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Weekend Review {4/16}

I'd start this by saying that it was kinda like Charleston "spring" outside this weekend, but you've already heard that spill from every other person on social media, so I'm going to skip that part and get on the the weekend, shall we?  Seriously though, I've experienced it snowing 3 days before June in Montana.  When did we start getting so off-put by uncommon weather?


Work and school on Friday.  Our new not-screened in porch arrived and when the delivery guys called me I was extremely confused and thankfully, Teh German was home to accept the delivery since I had no idea it was even coming.  Whatevs. 

I took a peek at the cameras to see if the delivery truck was still there/if Teh German was excitedly setting it up and returned this gem of Meri solar charging.  /swoon

Solar charging.

Nothing really planned for the evening except laziness.  And then... Teh PT Fam asked if we wanted to go to Mexican for dinner and we said ok.  After we got home from Mexican, we watched Vikings until 11:30 and then Teh German finally decided it was bedtime.  Boo.


Saturday we had committed to going to a friend-of-a-friend's cornhole tournament.  Notice I said going, because I was there for the jello shots and Teh German was actually there for the cornhole.  #NotSorry  I did bring my backpack in case I wanted to attempt homework, but I figured it probably wouldn't happen. 

I made a new Snapchat friend.  She took this fantastic photo of me which I had to share.  I'm not sure I could be more sexy.

It later turned to this:

Photographic evidence by Teh Dental Hygienist.

I was attempting to sleep, but with the yelling and my general inability to sleep sitting up/in an uncomfortable camping chair, it didn't really happen.  I mostly just dozed on and off. 

Other things that happened besides sitting outside and drinking?
I assisted with some food work.
I held a baby.  Still no uterus explosion. 

When it was well past doggy-dinnertime, we headed home.  We spent the evening watching Vikings until bedtime.


We had brunch plans on Sunday with Teh Dental Hygienist and Teh AF Maintainer (ret.) at Grace and Grit.  #SolidLifeChoice by Megan.  #LikeAYelpBoss

Before brunch, a reminder went off on my phone at 0800 to sign up for the Route 66 Half Marathon, which I promptly took care of... via my phone, which means I'm an idiot and missed out on a $10 promo code.  Oh well.  Then since I wasn't falling back asleep, I dragged? drug? (meh, who cares) my ass out of the bed and went on a run.  I ran to the traffic circle and it was fucking miserable.  1. Let's start with the obvious, I spent the day before drinking.  Great prepwork, Megan.  2. It was supposed to storm later in the day so it was 1000% humidity, approximately.  2.5 I chose poorly and wore long sleeves with a running skirt.  #MeganFail  3. It was stupid windy.  As in 3 of 5 miles were me fighting a fucking headwind from hell and I wanted to DDDIIIIEEEEEE.

Let's just say, I definitely earned brunch.
I was so hangry that I didn't even bother to take pictures of the grit flight that we got or of the entrees that Teh German and I split (because we both wanted 2 different things).  It was delicious, I promise, and it's one of those places I'd recommend to people who visit the area.  But make a reservation for Sunday brunch, that's just a thing.

They did have these super cute little containers for small quantities of liquid.
This was creamer in a tiny milk.

When we got home, I noticed that this flower that I planted in 2016 is going to bloom (vs just have leaves) for the first time ever.  Woot.

After we were dropped off, Teh German and I took care of some business and then we headed back out to take care of some errands.  Teh German needed to get his car wash subscription sticker that he had paid for and not gotten (I still don't understand how/why this happened) and he needed passport photos of both of us for his green card things.  I'm 100% confident of my new approach to ID photos: LOOK LIKE A CRIMINAL.  This is convenient as I'm running out of acceptable goofy faces to make.  The lady said we shouldn't smile and well, I have a hard time not smiling for a picture.  It's smile or RBF or...... this, apparently:

I will say, in this photo, Papa G might be right about Teh German's "affiliations".

After taking care of these things, we headed back home to work on homework/green card paperwork.  Since we had such a big lunch, we weren't really hungry, but we decided to snack for dinner and when Teh German made himself this plate, I had to laugh and appreciate his ingenuity to use a separated bowl for his different snacks.

After a few episodes of Vikings, the weekend was officially over and it was bedtime... Boo hiss.


Monday was too busy to fit in a post, so I'm going to tell you about that too.

Monday was school, of course, and then work.  I was crazy productive at work with work and personal things.  I also called my old dentist and asked if they would pleasepleasepleasssee accept my insurance so I could come back because the new dentist was garbage and I didn't want to ever go there again and they want me to get a tooth removed.  The receptionist recognized my crazy and said if I wanted to come in and get it looked at I could come.  I told her I'd walk down right now (their office is down the street from our office).

The dentists actually agreed that the broken tooth is fine and it doesn't need to be removed unless it's actually bothering me.  They offered to grind it down some so it doesn't collect as much food and then in a week if it's still annoying me I could come in and they would remove it in house.  No need to go to an oral surgeon.

PS.  I'm not trying to be cheap about this.  In fact, I was totally expecting them to say that it does need to be removed.  If that was the case, I was going to ask who they would suggest to do it.  All of these problems were solved.  AND THIS is why I'm glad that they do actually accept our new insurance and Teh German and I will NOT be going back to the dentist near House and we'll be going to the one near my office.

After my impromptu dentist adventure, I headed back to work to finish things up until around 5:15 when I left work and headed downtown for a Yelp event at The Gin Joint.

The event was a private Yelp event, which was cool and they had munchie foods for us and free beverages.  Much joy was had.  I learned that they make their own ice and different drinks get different ice, which was interesting to me.  They also had a special piece of ice on the bar just for our event (bottom pic) which was interesting since it was completely clear (their ice is made in a warehouse and brought in).  The free giveaway was fidget spinner (pictured on top of the ice) and we were all amused by them, but I didn't bring one home.

After the event was over and I didn't win anything, I headed home to study for a Bio test.  Teh German was working on green card things and we didn't get to watch any Vikings, which made me sad.  By 10, it was bedtime.


A good weekend.  I'm too old to day drink and then try to run 5 miles the next morning, that was the lesson of the weekend. 

It's the FINAL WEEK OF THE SPRING 2018 SEMESTER!!!!  All caps is not enough to accurately convey my excitement.  I currently have A's in all my classes (even calculus, but he said those grades were inflated, so we'll see where I end up).  If I end up with all A's, I seriously do not know what I will do.  There might actually be like when I made PO2 levels of screaming and jumping up and down.  I was a consistent B/C student at NCSU.  Mostly because I was young and dumb and didn't actually apply myself (due to being young and dumb).  If I can pull off 15 credit hours of all A's while adulting and working full time?  YOU GUYS..... IDK.  Seriously.  I don't know. 

This week includes a Bio test (that is actually on Thurs, not today like I planned for), oral exam in German (yeah, I know, it definitely needs a different name), our final exam in our Bio lab class, plenty of Calc homework, a computer science program, and on Sunday is the 98 Rock Fest concert, which is poor timing on my part since my photoshop and computer science projects are due on Monday.  This really means that I'm going to have to buckle down this week and there won't be lots of Vikings time for me this week, boohiss.

Exams start (for me) the 26th.  I'm hoping to get a good enough grade in my Bio class that I won't have to take the final exam (a stipulation if you have an average of 95%+), my Bio lab exam will have already taken place, and my Photoshop course doesn't have a final exam.  This means that I will only have exams for Computer Science, Calculus, and German.  Not taking the Bio exam would be convenient since it's the same day of my Calc exam and I'd like to use that morning to study.

I did find out this morning that I am definitely signed up for my College of Charleston summer class.  This is a relief because if I wasn't able to get into that class, it would have royally fucked my schedule up and set back my graduation by a year.  So yeah, a lot riding on that bad boy.  I'm grateful the instructor allowed me to be added to the class even though it was full.

Fuck/YAY!  I still have to make reservations in San Fransisco, attain dive/trip insurance (/wrist), and function as an adult between now and then.  I also have to figure out how to pack my dive gear and all my shit for all the honeymoon adventures.  Wish me luck/send chocolate.  :D

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  1. Fidget spinners are the bane of my existence. Actually they aren't as bad this year but last year & the year before, holy hell I wanted to lose my mind. A grits flight sounds awesome!!


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