Monday, June 25, 2018

Weekend Review {6/25}


After work, I laid on the couch and finished an ebook until Teh German came home.  Then, Teh German went out with Teh PT Fam to watch the newest Jurassic Park movie (I don't care for the series, so I opted to save us $15), I stayed home.  Since Teh German and Teh PT Kid both were dinosaurs for Halloween, we were able to put those bad boys to use and they dressed up in their costumes to walk into the theater.  People were stopping in their cars to take photos.  They also ran into some other neighbors!  We reasoned that people dress up to see Star Wars and Harry Potter, why not dress up for Jurassic Park?!  Thankfully, there was only good reactions from my 2nd hand account.

Walking to the theater.

Waiting for concessions.

Teh German chasing a kid who kept stepping on his tail.

While they were at the movie, I decided to make a Dairy Queen run for a Smores Blizzard and sweet tea and took Yurtle through the car wash since I had time.

When I got home, it was shady enough to water the flowers, so I did that.  I also was listening to an audiobook.

I found this little baby frog!
Don't mind the weeds.  I can't seem to get them under control this year.

When Teh German came home, I was working on puzzle and shortly after I finished my audiobook.  We opted to watch some TV until bedtime.


Saturday was a slow start.  After breakfast and coffee on the back porch, I got hot and decided it was time for me to be inside.  I continued my work on my monster puzzle.  After putting the piles of characters I had together and moving them into the frame, it really started to look like I might actually finish this monster.  I finally started Us Against Them and I think that audiobook might be the way to go for Swedish authors, when necessary.  It's not 100%, but it's 85% better than reading it, IMO.

Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher invited us to meet them at Carolina Ale House to watch Germany play and we said yes.  We met them shortly after 1:30 (because for every ~15 times I deal with Teh German Time, Megan Time happens).  It was a real nail biter and sitting at a table of Germans definitely made things interesting.  The service at the Ale House reinforced their reputation of being shitty, I actually went to the kitchen to fetch my own food after it had been returned to the kitchen when it was incorrect.  I'd never watched a German team play in public with Teh German, but he gets a little..... zealous.. Which is one thing at home, but something else in public.  Apparently beating on the table to cheer is a thing?  I didn't know that.  Now I do.  Ohhhhhhh, how I do.

After the game, we came home and it was laziness time.  I worked more on the puzzle until Teh German suggested watching TV.  We've started The Man in the High Castle and we like it more than we initial thought, despite it's darkness.

Before we could watch TV though, I needed to accomplish some tasks, laundry and making my white chocolate pretzels (finally) since we had agreed to go out on the boat with Teh SC German and Teacher on Sunday.

The labor of white chocolate pretzels was totally worth it and I'm sure it was more cost effective than buying the premade ones, but only barely.  After my tasks were complete, we watched TV until after 10:30 and finally went to bed.


Sunday funday!

We started the morning with a Skype session with Papa G.  After chatting for about 45 minutes, we started getting ready to go out on the boat.

Boat time consisted to lots of sunscreen, peeing in the river, wakeboarding for Teh German, tubing for me, and hanging out.  It was definitely an excellent day.

Teh German wakeboarding

Me wiping out.

When we got home, we unloaded Baloo, we fed the dogs, I started laundry, and then it was shower time and laziness.  I made spaghetti for dinner since I had thawed some frozen sauce last week and it needed to be eaten.  After, I worked on puzzle while Teh German did some research and watched YouTubes.

I headed to bed around 9 and passed out.  IDK what time Teh German came to bed, but he was there when I woke up in the middle of the night from a crazy loud thunderstorm.


Overall, a most fantastic weekend.

This week holds:
-A doctor visit regarding these incredibly unawesome hot flashes I've been having for over a month now.
-A laser hair removal appt
-Hairs did
-Germany is playing again on Wednesday at 1000 EST, and I had originally told Teh German he could come to my work to watch it, buttttt after his performance on Saturday, he will probably be finding somewhere else to watch the game because our office is too quiet for that kind of shenanigans.
-Starting to plan Germany in December.  Papa G asked about it and I was honest and said that it's my summer break and we juuuuuuusssttt got back from a trip that probably stressed me out infinitely more than it actually relaxed me... so our December trip isn't even on my radar yet, but I'll think about thinking about it.
-Completing the 2000-piece puzzle on my table. 
-Baby shower things for Preggers McGee.
-Photo editing for Honeymoon 3 post???  I don't want to get too lofty with my goals.
-Finding an in-network chiropractor.

Happy last week of June, Gentle Readers.
If you're not happy about this, you can come sit on my bench, because misery loves company.  School starts back up on July 5th for me and I'm not actually very excited about it.  In fact, I'm quite anxious about the whole ordeal and going to 2 different schools in the same day isn't stressful at all (it is actually, quite stressful).  It's so stressful to me that I've completely blocked out tracking of time until I have to go back to school.  I don't want to count down to something so depressing.  But I'm sure once classes are started, I will be counting down to when they end.  #NotSorry  These are both just need a 'C' in classes, sooooo hopefully that will take off some of the self-pressure (it won't, but I like to say these things in the vein hopes of one day believing myself).

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