Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Shit Teh German Said #20

Meri releases a noxious fart.
Teh Megan (tM): Meri, you are not a good lady.
Teh German (tG): Look at her role model.

While watching Ninja Warriors, contestant is a "clothing company designer".
tG: I guess they don't design shirts.

While watching Wheel of Fortune.
tM: something unimportant that Teh German didn't hear.
tG: Are you talking about Fortune Wheel?
(sometimes #LanguageBarriers are the best)

Talking about hair.
tG: I don't know much about highlights, but that's OK because I am one.

tG: When you're already hot, jalapenos aren't that hot.

At bedtime...
tM: By the way, the loft lights are on.
tG: Cheaper to leave those lights on than preheat the oven...

At a Stingrays game, All the Single Ladies starts playing.
tM to tG: All the single ladies, all the single ladies, if you like then be sure to put a ring on it... since he liked it, he made sure to put a ring on it!

tG: His name should be Ugly

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  1. Hahaha I love jalapenos & am now going to start using that line whenever people give me looks/make comments when I put them on everything or just eat them.

  2. Look at her role model lol. He is right about jalapenos not being the best when you are already hot. They can clear the sinuses though!


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