Friday, June 8, 2018

Five on Friday #151

EINS - Random Shit

-My management gets me:

-Apparently the YouTube video in my solitary post while we were on vacation didn't post properly which kinda crushes me, but now it's fixed.  Ugh.

-Thanks Australian Nestle.. but let's not kid ourselves about if I'm going to eat this whole Kit Kat at once or not.

-If you are not Australian and go to visit Australia and you don't come home with a kangaroo testicle bottle opener, you're doing it wrong.

-I kept a daily "journal" of sorts of the activities we did on our honeymoon which means that there will be blog posts.  I'm also going through over 2000 photos, 500 of those being underwater photos, which require A LOT of editing to put the red back into the photos. #UnderwaterPhotographyProblems

I will say that I was shooting underwater with an action camera (aka a GoPro like camera, but an off brand), so my photos are definitely not DSLR quality.  The lesson I've taken away from this experience is that next time, I WILL rent photography gear or have my own because I know how I like to shoot and with a GoPro does not meet my needs.  I do not feel like taking pictures while diving deterred my enjoyment, quite the opposite because I was always hunting for cool things to take photos of.

-Our new AND FINAL range arrived yesterday and I'm satisfied.  Also, I don't care anymore.  I'm tired of fighting everything always, and as long as there were no obvious marks on the damn thing, it was staying.

-I teleworked on Tuesday and Wednesday because jet lag is a valid excuse.

-Teh German is going to his cigar event this weekend with Teh PT Husband and friends and Teh PT Wife and I have already planned brunch and dinner and a weekend without husbands.

-Mosquitoes that bite me THROUGH MY CLOTHING make me rationally angry.  See also: mosquitoes that HURT when they bite me.  It's one thing to make me itchy after the fact.  It's something completely different when I can feel it happening.  #DIEMOTHERFUCKERDIE

-The Caps won the Stanley Cup last night and it was EPIC.  We're not bandwagon fans, but we are new fans.  We have been Stingrays fans since we've been here, but after learning that the Stingrays feed to the Washington Capitals, I bought tickets at Thanksgiving for Teh German and I go to watch the game.  Since then, Teh German (and by default, I as well) have kept up with the Capitols.  Although at heart, I will always be a Carolina Hurricanes fan, the Caps are my #2 team since our local team feeds there.  Teh German was concerned during our overseas honeymoon about the potential to watch the playoff games (although we didn't actually not do things over watching the game, so he doesn't lose #BestHusbandEver points for that).  This is the 2nd time that hockey playoffs were potentially going to effect our vacation plans.. sooo that's a thing, lol. 

-My Audible account was going to renew at the regular $150 a year price and I wasn't about to allow that to happen (since I had paid $99 for 12 credits) and I had 2 credits I had to use before my account renewed, so I purchased From Lukov With Love and The Alice Network.  Fingers crossed I made good life choices. 

(I'm not linking these because I'm lazy, but here's a link to my Goodreads Lists)
My audiobook queue looks like this:
Every Note Played
War Storm
Us Against You
The Alice Network
From Lukov With Love

This doesn't include ebook/hard copies that I need to read:
Grave Mercy
What Happened (I have requested the audio version from the library and if it ever gets to me, I'll listen to it instead of read it since I've come to accept that I audiobook better than read books since I often need/want to be doing other things than just sitting on my ass flipping pages (i.e. cooking dinner, doing a puzzle, driving.. etc etc)
Beneath a Scarlet Sky

ZWEI - Money Shit

Honeymoon don't count.
I'll have something for this next week since we'll have been back at home for a week by then and my purchases will be reasonable.


There is a way, to set up Apple/Google Pay on your phone and THEN.. AND THENNNNNN....  you can just tap your unlocked phone on certain card readers and IT LETS YOU PAY.  IT'S LIKE MAGIC, GENTLE READERS!!!

I learned of this while we were in Australia, having to admit to every retailer where we used our *new* chip cards (which they've had since before 2012, FYI) that Americans live in the stone age of monetary technology.  We still had to sign our credit card slips like pigeons peasants.  Then I set up tap to pay and MY LIFE WAS CHANGED.  I wanted to pay for everything.  I'm sure Teh German didn't mind one bit. 

I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to use tap to pay when we got back to the US...

DREI - From My Phone Shit

When you pack/hoard apple sauces and forget what you've done and then discover it later.

You see the depths of my heart and you love me the same.
I want this for our bedroom.  I've decided.

I think it was like a rich woman's "coat" but really it looked like a straight jacket.

I'm still perplexed by this.

When Husband gets you and starts talking to you through his sammich box since it "had" eyes, a mouth, and arms.

The cutest little check delivery plate at a cafe in Sydney where we had breakfast the first morning.

Dear China, I think this is too much.
No, I do not think.
This is definitely too much.

I struggle constantly at school to fill my water bottle at the old shitty fountains where water barely spits out.
When I saw these at the airport and it even fit my new monster water bottle, I was in lust/love.

You can't read this, but it says Yolo County.
So Yolo is a real thing... real place.. whatever.

These were at our SF Air BnB.
I hadn't yet seen the succulents around town in SF.
Succulents like treeeessss!!!
There are photos, but they haven't been processed yet.

2018 life.  There's a hub in the middle of the table with multiple outlets.

There's been a random stain on the passenger door headliner that has been driving me crazy for over 6 months that I've had intentions to clean but I keep forgetting.  While Teh German was driving us home on Tuesday, I finally took the chance to "clean" it.  I haven't checked it since I wiped it off with water and scraped off whatever was on there with a flat object.  I assume that means it's good enough for government work because I haven't noticed it.

VIER - From the Internet Shit

I've been on a #LadyPower/#GirlPower/#WomanPower kick for a hot minute now and this commencement speech had me in tears because it spoke to me so strongly.  Be the wolf.

More on #LadyPower...
I'll eventually talk about this in a book review post that I'll eventually do (probably maybe), but if you haven't read Dear Madam President, DO IT.  Even if you weren't a Hillary supporter, this short book (2.5 hour audiobook) is a letter to the eventual first female president and discusses some of the issues that most women in leadership positions have probably encountered.  There is some discussion of why Hillary lost aimed towards "because she is a woman", there is talk of the author's personal struggles with her sister's death, but there are awesome messages that hit home about not hiding your feelings because being stoic is expected that hit home so hard that I was bawling at 30,000 feet in the air surrounded by strangers while flying from Sydney to Auckland and I wasn't even a little bit sorry.. although Teh German was pretty concerned about me.

Funny definitions of different country's flags.

FÜNF - Things that made me happy this week

  1. Being in America again.  I love traveling, but I also love knowing WTF is going on.
  2. Reuniting with Meri and Pax and Teh Running Bestie.
  3. OUR MOTHERFUCKING MIA SUITCASE finally being in my possession.  What a fucking saga that turned out to be.
  4. Photo editing and free trials of Adobe Premiere Pro.
  5. Listening to the Darth Vader breathing in our underwater videos.
  6. Sweet tea and cheese biscuits from Jim n Nick's to eat away frustration.
  7. Purposely calling someone to piss them off, even though I know Teh Running Bestie's work phone number changed.  #NotSorry
  8. Neighbors who ensured that our shit was taken care of while we were gone (Teh PT Wife, Roux's Humom, Home Police Department who did drive-bys every day).
  9. Good outcomes of Teh German's work meeting he's been dreading since he found out that it was imminent.
  10. TEH CLOUD (aka, our bed).

Happy Friday, Gentle Readers.


  1. We have those water things at the school I work at. I LOVE them! ALL mosquitoes make me angry. I definitely said "MMM" out loud at the KFC picture.

  2. The Alice Network is a good book. We just read it for my book club.


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