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Weekend Review {4/23}


Friday was school and work, per the standard.  Teh German came by Company after he got off work to pick up an empty keg to replace.  Some coworkers were at the brewery down the street, so we walked down to socialize.  While we were sitting there, a family walked up with their greyhound and I didn't even apologize to my group when I got up and bee-lined towards the family. 

I got to meet Otis, the cow greyhound.  Otis was adorable.  Although the entire situation was a bit weird becuase I walked up to them to ask about petting the dog and the day just gave me the leash and I was like, uhhh what do I do with this?  Each time I tried to give it back, no one seemed receptive to taking it.  It was strange.  Otis wasn't really a huge fan of all the people there and just wanted to be near his dad, who was driving a stroller around us in circles, making me dizzy.  After everyone finished their beverages, we headed home.

When I got home, Teh German said that Teh SC German and Teh SC Teacher had invited us to go out in Summerville and we said yes to that.  Since it was soooo nice out, we decided to ride the bikes.  We met them at Icehouse and were surprised by other friends being there as well!  We stayed until our group decided to migrate to Montroux.  We headed home since we were on the bikes and knew we wouldn't be drinking if we changed venues.

We headed home and opted for bedtime since we were pretty tired. 


Saturday was productivity day.  I got up with the beasts at 0730 and then went back to bed and perused social media for about an hour... at which point Teh German got out of bed and I went back to sleep.  He said something about how I had said I wanted to be productive today and I clarified that I could still be productive and sleep in. 

Pax and I were on the same page.

Around 11, I finally rolled my ass out of the bed and went downstairs to find something to eat and to work on my Photoshop final projects.  This ended up taking a LOT longer than I had anticipated (#OCDProblems) and by 4:45 I was twitchy and hadn't even started on my final computer science assignment.  I was also feeling couped up and was texting Teh PT Wife about my #FirstWorldProblems and she suggested we attend a birthday bbq for someone we'd knew through Teh PT Family.  We were down, but we had to finish up what we were working on (Teh German had been working on green card stuffs).  Fortunately, it didn't take long and since we were going to be outside, we skipped showering (because we're animals).  I did at least brush my teeth, you're welcome friends.

Teh PT Kid being super badass just chillin' on the swing set....
with what I thought was a piece of straw in his mouth.
Turns out, it was actually a capri sun straw and he's not the redneck I believed him to be.

There were 5 people exactly that we knew (birthday couple and Teh PT Family), nonetheless, it was an entertaining evening... with the exemption of the one guy who wouldn't STFU about golf.  It was ALL he talked about.  Which was pretty annoying for everyone that didn't play golf (85% of the audience).  There were children in attendance, but it wasn't so bad.  My favorite part of the children was when some obnoxious little asshole said to Teh PT Kid, "HAHA!  You missed out on all the fun!" in that annoying na-na-na sing song voice of an "I am cooler than you are" kid, to which Teh PT Kid didn't miss a beat and said, "I don't care."  Have I mentioned how awesome PT Kid is?

On the way home, Teh German and his navigation system were battling it out, which I found extra hilarious.  Teh German says, "Go home," and the navigation system is certain that he wants to search for a mexican restaurant or call someone from his contacts list... or anything but get directions to House.

When we got home, it was shower time (cause stanky asses don't go in my bed), then bedtime.


Sunday was concert day!  This was also why I was trying to get everything done on Saturday.  I failed, but it turned out fine.

Teh German was on dog duty and he ended up staying up and having a slow start.  Meri and I took care of our snuggle quota.

Since I knew it was going to be a long day, I wanted to make sure we ate something that was going to stick with us for a while.  We hit up Charleston Deli for brunch and I never have regrets about that.  Also, my sweet tea status this week was a little rough, so I was pumped to get some DELICIOUS sweet tea.

After brunch, we headed to the fairgrounds for the 98 Rock concert.

Line up: Local band who won a "Battle of the Bands" competition (who were actually pretty good), Red, 10 Years, Fozzy, Starset, Seether, 3 Days Grace.

VIP beeeeeeches.

VIP ticket holders were able to get inside starting at 1130.  At 12:45, Starset did a special acoustic set for the VIP ticket holders and it was actually super good.  It was like trap music met rock music, and I'm pretty sure that if there was a type of music that defined mine and Teh German's relationship, trap rock would be it.

The VIP area had it's own porta potties (that I used right when we arrived, but after that the line was longer than walking all the way to gate and using the general admission porta potties and walking all the way back to the VIP area), a bar where we could order drinks (the same selection general admission) and we also received a drink ticket.  In the afternoon, they put out food for the VIPers.  We had already eaten, so we didn't partake.

The best part about the VIP tickets was that there was a special VIP raised section towards the front of the stage which meant that I COULD SEE THE STAGE!!!  #ShortPeopleProblems.


10 Years

Haaaiii seeexxxxyyy



the dirt under my fingernails was giving me anxiety.

3 Days Grace

Gettin' dark!

It had been pretty dry the week prior to the concert, so the dust was really being kicked up by general admission, specifically the mosh pit area.  If you look at the stage lights, you can see all the dirt.  I wiped my nose at one point in the day and my sleeve had grey boogers on it.  Blech.

The concert ended AT 8:30.  No encore, nothin.  Boo.  Since it was early, we dropped off Twin Dad and then headed home.  There was only one instance of me almost locking Teh Drunk German out of the car and making him find his own way home.  It was when he decided he needed to get out of the car and ask the person in front of us to either move to the left, so we could drive past and turn right, or turn right so we could turn right.

Let me just say, in many other circumstances, I probably wouldn't have cared.. butttt this is South Carolina and we were with a LARGE number of drunk people who weren't allowed to bring their weapons in the venue we had just come from.  What this really means is that all their weapons were still in their vehicles and it's dark outside.  You don't go up to some stranger's car and knock on their window.  When Teh German got back in the car, I told him that if he got out of my vehicle again, he could find his own way home.  I also explained that we were in SC and he could have gotten SHOT and something that isn't on my bucket list is watching my drunk husband get shot in front of me because his drunk ass was too impatient to wait for some other poor DD who was also dealing with drunk passengers figure out what they are going to do.

When we got home, it was shower time and then bed.


Monday was the last day for some of my classes, praise Allah!  I've been burnt out on school for about 2 weeks now.  Fortunately, I didn't have my 0800 photoshop class, but I still got up early to deter Captain BitterPants (Teh German) from appearing because I got to lounge in bed "all day" while he had to get up and go to work.

Seriously, he should be a stay at home dad one day so I can then get up in the morning and be Admiral BitterPants about him "lounging at home all day"..... /rolleyes

I ended up taking care of the laundry and doing random tasks that have been ignored for a while.  Then I headed to school to be in class by 0900.  After class, I headed to work.  It rained all day on Monday, and not just like a drizzle, like legit, my pants and shirt were wet and I was using an umbrella rain.  Like an idiot, I accidentally left my lunch in the car when I walked into work through a downpour and there was no way I was trudging back to Yurtle to fetch it.  I was considering the granola bar lunch plan when Teh PT Wife said that she and Teh Dental Hygienist were going to lunch and asked if I wanted to tag along.  OF COURSE.  I arrived late due to working on my computer science assignment with a coworker and a misssent (2 s's?  3 s's?  I don't care to check) text message.

After I scarfed down some chicken and sweet tea, we headed out to do some maternity clothes shopping for Teh Dental Hygienist.  She found 2 dresses at Old Navy and 3 shirts at Burlington and then we hit a wall because apparently, stores don't carry maternity clothes IN store.  Who knew?  Probably everyone that has looked for maternity clothes in store.

Between stores, I went to the optometrist and got my new glasses refitted, finally, so now they actually stay on my nose where they should go.  We had to run through a downpour to get to our cars after shopping and I wasn't even close to dry when I got home.  FUN!


Another weekend for the books.  Today, classes for Spring 2018 are officially over!!  WOOOOOTT!  I have exams on Thursday, Friday, and Monday.  This weekend we have a whole lot of nothing planned, to include yard work... bleh.

Teh German said that the front flower beds were looking like garbage because of all the weeds and he asked for my help with fixing the yard things.  He will be taming the backyard.

This month is flying by and passing as slowly as possible.  It's complicated.  It's like when you're in a parking lot and the person beside you is moving and you think you're moving but you're not and it gives you a heart attack anyways?  That's my life right now.

Also, shoutout to Teh Running Bestie who actually sent me a care package with chocolate to survive the end of the semester and exams.  She's the best.  It also contained an awesome sticky pad which I was pumped to use!

23 motherfuckin' days until
the start of the honeymoon adventures!!!

3 more school sessions to attend! (exams)

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