Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #22

Teh German's bagel was flopping around while he was trying to cut it.
Teh German (tG): Don't fight me.

Teh Megan (tM): Know what would be really cool?
tG: An ice pack.

Discussing mulching the yard and bugs moving in.
tM: We're better off because we have the patio [in front of the back door], so that's a deterrent.
tG: Uhh, bugs crawl under the vinyl to get into the house.  They don't come in the door.

Teh German farted.
tG: There was too much air in the pizza!

tM: How's your head?
No response.
tM: Babe?
tG: I had to listen to my body!

Discussing a German tag on a car we passed.
tG: I wonder if they are military that was stationed in Germany and brought their tag back.
tM: It's probably that or actual Germans who came over.  You people are everywhere!  Invading!
tG: Yeah, since day one, because AMERICA.

One of the dogs was passing some noxious gas while driving to MD.
tM: I notice that you've been letting me vent out the stinky gas on my side.
tG: Well, because you smell it before me.
tM: I think you have ear wax clogging your nose.
tG: They're called boogers.

tM: Damn, apparently I need hearing aids and glasses... at least my sniffer is still good.
tG: Yeah that's usually the case that other senses get stronger.

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