Friday, June 15, 2018

Five on Friday #152

EINS - Random Shit

-Fucking Blogger.  I thought that I was getting my comments emails.  Turns out I am not.  Sorry if you think I am ignoring you.  I am not, Blogger has failed us all. I'm trying to migrate to Disqus, which is fine except I cannot manage to import my old comments, which means I can't see comments from the past 2 weeks to even respond to them manually.  #ThisIsMyLife

-I will be streaming the FIFA games at work and #Iaintsorry.  No one ever uses the televisions in the spaces, so I figured, why not.  My coworkers said soccer was super boring but these are the same people who love football and, well.. I do not like football.
Coworker: boooo.. soccer is boring AF. They run around for 90 minutes and flounce around acting dramatic when they get tripped, in hopes of eventually scoring.
Me: I'd rather watch men run around a field for 90 minutes than spend an hour of my life watching gangs of men repeatedly tackle each other.

See also, America's solution to problems vs the rest of the world.
Rest of the world: Trip em and run!

-I have an ID card called a CAC that I have to use for work.  Well, my CAC was fucked up and it took me 2 days and hours of my life to get it "fixed" and it still doesn't work.  In the process of fixing it, I told on myself for not using my Company laptop for work and got a talking to about it from IT.  So now, I have to deal with a broke CAC AND start using my Company laptop.. so it's like going back to the stone age.  #MeganProblems

-When you give someone a phone number as fast as humanly possible and then act like it's my fault I didn't get catch it all and then act like I'm bothering you when I ask you to repeat that, you're an asshole.

-If you're on a military base and describe a building as, "the one with the flagpole outside", I want to punch you.

-DoD websites that do not serve the function they were created for are pointless and a waste of taxpayer's money.  #JustSayin

-I've been taking Teh PT Kid to/from his Citadel summer camp this week.  I've learned a lot.  Mostly that he has 2 settings.
2. Silence (because he's sleeping).

-Doing nice things for people brings me joy.  Especially when they tell you how much the action brightened their day.

-I went running this week.  I should really do that more than once a month.

-My Chase miles card gives me double points on travel and dining.  I thought it was just travel.  This makes my card even better than I thought.  I've already paid for my flights to Tulsa and Chicago for runs with my points I've already earned (and the bonus points at the start) and I started using this card in January.  #LikeABoss
PS.  Each month the card gets completely paid off.  This is the only way I would ever recommend anyone use a credit card.

-There's a 2000 piece Disney puzzling still laid out on my dining room table and I've cleared off the buffet so I can also lay out the rest of the pieces.  I'm also considering setting up the beer pong table so I can put the edge on it and then work on inside chunks on the dining room table.  I'd really love some assistance on it, but I think it's scary to everyone that sees it and I think my biggest problem with doing it is that I don't have anywhere to actually WORK on it with all the pieces laid out.

TL;DR: This puzzle is taking over my dining room and I need help completing it.

ZWEI - Money Shit

-Bull dicks for the dogs.
-New BCD weight pocket to replace the one I lost in Feb.
-Replacement retractable clip for my dive computer that broke while on Honeymoon.
-Hook for my cube to hang my backpack
-New hooks for my bras in the closet so they all match.
-water filters for the coffee maker
-Groceries when we got back, times a mabillionty.
-Soooo many picture frames.  #NoRegrets
-My new awesome laundry sign which makes me smile every time I see it.
-McDonald's sweet tea
-White chocolate pretzels and the ingredients to make my own white chocolate pretzels.
-Incredibles II tickets
-Belk's - clothes and house things.
-Brunch x2
-City of Oaks 1/2 Marathon
-Raleigh AirBnB (right by the start line for the City of Oaks, #LikeABoss)
-Teh Running Bestie's flowers
-Food Lion gift certificate for a family in need
-$$ for Teh German to participate in the FIFA work pool.
-New passport wallet to hold up to 3 passports (it came with a face mask!)

DREI - From My Phone Shit

These rednecks had made their own sunroof.
We assume the glass was busted and rather than replace it, they embraced it....
Mmmkay.  When SC decides to start doing vehicle inspections, I won't be sad.

Paximoose rarely sits like this, so I always love it.
Here he is playing with his new ice cream that Teh PT Wife picked out for him.

I set up our photos to be the AppleTV screensaver.
Sadly, it only caches ~100 photos, but it's better than none.  I just have to finish editing and then select the best to put in the folder.

Every day I'm brusslin'.
This towel, from Teh Running Bestie, brings me constant joy.

They grow up so quickly!  😭

I took Teh PT Kid with me while I voted on Tuesday.
I may not always be the best example for him, but sometimes, I get it right!

Self created joke:
"Your wait time is ___ minutes."
-any government help desk
Because it's NEVER less or equal to the amount of minutes they estimate.

Anyone else use the cool blast on their hair dryer to dry off the body sweat?
Just me?  Oh ok.  That's fine.

Burgers for dinner = runny egg and avocado.

When you need a straw and DGAF if the lid matches the bottle.
Teh Running Bestie donated this lid to my cause and I've obviously been saving it for this day.

Streaming FIFA on the TV from my desk.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I assume that most people generally pass up this section because you're busy and you have shit to do and you already read through my millionty page long blog post, but PLEASE PLEASE PLLLLEEEAAASSEEE click this link and read it and tell me your thoughts.

This article is about Emotional Labor, a term I learned while listening to my most recent audiobook, and it has changed my life.  It put a name to something that I didn't have a name for and giving something a name helps identify it so you can work on the issue.

I'm not getting anything out of you clicking that other than satisfaction about spreading the word.  That article sums up soooo many of my frustrations in life and explains why Teh Running Bestie and I worked so well as roommates.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being back to our routine.
  2. Running
  3. Going around someone to get shit done when they say they "can't" but mean "won't"
  4. Helping people
  5. Meri and Pax being extra snuggly, even if Pax is being more talkative than usual.
  6. Breakstone cottage cheese and fruit
  7. Friday brownies
  8. Work sponsored pizza for lunch
  9. Tap to pay working at some places in America
  10. The power of Sudafed to make Teh German's nose stop running so he can feel better and not be whiny about feeling bad.

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.

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  1. I've only read about 2 sentences of that article, but FUCKIN' YEP!


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