Friday, June 22, 2018

Five on Friday #153

EINS - Random Shit

-I've given up on finding good lint balls since the discovery of cotton ball lint balls.  This is actually good.  The problem is that I've been losing a lot of lint balls because I've been wearing clothing without pockets.  When I don't have pockets, I store my lint ball in my bra.  The problem is when I take off my bra, sayyy at the doc's office for xrays, and forget the lint ball is there and then discover that my lint ball is missing later.  #MeganProblems

-Teh German's office did a World Cup buy in.  This is great.  Building team morale and shit.  Teh German spent hours on his winner and score selections.  Seriously, he was sitting at the island comparing his phone and his iPad and taking notes on the different teams.  It was intense.  We've since learned that Teh German is no longer allowed to make betting selections.  #WinSomeLoseSome

-My blogging motivation has been low, low, low, low, looooooooowwwwwww.  This means that Honeymoon post 2 isn't done because the photos haven't been edited and at this point, I'm about to say fuck it and I'll just post unedited photos.  That's where I'm at in life.

side story: I was searching for a Flo-Ride Low gif and Rob Lowe came up instead and I was certain I had made a good life choice.. So now you get a Rob Lowe gif(s) instead.  I love any excuse to share my Old Man Crush.

-All that made me miss The West Wing.. and now I want to watch that..  It doesn't help that Arrested Development is annoying me (we're into season 2 and it's the same story line over and over and over and ovvvveeerrrrrrrr).  Also, I really want to watch The Americans, but the last time I tried that, there was an unexpected rape scene that wasn't good for me and we never picked it back up.

-There's only 2 weeks until summer school starts and SHE WASN'T READY.

-The action cameras we used on our dive trip are awesome... except for the part where the date was wrong and now my photo order is fucked up and it's driving me insane.  There's no way that I have figured out to correct the metadata, so I just have to deal with the 2015 time stamp on a quarter of the photos and then the incorrect 2018 date on the remaining 75%.  Also, my cell phone time was off and my camera time was wonky too.  For my DSLR and cell phone it was International Date Line problems and for my cell phone specifically, I didn't have service the entire time we were in Australia, so it didn't automatically update the time/date..  I know in real life, none of these things matter, but when you're an OCD freak like me.. IT MATTERS.  #AllDatesMatter

-I was looking at the Netflix releases for July and discovered that they made a show for my Philbo and I didn't even know it.  I wonder how much bread they feed him?

-(Update) Honeymoon Post #2 is scheduled.  It was a painful process.  I finally said fuck you to editing photos and you get what you get around these parts.  Some of the underwater photos are edited, some are not.  Nothing about underwater photography is simple because of the lack of red under the water.  If that doesn't make any sense, don't worry about it.

-If you actually visit the website to read posts, you'll see that I have changed up the blog template some.  It's still a work in progress, but it's complicated.  You'd think that these computer science classes would help me but they don't.  I'm still just as inept as this as always.  In fact, now it's worse because this is a different language than I learned (Java) and the theme is new and there's not a lot of things on the Googly to help me do what I want that are helpful.  Woe is me.

-Teh PT Wife came over last night to help me puzzle for almost an hour.  Maybe it just felt like it, but I think we got a lot accomplished.  After she left, I put all the loose pieces back in the box to go through one by one and put them in their proper character pile.  This isn't the El Diablo puzzle from last year, but it's close.  It helps that it's Disney and I love it.

-We've tossed around the idea of checking out the 9 Rounds workout place.  It's 30 minute HIIT workouts and I'm highly interested, except the part where I have to pay $75 a month.  But I really want to drop this "happiness fluff" (aka post-wedding fat) and I have to do something extra to get it off.  I'm not talking about being super skinny, I just want my clothes to fit again without being uncomfortable. 

-I posted the old patio furniture on FB Marketplace on Wednesday evening.  There didn't seem to be much real interest in it, but then last night a man messaged me after 8pm and asked me my bottom line price and said he'd come pick it up tonight.  DONE.  He arrived at 9:30 and it was past my bedtime and I had a headache from hell, but I was pumped to get the furniture out of the garage and so was Teh German, so we didn't consider the late pickup an inconveneince.

ZWEI - Money Shit

  • Car insurance.. for Baloo and Yurtle.  Yuck.
  • Treat yo self Bojangles
  • Cricut vinyl
  • Cricut font cartridge
  • Gas
  • Chiro visit to see Dr. Tom, a friend of Teh PT Husband.
  • New patio furniture
  • Shopvac
  • Hanging baskets
  • Fan for the back porch
  • Edger for Teh German
  • Friday morning snack run/splurge
  • Exterminators
  • ALL THE HOOKS (cubicle, car, purse)
  • Paper for invitations for Teh Dental Hygienst's baby shower
  • Silicone straws

DREI - From My Phone Shit

What did Aunt Jemima say when she ran out of pancakes?
How waffle.

Bought some silicone/reusable straws.
I'm going to be that lady that uses her own straws at restaurants now.

I don't have a photo of all the new patio furniture, but do I have a photo of this guy being sexy enjoying his new spot on the back porch.

I made spätzle from SCRATCH this week.
I believe my German family would be proud.
Teh German said that it was good and he used it to make käsespätzle (aka German mac and cheese).
I think it may have had too much nutmeg.  I need an actual German to tell me the from scratch recipe.
I refuse to buy the noodles from the store since a small pack is $5 and I can make triple the amount for $1 worth of ingredients at home.

Käsespätzle, Spargel (aspargus) und Steak


This monster... acting as my arm rest just so I would pet her.

Hooks for hanging shit have been my jam lately.
I also purchased cubicle hooks to hang my bag on instead of it flopping everywhere all over my desk.

I went in for the cottage cheese things...
And this is what I left with.
You're welcome for the doughnuts, Coworkers.

It's national take your pet to work day and not only did I forget, which is probably for the best since Pax would probably eat this bait dog, but this dog whines and whines when his owner isn't within sight and it has noisy tags.
In good news, this dog has completely cleaned up all the crumbs under my desk and he stopped barking/growling at me after I told him to.  Hard limit there, buddy, you won't be growling at me when I'm in my space.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. New patio furniture/Teh German happiness over new patio furniture.
  2. Starting watching The Man in the High Castle, which is dark AF.
  3. Surprise gifts for friends, even if they are simple things, which means I can call us all hookers (because the gift was hooks to hang shit on).
  4. Catching up with old friends.
  5. Puzzling
  6. Power walks in the morning with Teh PT Wife.
  7. FIFA at work
  8. Summer break and no class and less stress.
  9. GI Bill taking care of my school business.
  10. The insurance policy I got for Roomy the Roomba.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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