Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Weekend Review {6/18}


I left work at 2:30 to pick up Teh PT Kid from his final day of camp.  We had some stops to make on our way home.  After a messy popcorn session on Tuesday, Teh PT Kid was gifted with the forced labor opportunity to vacuum out my car.  So we drove through the car wash and then we vacuumed the inside of Yurtle and I washed the windows (poorly).  After, we stopped by McDonalds for treats, then we headed home.

There wasn't much going on at home.  Teh German came home and we were lazy until it was time to leave to see The Incredibles 2.  At 6:15, we picked up Teh Dental Hygienist and made a stop at Publix to pick up snacks to sneak in (judge me, don't curr). Teh Dental Hygienist was told she couldn't bring her snacks in, while I was able to sneak my stuff in because the lady didn't see it since my wallet was "hiding" the stuff.  Teh AF Maintainer saved the day with his cargo pockets.

Watching the movie, I learned that I will never again buy opening night tickets to an animated film.  Nope, nope, nope.  Some stellar asshole parents had failed to secure a babysitter, despite having bought their tickets super early (they were almost in the middle of the theater and obviously those are prime seats).  Their toddler carried on and shrieked throughout the movie.  Even preggers Teh Dental Hygienist let out more than one, "SSSSHHHHHH!!!!"

After the movie, we headed home to tend to the beasts, then we went over to Teh PT House to hang out for a little bit before bedtime.


Saturday, Teh German had to go into work, which meant that he took care of the dogs and I slept in.  I finally woke up around 9 and went on a walk with Teh PT Wife.  Post-walk, we took the dogs on a short walk.  After I got back home, I did some gardening and finally rooted the baby vines that had sprouted in the flower beds.  I also did some weed pulling, bleh.  After gardening, I scooped poop, which was a PITA since it hadn't stopped raining since we'd left for our honeymoon, so shit was slimy and difficult to scoop.  With all my chores done, I was going to meet Teh Neighbor Besties at the pool.  I was about to head to the pool when I realized I hadn't eaten lunch so I should do that.  Thennnn, I was about to leave for the pool and I heard the garage door open, which meant Teh German was home, so I was delayed even more in my pool attendance.

Tiny frog!

I got a shitty blister from scooping poop!  UGH.

I finally made it to the pool around 1.  We left around 4.  My new impulse purchase of a fancy pool float was deemed totally worth it.  It has a removable drink caddy and the backrest can lay flat so you can lay on your stomach comfortably.  It's awesome.  When I got home, I was starving.  I showered and then Teh German and I headed to Myles and Jun Yakitori for dinner.  We went to this place a long time ago, but I was in the mood for some ramen and I figured they'd be my best bet for "authentic" ramen.  I chose well.

While we were at dinner, we met another couple who had just moved to the area.  We chatted with them for a while, ended up receiving a free dessert (the owner claimed it was a father's day thing), Teh German gave the husband his business card (for work and personal things), and gave them Charleston to-do suggestions.

German beer and in-house-made sangria.

Bacon wrapped quail eggs


When we got home, we hung out with the dogs and watched Arrested Development.  When we finally made it to bed, I discovered that the sunscreen I had applied was completely ineffective and I was SUPER sunburnt with the exception of where my big, ridiculous, sun hat had been shading (so my neck, face, shoulders, upper back, and most of my boobs) were not sunburned.


Sunday, we had a slow start.  We wanted to go out, but Germany was playing at 11, so we couldn't leave.  /rolleyes.  Then Teh German suggested that we have a light breakfast and go out for lunch after the game.  I agreed.  Then came the next battle, where to go...  I had a free appetizer from Sesame and was going to suggest it when Teh German said, "I could really go for Sesame."  Well, done.

While Teh German watched the game, I got my puzzle and audiobook on.  I had to set up the beer pong table to accomidate this puzzle problem I'm having.  There wasn't enough space inside the edges to work, and all the pieces wouldn't fit on the table.. soooo here we are.

I did actually make some headway and got a few large chunks in, so that pleased me greatly.

After Germany lost to Mexico, we got ready and headed to Sesame.  We also agreed to run some adult errands, a trip to Lowe's to return some dead hanging baskets and a stop by Lidl.

At Lowe's, we ended up going big before we went home.  I was able to return one of the three baskets, we picked up a shop vac that was 50% off (which 2 employees commented it was a super awesome choice), picked up a hanging fan for the back porch, we looked at back-splash ideas for the kitchen, checked the open box items, picked up the edger attachment for the weed-eater, went online and bought new patio furniture because free delivery, and I grabbed 3 new hanging baskets.  #NotSorry

So pretty, much flowers.

Picked up these peonies at Lidl.

When we got home, we unloaded Baloo and I took care of the hanging baskets while Teh German took care of the dogs.  I started working on puzzle, but then we opted to go over to Teh PT House and hang out.  We spent several hours hanging out on the back porch and then it was finally bedtime.


It was a pretty low-key, relaxing weekend.  We may have made some new friends!  When Teh German checked his email on Sunday, he realized he had received an email from the couple we met at dinner the night before.  They had emailed us while they were still sitting in the parking lot, which made me laugh.  I told Teh German they hadn't observed the 3 day, no contact rule.. and I was glad.  Because rules are stupid.

This week holds:
-A (much needed) chiro appt on Monday
-A follow-up chiro appt on Wednesday
-Patio furniture delivery on Wednesday?  (Don't fuck this up Lowe's...)
-Teh German going to see Jurassic Park 3 or whatever on Friday night (without me)
-Germany vs Sweden on Saturday

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