Monday, June 24, 2019

Weekend Review {06/24}


Work was work, I left at 2:30 to pick up Teh PT Kid from his final day of STEAM camp and then we went home.  I was productive and did some laundry and finally hung up the signs in the laundry room.

I also finally stitched the ice cream cone stuffie back to it's playable state.  Pax really like to sling this toy, so I wasn't surprise when it finally got a few holes in it.  Some dental floss later, Pax was back in business.  Not that he didn't have other toys to play with, but the one Mom had is obviously the one he NEEDED...  Meri was beside me as moral support/overseer of productivity.

The 6 Stages of "Toy Repair" via Pax:
1. Mahm, why you haz my toy?  Gibs me dat.
2.  Pax, I'm actually fixing it for you.  Just be patient.
3.  Dat looks gud to me.  Gibs me dat.
5.  Dis mah faborites.
6.  No, Mahm, get your own ice cream cone!

After being productive, it was puzzle time until Teh German came home.  We had agreed to go out to dinner, so we hit up Sesame since it'd been a while.  Of course, no regrets.  Since it was too late for sweet tea, I substituted an adult milkshake.  #NotSorry

When we got home, we watched an episode of The Americans, then it was my bedtime.  Teh German stayed up later, but I knew I had an early start on Saturday, so I left him on the couch.


I was awake by 0500 with anxiety, which annoyed me.  I tried to go back to sleep, but was mostly unsuccessful.  My alarm was set for 0745 and I gave up on trying to sleep before that.  I got up and showered and got ready and kissed Teh German and left for Mooresville, NC to start my, anxiously awaited, tattoo.  While I drove, I passed the time by talking to Teh Dad.

Unless you live under a rock or not in America, you were probably aware that Krispy Kreme was releasing a new doughnut on Saturday.  I had mapped out Krispy Kreme's that were near the interstate so I could stop in and get my free sample.  Actually, I didn't get my free sample because I bought an entire dozen of the new doughnuts to share with the tattoo shop.  6 chocolate kreme filled and 6 vanilla kreme filled.  I did sample half of each flavor and I prefer the vanilla to the chocolate creme, but I missed the chocolate icing from my normal chocolate covered kreme filled order.  The good thing about the new doughnuts is that the kreme is all the way throughout the doughnut and not just in one corner, waiting to explode/drip on you.

Before heading to the shop, I picked up snacks at Food Lion, then picked up McDonald's for lunch because I needed something simple, then headed to the shop.  While I was parked, eating my lunch, I realized I'd forgotten 2 very important things: pain medication and earbuds.  FML.

Since Walmart was less than 5 minutes away, I headed there since I still had about 15 minutes before I was supposed to be at the shop.  I picked up some advil and then went to the electronics section to scope out some noise cancelling headphones. 

I don't know if you remember last week when I complained about Teh German spending wayyyyy too much money on a set of Bose noise cancelling headphones, but that happened.  So I was looking for a set of cheap(er) noise cancelling headphones and there was a pair of Sony headphones that toted noise cancelling abilities, but there were none on the hook.  So I asked someone if they were in stock and she said no.  I was ready to give up the fight and just carry on without them, since they weren't absolutely necessary, when I turned the corner and there were the Bose headphones...

Now, all along, I had planned to return whatever noise cancelling headphones I purchased if they were over $100 because I have earbuds at home or I could borrow Teh German's headphones for the next appointments, so I was like.. eh fuck it, I'll just buy the Bose and then return them and it's like I'm not really spending $369 on a set of headphones.

I got to the shop shortly after 12:30 and chatted with Noel about the plans and he started drawing.  Around 4:15 he finally started inking.  Fun facts: the foot still remains the most painful place to get tattooed, but the back of my arm/near my arm pit made me question my life choices.  From 4:15 to 7:45, I did my own guided breathing exercises.  I paid and my appointments for 4 more sessions and then drove the 3 hours to get back to Charleston.

By the time my session was complete, I had fallen in love with the headphones.  I'M SO PISSED OFF ABOUT IT TOO.  I did NOT want to love $369 headphones.  I wanted to be like, eh these are not $369 worth of impressive.. but fuck, they really are worth $369.  Not only did they block out the sound of the tattoo gun, but also the BLARING rockabilly-ish music that was playing in the shop.  Unfortunately, Noel's chair is directly in front of the speaker, which is SUPER loud so it can be heard throughout the whole shop.  FML.  With noise cancelling on and my music playing, I couldn't hear anything besides what I wanted to hear.  IT WAS FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.  So now, I'm not sure if I want to return the $369 headphones.  Like, I know I should because I do not NEED $369 headphones.. but they are such a delight.  Even the pads on the earmuffs are SUPER soft and I love them.  But $369 for headphones.... Ugh.

After writing the statement about 10 times, I picked my favorites and Noel pieced it together and voila!

When I got home, Teh German was watching one of the Avengers movies.  Loki was in it, so I wasn't sure which one it was and I don't want to watch them out of order, when I do finally decide to watch them, so I took my tired ass upstairs to bed to scroll until Teh German came to bed.


Sunday was a true lazy day.  Teh German got up with the dogs and when he came back upstairs, we agreed to go to brunch at Millers All Day on the bikes.  We got up and got ready and headed out.  When we arrived at Millers, there was a millionty people waiting outside and Teh German and I agreed the wait would probably be at least an hour.  I said I wasn't waiting that long and we went to Rutledge Cab Company instead.  Oh well.  I didn't remember that it's summer tourist season, so it was on me.  I was still kinda surprised since it was a little after 1000 when we arrived.  I need to find out if they take reservations, and that could solve some problems.. OOORRRR when I'm in NC next time for my tattoo, I just pick up some livermush and put it in a cooler bag for the ride home.  Problem solved.

After breakfast, we rode back home and the garage door automatically opened when we arrived because I bought a new garage door thing that has an app so you can open/close the garage with your phone AND it opens when you're within the geofenced area.  GENTLE READERS, THIS DEVICE IS LIFE CHANGING.  I cannot wait until I'm off my data diet and it works for me! I do not know why we didn't buy one of these things sooner.  Actually, I do know why.. because when I researched before, the reviews of everything were bad and the tech was more expensive and other reasons, probably.  But this was the best $100 I spent for the house in the last year.  Each person gets a profile and there are notifications sent out when the door is opened and closed (which I promptly turned the fuck off).  The only downside is that to have the door automatically open when you pull up, requires the app to always be running, which SLAYS my phone's battery AND the notification is always there, which I hate.  I'm pretty sure the door doesn't automatically close when you leave the specified area for opening, but you can close the door from the app, which means no more debate over if the garage door is closed or not.

After we got home, Teh German left again to meet someone for something fish tank related.  He kept calling it cheeto and it's supposed to kill the bacteria in the tank and then we can put live things in it.. but every time he said "cheeto," I'd immediately think of Trump and I couldn't figure it out without actually putting in mental effort.  #MeganProblems

While he was doing that, I puzzled and audiobooked and then I went over to Teh PT House to deliver wine and hangout for a little bit.  I came back home and laid on the couch and napped since Teh German was done with his tank things and making noise.  Teh German had screen time while I napped for too long. 

When I woke up, I went with Teh PT Wife and Teh PT Kid to get shaved ice and when I got back home, Teh German made dinner while I made the menu for the week.  After we ate dinner, it was time for The Americans.  After 3 episodes, it was bedtime and the weekend was over.  :(


A fantastic weekend.  My tattoo hurt, but looks awesome.  I'm excited and anxious about the next 4 appointments.  It's gonna hurt, but it's gonna be awesome when it's completely done.  I don't have a good picture of my arm piece right now, so just imagine the stencil photo from above, but black instead of purple.  I think it looks awesome (apparently I'm out of adjectives today) and I keep looking at my "I am enough" and I'm sooo happy with it.  Like, I just want to stare at it for always.

This week includes:
-visiting the Chiro.. fucking finally.  He better be there.  I NEEDS HIM.
-hairs did.. fucking finally.  I'm lookin' like more of a hot mess than I can handle.
-appreciating evening laziness.
-getting into a workout routine.  #JesusTakeTheWheel
-lots of washing and lotion applying of the new tattoos
-puzzle and audiobook
-trying not to go outside when it's the temperature of the sun.

Happy end of June!
And for the East Coasters, we're one month through hurricane season!!  5 more months to go!


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