Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Shit Teh German Said #32

Teh German (tG) about dinner:  Mmmhmm, I'd eat here again.

tG: I was sad this morning that my cup had the wrong lid on it.
Teh Megan (tM): My bad.
tG: You always say how everything has a place and what goes together.
tM: We've found the one thing I'm not an anal asshole about.
tG: ...Every asshole is anal.

tM: There's this dog I follow on Instagram named Socks.  I wanna name something Socks.
tG: There's a whole drawer over there of socks you can name Socks.
tM: I know there's a drawer of socks there, my socks.  And I have a drawer of your socks.  I put the socks in the drawer, I've rearranged the socks in that drawer.  I'm always dealing with the socks!
tG: Well, that socks.

Teh German farts.
tG: That one didn't pay rent and had to leave.

tM: Is it too spicy for me?
tG: Uhh, probably.  Do you want me to suck the sauce off so you can try the meat?
Teh PT Wife: THAT is true love.

tG to Meri: Your head is very heavy today.  Are you having heavy thoughts?

I laid down on the couch with Teh German.  The dogs, who had been playing upstairs, brought their shenanigans downstairs and both dogs jumped on the couch we were on and were stepping on us while continuing to play bitey face.
tM: Ahhh!  I don't like abusive family time!
tG: That's the only kind of family time in this house.

Teh German, while tucking Pax into bed: Be careful how you put your paw, Big Boy.  When you get old you can't just put your pieces how you want.  Take it from me.

tM: Do you hear that?
Teh German listens.
tM: That's the sound of productivity calling.
tG: I can't hear it.

tM: You have some crazy beard hairs going on.
tG: But it's soft though.
I touch the beard.
tG: Right?
tM: I mean, for pube hairs, sure.
Teh German laughs.
tM: I'm glad you laughed, that could have been weird.
tG: I married you.

I pretend to bite Teh German's elbow.
tG, snatching his elbow away from my mouth: No chicken wings for you today!

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