Friday, August 9, 2019

Five on Friday #206

EINS - Random Shit

I saw an employee at Walmart carrying a sign that said, "Are you sure it's not still Mercury Retrograde?" and I felt that in my soul.  Thankfully, there is a marked difference between the frustrations of last month and the lack of frustrations this month.  There has been some anxiety (tattoo pain is real, yall, plus the will it rain or not drama after trailering the bikes 5 hours making it pointless), but nothing like the WTFness of July.  Whether it's the lack of Chemistry, meaning my life is more simple, or the fact that we're out of Mercury Retrograde.. I'm taking it.


Monday night I took an anxiety pill to sleep.  I was angry and frustrated at Teh German for trivial shit that I was making issues of, even though they really weren't issues (like I do, thanks for coming to my TED Talk), I was overly tired from sleeping poorly most of the weekend/week/month, and I.  I slept like a MFing champ.  It was delightful.  I woke up feeling rested.

It's never been a secret that I don't sleep well, but when I've already got a ton of shit going on and then you add the lack of good sleep?  Well, it's kind of a disaster.  I'm trying not to let the impending final semesters loom over my August and give me anxiety, but they kind of are.

And so.. I'm going to try to make it a priority this month to 1- find a new doc. 2- try to find an anxiety medication that doesn't make me forget my entire life.  There is better living to be found through chemistry.  Anxiety medicated Megan doesn't lose her shit about every.little.thing.ever.  And I'll be honest, losing my shit over all the little things is exhausting.  I try to make it funny when it happens to mitigate the fact that, yet again, I'm bitching about something.. but it's exhausting for everyone.  I know it.

In the meantime, I don't have anything I'm worried about forgetting, so I'm putting myself back on the anxiety meds.  Maybe if I'm self-aware of the forgetfulness then I can continue taking the meds after school starts?  We'll see what happens...


I have a feeling the decision to take the anxiety pill Monday night helped me from having a catastrophic rage-induced meltdown on Tuesday afternoon after discovering the mysterious "red stuff" on the carpet in the loft was actually pizza sauce from the unauthorized pizza buffet the dog sitter allowed the dogs to have.

After noticing the weird red shit all over the carpet and then noticing crumbs, I suspected the dogs got into something while we were away.  Fun fact, THIS is why I finally gave Teh German the ok to install cameras in the house.  I checked the cameras and, in fact, the dogs DID get into something.. Meri helped the dog sitter finish off his uneaten pizza and garlic knots, which had been left sitting on the loft couches when he left during the evening.  Poor Pax was muzzled, but he tried soooo hard to also enjoy the buffet.

If the cameras hadn't caught enough of what happened, these bread bites would have been a dead give away...

I think I'm so used to being disappointed by the people I hire to help us that I was more disappointed than angry that we can't trust the person we thought we could.  I did message the sitter to let him know that he should have told me and was told that he forgot because he was running late.  I'm not sure if he was referring to leaving the pizza out or telling me, either way, I'm not pleased.  I'm not really sure why he didn't feel the need to mention it to me, at all, when he came on Monday afternoon to pick up his stuff.

I also cleaned up the mess he left on the stove when we got home, from the frozen pizza he'd cooked on Friday, which I only know because he asked where the pizza pan was after he arrived and said he was going to cook it.  I don't feel like it's unreasonable to have the expectation to NOT allow the dogs to get into anything while you're watching them.  I also don't think it's unreasonable to expect the person staying at your house to clean up after themselves.

We don't leave food out because of the #GoatDog situation we constantly endure, but also because I don't want to NEED an exterminator.

Dem professional ass lines.


Speaking of moving shit when you clean...  I found out that Pax is creating tiny clones of himself when I cleaned the loft.  Since there was sauce on the cushions and bread crumbs, I pulled up the cushions to vacuum the couches out and discovered in-progress Pax clones.  I also discovered that our cleaners have never ONCE vacuumed under the couch cushions.  In a house with 2 dogs.  NEVER vacuumed under the couch cushions.

It's hard to see,but there are little in-progress Pax clones in progress in that crack.
Both couches had these black tumbleweeds filling the entire crack, for the full length of the sofa.
There was also a black tumbleweed in the tiny corner where the couches come together that had never been vacuumed up.

Do I have overly high expectations?  Am I unreasonable for expecting that under the couch cushions be vacuumed maybe every quarter or something?  Or that the vacuum wand be used to get corners/hard to reach places?  I'm not asking that the furniture be moved every time.  Siiiiiiiiiiigh.


We finally, finallly, got some clown fish for the tank.  FINALLY.

They are hard to see, but they are there.
Soon we will be getting an anemone for the fishies, which is really all I wanted to begin with.

Teh German asked what we should name them and I told him that I wasn't sure yet, but we always called our fish "Pete" and "Repeat" when I was a kid.  I will observe said fishies and see if they have any distinguishing marks and then determine names for them.

Update: I have observed said fishies and one has a fat middle stripe and the other has a skinny middle stripe.  This is their distinguishing features and for now, they are being call fat stripe and skinny/thin stripe.  Maybe these names will stick.  Maybe something better will come along.  Either way, Fat Stripe is always charging at me.  We think since it's the slightly bigger fish, it's the female and if that bitch doesn't get outta my face she won't get her anemone!  Come at me, bro.


If you were interested in the menstrual tracker app situation, I guessed correctly when I said I redownloaded the Garmin app and have continued using that.  Most of the apps for menstrual tracking are more for people with regular periods (not me) or people who are trying to get pregnant, (not me).  There was one app that was overwhelming in all of the mood options, which I liked and hated at the same time.

I'm sticking with Garmin because my data is already there AND because I figured out how to turn off the device not connected notification and I like the few, simple options they offer for menstrual tracking things.


People who cut open resealable bags and leave stuff in the bag that is now unable to be sealed shut, deserve to be cut.  Period.


My very smart, sometimes assholish, loving, cute, so very cute, Husband insists on locking the storm door.  INSISTS ON IT. 



Because I'm bored AF, I've made it my goal to bump up the visibility of the GEGR FB page.  Truthfully, I love doing social media things and wish I got paid to do it.  Well, I guess actually I am since I don't really have tasking at work currently.  But fret not, it's coming.  All the documents are coming.  I imagine that they will all be need to be finalized between the few weeks prior to midterms and Christmas.  #PositiveThinking

Also, looking at cute dogs never hurts my heart.  It will soothe the stress of all those document finalization dates which happen to be on the same days as CS assignments being due.


I've been doing the Tweeter thing again.  This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.


I have 5 classes this semester and 4 of them are in the same classroom.  Which happens to be one of THE most depressing classrooms that the computer science department uses.  It's small, cramped, and the projector is in a weird way. 

Anyways... I'm thinking of making a sign to claim my spot for the semester... because.. why wouldn't I?


New acronym announcement: MIGFYSU
This stands for:
Megan is gonna fuck your shit up.

This is completely in relation to someone sitting in my claimed space in that classroom I'll be spending so much time in this fall.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Bully sticks for the beasts
-Phone bill
-Water bill
-Tickets for an aquarium event later in the month
-Tattoo session + tip
-Dog sitter
-New, less greasy, tattoo lotion + travel bottle
-Several long dresses with pockets.  These will replace the long dresses I have without pockets.  Seriously, pockets are sometimes the determining factor regarding my outfit for the day.
-Replacement shirts from Old Navy.  I need some solid, no funny prints, t-shirts for work and the one/two I do have, have holes in them.  I'll be doing a serious closet purge soon!
-Pizza for lunch
-New front door knob that doesn't lock so Teh German will have one less way to lock people out.
-Replacement screens for the pergola since one of the screens has a rip in it along the entire length of the screen and Teh German has already repaired 2 small holes and this is too large to repair.  I bought something from WayFair for an 11x13 pergola in the hopes that it will be ok for our 11x14 pergola.  When Teh German contacted the pergola company, they said that new screens would cost $289 and would include both the mosquito netting and the solid panels (that we never use anyways).  I wasn't pleased with that and asked Teh German if we could try it a cheaper way first or try repairing it ourselves.  He said yes.  Worst case, my cheaper methods don't work and I'll return the screens I got from WayFair and he'll be paying the $289 for the screens.

Sooooo uhhhhh...
I said fuck it and now I'm completely poor but Willow is paid off!
This is what happens when I'm bored and I've spent too much money over the past few months.
Annndd also, I'd rather see those car payment dollas going towards my savings account, knowing they don't have anywhere else they could be going.
Soo back to being #DebtFree other than the mortgage. 
#Adulting #LikeABoss

DREI - From My Phone Shit

There is a basil plant at work.
I'm gonna make some pesto.

When do computers overheat?
When they need to vent.

This bumper sticker had my name! #WIN

All non-pocket dresses will be donated.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

Husband to me.

It's ok if your strength looks different in this season.

You are brave.
Even when it does not seem that way and your bravery shows up in your choice to keep going every day.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. No school August.  Not actually all of August, but a significant enough portion that I'm calling it no school August.
  2. 30-40% off everything at Bilo.  I bought all kinds of shit I'm generally too cheap to buy.  Shelled pistachios?  Check.  Pint-sized ice cream?  Check.  + $80 more in stuff that we will actually use/eat.  #NotSorry
  3. No more car payment.  I mean, this also means no vacations anytime soon, but I don't have the PTO anyways.. Soooooooo, it's fine.
  4. Eating lunch outside with a coworker each day.
  5. Not having to lug around my backpack with a computer in it everywhere I go.
  6. Dresses that have the empire waist that I desire.
  7. POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Using the air fryer for new things.
  9. The smell of the clean couch covers... #SilverLinings
  10. Not having to sit through all-day long meetings for 3 days this week.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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