Monday, June 11, 2018

Weekend Review {6/11}


Friday I worked until 2:15.  Only that long because it was pouring buckets outside and I didn't want to trudge through the rain to get to my car to go home.  Once I got home, I took a nap and then headed to my massage appointment at 3:40.  My massage was excellent.  I opted for #TreatYoSelf dinner since Teh German had went out of town for his dude's cigar weekend earlier in the day.  I splurged with some KFC for dinner, which was awesome.. until I opened the box and they had put mashed potatoes instead of coleslaw in my order.  BOOOOOOO.

I started meandering around the house aimlessly and finally decided to go to Walmart and take care of the grocery list.  It was a poor life choice since our Walmart is in the middle of some type of renovation and nothing is where it should be and aisles are missing and there were a millionty useless employees loitering around and so many items I needed weren't in stock.  #FirstWorldProblems.

Since I was unsupervised, I decided to wander down the home decorations/clocks aisle and discovered a pretty cool blue map of the world that would be perfect for First Child Room.  I added it to the buggy and continued my shopping experience.  Eventually, I checked out and headed home.  I put the groceries away and headed upstairs to deliver the map to it's final destination.  Since it wasn't complicated, I went ahead and hung it on the wall.  I also put away the wrapping stuff I'd left out pre-Honeymoon.  As I was sitting in the big chair, petting Meri, I noticed the bookshelf that no longer fit in the room needed to be relocated.  I decided to bring it downstairs.  Rather than deal with it then, I left it against the wall and moved on to another project...

Laundry.. then purging.  I had 2 bags of stuff to donate already out, but after bringing them downstairs to put into Yurtle, I made a pit stop in the office and started going through the drawers of crap I hoard.  I found a router from 2008.  Guess what I'll never use again?  That router.  Goodbye.  So many power cords that haven't been used in years.  Books I'm not interested in keeping.  Just stuff that was unnecessary to hang on to.  Bye, Felicia.  After getting all the donate stuff into Yurtle, I moved on to the next thing...

Cleaning picture frames.  This is Teh Running Bestie's fault.  Once I saw how much of a difference it made to clean the glass on picture frames before you hang them, I became a convert.  Now I have to clean every picture frame I buy and if you haven't seen our "shrine" wall, we have a LOT of picture frames.  I sat up a cleaning station in the floor with glass cleaner, paper towels, empty frames, photos to go in some frames, a notepad (to make a list of photos I needed for specific frames), my water cup, and my phone (which was playing my audiobook).

Teh German texted me around 0030, while I was cleaning frames, that it was his bedtime.  I responded and continued cleaning.  After the frames were done, I wasn't tired yet, so I cut up the ripe cantaloupe that was diffusing throughout the downstairs.  After that was done, I headed upstairs to put away the dried laundry and then finally went to bed after 0100.


Saturday, Teh PT Wife, PT Kid, and Teh Dental Hygienist went to brunch the Wild Dunes resort.  Since it was far, far away, took almost an hour to get there.  After brunch, we went to Belk's, I spent money, of course.  Then to Sam's, then back home.  After getting back home, more motivation struck me.  I took photos of the bookshelf to sell on FB, then decided to see if it would fit in the dining room (nope) or the office (yep).  Since it would fit in the office, I decided to rearrange the furniture to make it work better.  I sent Teh German a picture of my in progress work, and then he came home to something completely different.

Final positions

I had to show Meri that she could still look out her window.

While furniture was being moved, laundry was going.  After the rearranging was complete, I sat on the couch and worked on Honeymoon photo edits.  Eventually, Teh PT Wife said it was time for dinner and we headed towards Outback since she had a few gift certificates.  Since I had called ahead and we were told there would be a 30 minute wait, we made a pit stop by Michael's so I could pick up some frames.  All wall frames were 50% off, I also found a laundry room sign that I loved, and I picked up flag shadowboxes for my I Love Me wall, which I've been planning since 2014.

Dinner was silly and delicious and afterwards, we went by Ross to peruse.  I ended up buying more picture frames (never enough picture frames!!!).  When we got home, Teh PT Wife helped me carry all my shit in the house.  I immediately started being productive.  The super awesome laundry room sign had the hooks in the wrong direction, so I had to completely relocate the hooks.  This required drilling new holes.  Which I did, #LikeAFuckingBoss.  Then I went and hung my sign over the door. 

After, I cleaned all the new picture frames I'd picked up and then it was "early" (at 11ish) bedtime.


Sunday morning, we went to brunch at Iron Dog.  We being Teh PT Wife and Kid, Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer, and I.  I took the opportunity to deliver Australia souvenirs.  After brunch, Teh PT Wife and Kid ran some errands with me since they had ridden with me to brunch.  Car wash, Walmart (ugh), Lidl, then a drop off at Goodwill and then home. 

By the time we got home, Teh German and Teh PT Husband were back from their trip.  Thankfully, this year's review didn't include any tales of almost being crashed into.  I had started taco soup in the crockpot before brunch, so dinner was already ready whenever we got hungry.  We started watching Arrested Development (we're not sure yet, but we're still in season 1) and I set up the Apple TV to use my photos as the screensaver and around 6 Teh PT Wife asked me if I wanted to go for a workout walk, to which I said yes.  After a 3 mile walk, I came home and showered and then it was dinner and Arrested Development time.


And then the weekend was over.

This should be a quiet week, since the schedule is empty.
Tomorrow is primary elections for SC and I'm excited to get a NEW "I voted" sticker.
Friday night is Incredibles II.

My goal this week is to finish editing photos and start working on honeymoon blog posts.  I also have a shutterfly credit for an 8x8 book that would be awesome to use for honeymoon photos, but we'll see.


  1. ooh blue map of the world, i want to see! we have a few world map prints and canvases already but what's one more. can't wait to see your honeymoon posts!

    1. The one thing I didn't take a picture of was the map! /facepalm. I'll get on this.

  2. I love the laundry sign! I need to go through all of my clothes when I get back to Texas. I already donated a couple of bags that had been sitting in my trunk for a few months but in packing for Minnesota I know there are more clothes I need to get rid of.

    1. Donating is one of my favorite things. So much space made!


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