents do realise why their kids are crying, but personally my ears still hurt during landing no matter what I do. I mean, I would definitely give my kid something to try and make things better, but snacks/sucking on boiled sweets/chewing gum doesn't always help!

  2. My professor gave an exam review, which I studied. Ended up with a 74 because there was other random crap...why?!

    Yep to the MHN quotes. And also the text & bag memes, because FACTS.


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